Best Student Presentation (BSP) Program

If you wish to compete in the Best Student Presentation (BSP) Program for the division to which you are submitting your abstract, please check the Best Student Presentation box on the Abstract/Transmittal Form. The SICB Business Office will forward a copy of your Abstract/ Transmittal Form to the appropriate division for review.

Following are the BSP Divisional Guidelines for your review and consideration. You must be a SICB member to compete for any BSP award; some divisions require that you be a member of that division. Some awards require that you submit an extended or competition abstract in addition to the regular abstract, which must accompany the Abstract/Transmittal Form on the date the abstract is due. Please carefully follow the BSP Guidelines for the appropriate division, for either an oral or poster presentation, as detailed below.

If you have questions about specific division rules and/or need further clarification, please contact the SICB Business Office.

View the summary of BSP divisional guidelines here.

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