Houdinis of the sea: Ink-credible independent origins of defensive inking in sea hares, cuttlefish, and pygmy sperm whales

Sea hares, cuttlefishes, and pygmy sperm whales are masterful escape artists. To escape predation, they produce clouds of dark colored inks containing cocktails of sticky and biochemically unpleasant substances, a behavior called “defensive inking”. As their escape acts overwhelm the sensory systems of potential predators, the Houdinis of the sea swim to safety. How do […]

Proposed SICB Constitution and Bylaws Amendments

The ballot is now open for your votes on a series of important amendments to our SICB Constitution and Bylaws! All members – students, postdocs, full, emeritus, and family members – are eligible to vote, and we need to hear your voice on these issues. As detailed below, we are now voting on society-wide amendments, […]

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