Best Student Presentation Awardees 2008

Division of Animal Behavior
Best Student Oral Presentation Maren Vitousek, Princeton University Heterospecific alarm-call recognition in a non-vocal reptile
Best Student Poster Jennifer Curtis, University of Central Oklahoma Collared Lizards Decrease Testosterone Levels in Response to Staged Territorial Intrusions: A Test of the Challenge Hypothesis
Division of Comparative Biomechanics
Best Student Oral Presentation Anne Peattie, University of California Berkeley Effect of Variation in Length and Width on Single Seta Force in Geckos
Best Student Poster Kevin Miklasz, Hopkins Marine Station of Stanford University, Pacific Grove A Low-Reynolds number conundrum: How fast should diatoms sink?
Division of Comparative Endocrinology
Best Student Oral Presentation Jamie M. Cornelius, University of California Davis Seasonal variation in the stress physiology of an opportunistic, nomadic songbird, the red crossbill (Loxia curvirostra)
Best Student Poster Alison Hagemeister, North Dakota State University Somatostatin Isoforms Selectively Activate the MAPK Pathway through Somatostatin Receptor Subtype One
Division of Comparative Physiology & Biochemistry
Robert C. Terwilliger Best Student Oral Presentation Award Kristin Hardy, University of North Carolina Wilmington Intracellular diffusion constraints may influence organelle distribution in skeletal muscle
Robert C. Terwilliger Best Student Poster Award Michael Elnitsky, Miami University Salinity Tolerance in the Antarctic Midge: Seawater Acclimation Confers Cross Tolerance to Freezing and Dehydration
Division of Evolutionary Developmental Biology
Best Student Oral Presentation Pierre Le Pabic, East Carolina University Evolutionary divergence of pharyngeal arch specification in teleosts
Best Student Poster Nathan Bird, George Washington University Differential growth and the evolution of novel vertebral morphology: lessons from the cypriniform Weberian apparatus
Division of Ecology & Evolution
Best Student Oral Presentation Phillip Bergman, University of Massachusetts Amherst Conservatism in lizard vertebral number evolution is widespread but not universal
Best Student Poster Allison Churcher, University of Victoria In search of the sea urchin nose: The molecular basis for chemoreception in S. purpuratus
Division of Invertebrate Zoology
Best Student Oral Presentation Lindsay Waldrop, UC Berkeley Fluid dynamics of antennule flicking of the blue crab, Callinectes sapidus
Best Student Poster Joerg Hammel, FSU Jena, Germany Morphogenesis during asexual bud-formation and growth in the poriferan Tethya wilhelma: silica skeleton, aquiferous system and the mesohyle
Adrian M. Wenner Strong Inference Award Nicholas Alcorn, Bowdoin College How do changes in parental investment influence larval development in Gulf of Maine echinoids?
Division of Neurobiology
Best Student Oral Presentation Jessica L. Fox, University of Washington Encoding characteristics of haltere mechanoreceptors
Best Student Poster (two winners) Kyle A. Willingham, Abilene Christian University The effect of the hyperpolarization-activated inward current antagonist, ZD7288, on the locomotor rhythm of Clione limacina
Rebecca M. Calisi, UC Berkeley Capture-handling stress and its effects upon hypothalamic EGR-1 and GnIH expression in House sparrows (Passer domesticus)
Division of Systematic & Evolutionary Biology
Best Student Oral Presentation (two winners) Ka Yan Ma, Chinese University of Hong Kong Molecular phylogeny of Dendrobranchiata inferred from two nuclear markers
Annie R. Lindgren, Ohio State University Evolution of recent squids (Cephalopoda: Decapodiformes) inferred from molecular data
Best Student Poster Johanna T. Cannon, Auburn University Hemichordate relationships and insights into ancestors
Division of Vertebrate Morphology
D. Dwight Davis Award Andrew Farke, Stony Brook University Evolution of the frontal sinuses in Bovidae
Best Student Poster (two winners) Brad A. Chadwell, Wake Forest University When Designing Rays, Function Matters
Leah H. Brown-Wilusz, University of Connecticut, Storrs Ontogenetic effects of hatching plasticity in spotted salamanders due to larval and egg predators
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