Symposium S9

Sending and Receiving Signals: Endocrine Modulation of Social Communication Day: Wed Jan 6 – 10:15-19:00 Organizer(s): Karen Maruska and Julie Butler Symposium Author(s) Title S9 Maruska, KP*; Butler, JM Introduction to the symposium sending and receiving signals: endocrine modulation of social communication S9 Markham, MR*; Nourbakhsh-Rey, M; Wiser, SD; Maltby, RC Multiple hormonal pathways modulate […]

Symposium S8

The Biology of Sticky: Adhesive Silk, Fiber, and Glue Biomaterials Across Eukaryota Day: Wed Jan 6 – 10:15-17:30 Organizer(s): Mercedes Burns and Sarah Stellwagen Symposium Author(s) Title S8 Burns, M*; Stellwagen, SD The ties that stick: an introduction to sticky biomaterials S8 Wolff, JO Sticky predator-prey interactions: The ecology of adhesive secretions in arachnids S8 […]

Symposium S7

The Integrative Biology of Pigment Organelles Day: Wed Jan 6 – 10:15-19:00 Organizer(s): Florent Figon, Jérome Casas, Leila Deravi Symposium Author(s) Title S7 Figon, F*; Casas, J; Deravi, L Introduction to the symposium: The integrative biology of pigment organelles S7 Reed, RD*; Brack, BJ Origin of color in butterflies S7 Shavit, K; Yallapragada, VJ; Weiner […]

Symposium S6

Spatiotemporal Dynamics of Animal Communication Day: Tue Jan 5 – 10:15-19:30 Organizer(s): Kim L. Hoke, Sara M. Wasserman, Nathan I. Morehouse, Jessleen K. Kanwal, Nicholai M. Hensley Symposium Author(s) Title S6 Hoke, KL*; Hensley, NM; Kanwal, JK; Wasserman, SM; Morehouse, NI Introduction to the symposium: Spatiotemporal dynamics of animal communication S6 Datta, SR Defining neural […]

Symposium S5

An Evolutionary Tail: Evo-Devo, Structure, and Function of Post-Anal Appendages Day: Tue Jan 5 – 10:15-19:30 Organizer(s): Janneke Schwaner, Tonia Hsieh, Craig McGowan Symposium Author(s) Title S5 Schwaner, MJ*; Hsieh, ST; McGowan, CP Introduction to an evolutionary tail: Evodevo, structure, and function of post-anal appendages S5 Donatelli, CM*; Roberts, AS; Baxter, D; Abu-Badr, L; Naughton, […]

Symposium S4

Biology Beyond the Classroom: Experiential Learning Through Authentic Research, Design, and Community Engagement Day: Tue Jan 5 – 10:30-17:30 Organizer(s): Alexandria Hansen, Lisa Whitenack, Patrice Connors, Hayley Lanier, Robert Full Symposium Author(s) Title S4 Hansen, AK Introduction to the symposium: biology beyond the classroom S4 Lent, DD*; Hansen, AK Making interdisciplinary learning continuous across education […]

Symposium S3

Physical Mechanisms of Behavior Day: Mon Jan 4 – 10:15-19:00 Organizer(s): Patrick Green and Alejandro Rico-Guevara Symposium Author(s) Title S3 Green, PA*; Rico-Guevara, A Introduction to the symposium: Physical mechanisms of behavior S3 Brennan, PLR*; Sterett, M; DiBuono, M; Klo, K; Marsden, R; Schleinig, P; Tanner , L; Purdy, S When the uterus is a […]

Symposium S2

Genomic Perspectives in Comparative Physiology of Mollusks: Integration Across Disciplines Day: Mon Jan 4 – 10:15-18:30 Organizer(s): Omera Matoo and Maurine Neiman Symposium Author(s) Title S2 Neiman, M*; Matoo, O Introduction to genomic perspectives in comparative physiology of mollusks: Integration across disciplines S2 Adema, CM*; McQuirk, KA; Seppala, O; Castillo, MG Fielding freshwater snail immunity […]

Symposium S12

Manakin Genomics: Comparative Studies of Evolution And Behavior an a Unique Clade of Birds Day: Thu Jan 7 – 10:15-19:00 Organizer(s): Ignacio Moore and Blake Jones Symposium Author(s) Title S12 Moore, IT*; Jones, BC Manakin genomics: comparative studies of evolution and behavior in a unique clade of birds S12 Schlinger, BA*; Chiver, I Hormonal control […]

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