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General Description of Funds

SICB invests money to support all of its funds in a single portfolio and keeps track of the individual funds described below as a portion of that portfolio. Profits from the investments are used to support the specific activities of each fund described below using a formula approved by the Executive Committee. 

Estate Planning

Please consider including the Society for Integrative and Comparative Biology (SICB) in your estate plans. The first step in this process is working with the Executive Director of the Society to identify and develop bequest language for your desired gift provision(s) to SICB. Depending on the intent of your gift, bequest language may name specific fund(s) of the Society. Next, a Testamentary Gift Agreement with the suggested bequest language will be prepared by the Executive Director for your approval. This Testamentary Gift Agreement should be executed before your will or revocable trust because the date of the Testamentary Gift Agreement is inserted in the bequest provision. Once the Testamentary Gift Agreement has been signed, your attorney can proceed with the suggested bequest language provided by the Executive Director (

Here are some standard forms that may assist you in the process. The forms are Word documents that you or your attorney may adapt for your purposes.

Procedures for Establishing an Estate Provision for SICB

Estate Declaration Form for SICB

Named Student Research Awards

The Student Research Fund (see below) supports the research of SICB graduate students through a competitive process run by the Student Support Committee. Special Named Student Research Awards are given to the top applicants in this competition and memorialize individuals in SICB who have passed away. Students must apply for support either through the Grants-in-Aid of Research Program or the Fellowship for Graduate Student Travel Program.

A named award is established through donations to the Student Research Fund and recognizes an individual. Some examples. Donations equaling $1,000 support one named award recognizing a single individual for one year. Donations of $5,000 support one named award for five years honoring an individual or five named awards in one year honoring one person. Donations of $20,000 or more support one named award each year honoring a single individual in perpetuity. New named awards must be approved and inquiries should be directed to the SICB Executive Director ( 

Donations are being accepted for the following named awards.

    • Rosemary Knapp Award
      Rosemary Knapp (1962-2019) earned a bachelor’s degree at Rutgers University and a Ph.D. at Arizona State University; she did postdoctoral work at Cornell University and was a faculty member at the University of Oklahoma. She studied endocrine systems in lizards, fishes, and amphibians. She was a long-time member of SICB, serving two terms as Program Officer for the Division of Comparative Endocrinology.
    • Stephen Wainwright Award
      Stephen A. Wainwright (1931-2019) was a long-time Duke University biologist who was an early founder of the field of biomechanics. He applied engineering principles to organismal design and he explored life through art and especially sculpture. He earned a bachelor’s degree from Duke and a Ph.D. from UC Berkeley. He was well-known for his passionate support of his many students. He was president of the Society (then ASZ) in 1988.
    • William Dawson Award
      William R. Dawson (1927-2020) was an avian ecophysiologist who spent his academic career at the University of Michigan. He wrote his first paper, on fossil sparrows from the La Brea tar pits in 1947. He earned a master of arts in 1950 and his doctorate degree in 1953 from the University of California at Los Angeles, where he was the first Ph.D. student of George Bartholomew. He was president of the Society (then ASZ) in 1986.
    • John Pearse Award
      John S. Pearse (1936-2020) was an authority on marine invertebrates and intertidal ecology. He spent his academic career at the University of California, Santa Cruz, where he was instrumental in establishing the marine science program. He earned his Ph.D. at Stanford University where he did some of the earliest marine biology research at Antarctica’s McMurdo Station. He was president of the Society in 2007 and 2008. (See the Experiences article he wrote in the Fall 2006 SICB Newsletter.)

Individual SICB Funds

Society-wide Funds Supporting Students

Charlotte Mangum Student Support Program

Named in honor of Charlotte P. Mangum, a president of SICB, the program supports graduate and undergraduate student members to attend our Annual Meetings by assisting them with their travel and lodging expenses.

Student Research Fund

Two funds support graduate student research. Grants-in-Aid of Research (GIAR) provides awards to SICB graduate student members to support scientific investigation in the field of integrative and comparative biology. The Fellowship of Graduate Student Travel (FGST) provides funds for travel and other expenses for students to work at distant research laboratories, museums, or field sites. The primary purpose is for travel to “distant” research sites to learn specialized techniques or to use unique equipment or collections.

Funds that support different SICB activities

John A. Moore Lecture Fund

Named in honor of John A. Moore, the creator of the Science as a Way of Knowing (SAAWOK) series, this fund supports an SICB Educational Council Program lecturer at the SICB Annual Meetings.

Dorothy M. Skinner Award Fund

Established in memory of Dorothy M. Skinner, a long-time member of the SICB and The Crustacean Society, the award provides travel support for women graduate students and/or postdoctoral fellows to present their research at annual meetings of the SICB.

SICB Symposium Enhancement Fund

Up-to-date, forward-looking, and exciting symposia are the heart of our meetings. This fund provides support, to enable symposium organizers to invite top-notch speakers, either from within SICB or outside, benefiting all members.

C. Ladd Prosser Symposium Fund

This fund honors Professor C. Ladd Prosser’s outstanding scientific contributions to the field of comparative physiology and recognizes his service to the society. The fund is used to provide partial support for a divisional or society-wide symposium at the annual SICB meeting, the topic of which falls within the purview of comparative animal physiology and is consonant with Professor Prosser’s scientific opus.

Funds administered by different divisions of SICB. Ordered by when the funds were established.
Libbie Hyman Memorial Scholarship Fund

This scholarship, in memory of Libbie H. Hyman, one of America’s foremost invertebrate zoologists, provides assistance to students to take courses or to carry out research on invertebrates at a marine, freshwater, or terrestrial field station.

Dwight Davis Fund

Donations to this fund support the Division of Vertebrate Morphology’s Davis prize. This award is presented to the best student oral contributed paper for this division at SICB’s Annual Meeting.

George A. Bartholomew Award Fund

Named in honor of George A. Bartholomew, a president of SICB, this award is given annually to a young investigator for distinguished contributions to comparative physiology and biochemistry or to related fields of functional and integrative biology.

Carl Gans Award Fund

Established in honor of Carl Gans and his many scientific and editorial contributions, this award recognizes excellence in biomechanics and functional morphology. 

Howard A. Bern Lecture Fund

Named in honor of Howard A. Bern, a president of SICB and preeminent endocrinologist and pioneer of the study of endocrine disruption, this fund supports the Howard A. Bern Lecture given by a distinguished comparative endocrinologist at the annual SICB meeting.

General Fund

This general fund is a part of the SICB investment portfolio. Donations to the General Fund support overall activities of the Society as directed by the SICB Finance Committee.

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