Best Student Presentation Awardees 2013

Cash prizes and journal subscriptions are provided to the awardees by Wiley-Blackwell Publishers. DAB
Wiley Journal
Oral Presentation Bradley Carlson, The Pennsylvania State University Ethology
Poster Presentation James Crall, Concord Field Station, Harvard University Ethology
Wiley Journal
Oral Presentation Swati Varshney, Massachusetts Institute of Technology Honorable MentionSarah Sharpe, Georgia Tech J. Zoology
Poster Presentation Arju Nair, Univ. of California, Irvine Honorable MentionRachel Wigton, Old Dominion University J. Zoology
Wiley Journal
Oral Presentation Aubrey Gorbman Award Blake Jones, Univ. of Memphis J. Exp. Zoology A
Poster Presentation Lynn Riddiford Award Jeffrey Goessling, Auburn Univ. J. Exp. Zoology A
Wiley Journal
Oral Presentation Bruce Sidell Award Katie Marshall, University of Western Ontario J. Exp. Zoology A
Poster Presentation Bruce Sidell Award Robert Kobey, Indiana University J. Exp. Zoology A
Wiley Journal
Oral Presentation Austen Barnett, Southern Illinois University J. Exp. Zoology B
Poster Presentation Angela Kaczmarczyk, Univ. of California, Berkeley J. Exp. Zoology B
Wiley Journal
Oral Presentation Ray Huey Award Jennifer Sunday, Department of Biological Sciences, Simon Fraser University Ecology Letters
Poster Presentation Ray Huey Award Laura Bagge, Duke University Ecology Letters
Wiley Journal
Oral Presentation Christina Vasquez, University of Florida, Gainesville, FL Honorable MentionDanielle Ludeman, University of Alberta Invertebrate Biology
Poster Presentation Amberle McKee, California State University, Long Beach Honorable MentionKenan Matterson, University of Alabama at Birmingham Invertebrate Biology
Wenner Strong Inference Award Christina Vasquez, University of Florida, Gainesville, FL Honorable MentionAmberle McKee, California State University, Long Beach  
Wiley Journal
Oral Presentation Ivo Ros, Harvard University Honorable MentionMike Bok, University of Maryland, Baltimore County Developmental Neurobiology
Poster Presentation Stavros Hadjisolomou, Graduate Center of The City University of New York Developmental Neurobiology
Wiley Journal
Oral Presentation Rongfeng Cui, Texas A&M University Honorable MentionElizabeth Bastiaans, Univ. of California, Santa Cruz Evolution
Poster Presentation Tina Marcroft, Univ. of California, Los Angeles Honorable MentionLila Leatherman, Oberlin College Evolution
Wiley Journal
Oral Presentation D. Dwight Davis Award Sarah Kienle, San Diego State University J. Morphology
Poster Presentation Joshua Chow, University of California, Davis J. Morphology
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