Mission & History

SICB fosters research, education, public awareness and understanding of living organisms from molecules and cells to ecology and evolution. SICB encourages interdisciplinary cooperative research that integrates across scales, and new models and methodologies to enhance research and education.

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Code of Conduct

The Society for Integrative and Comparative Biology (SICB) is committed to providing a meeting environment that fosters open dialogue and the exchange of scientific ideas. In order to promote that environment, SICB is committed to equal opportunity and treatment for all meeting participants, regardless of gender, gender identity or expression, race, color, national or ethnic origin, religion or religious belief, age, marital status, sexual orientation, disabilities, medical condition, genetic information, military or veteran status, or any other reason not related to scientific merit.

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SICB is governed by an Executive Committee that is chaired by the President of the Society. The Executive Committee is composed mostly of persons elected to represent different sectors of the Society. A group of core officers, called Executive Officers, includes the President, the President-Elect, the Past President, the Treasurer, the Secretary, the Program Officer, and the Executive Director; these individuals provide leadership to the Executive Committee and members of the Society.

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SICB recognizes the accomplishments of some of its members with awards that promote the scientific and educational goals of the society. Awards for student presentations at the annual meeting.

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Any individual who has scientific training and is professionally engaged in the study or promotion of biology as a scientific discipline is eligible for Full Membership.

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Member Directory

Searchable directory of all members.

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