Elections Report 2022

SICB 2022 Election Report

The 2022 SICB Officer Elections were initially open for one month, from May 9 to June 9. At the close of this ballot, we identified anomalies in some divisional elections, with several large divisions reporting small numbers of votes. After identifying and addressing a database error, the ballot then reopened for two additional weeks, from June 22 to July 6. A total of 281 votes for Society-wide offices were submitted during the 2022 elections, representing 12.1% of the membership eligible to vote.

Office Candidate Elected Term
SICB Society-wide offices:
President Elect Michele Nishiguchi President-Elect 1/23-1/25
President 1/25-1/27
Secretary-Elect Marianne Porter Secretary-Elect 8/22-1/24
Secretary 1/24-1/26
Treasurer-Elect Brian Tsukimura Treasurer-Elect 1/23-1/25
Treasurer 1/25-1/27
Member-at-Large Karen Chan 1/23-1/26
Divisional Offices:
DAB Program Officer Stephanie Campos 1/23-1/26
DCB Chair-Elect Misty Paig-Tran Chair-Elect 1/23-1/25
Chair 1/25-1/27
DCE Program Officer-Elect Britt Heidinger PO-Elect 1/23-1/24
Program Officer 1/24-1/27
DCPB Chair-Elect Jason Podrabsky Chair-Elect 1/23-1/24
Chair 1/24-1/26
DCPB Program Officer  Alexander Gerson 1/23-1/25
DEDB Chair-Elect Prashant P. Sharma Chair-Elect 1/23-1/24
Chair 1/24-1/26
DEDE Chair-Elect Lauren E. Fuess Chair-Elect 1/23-1/24
Chair 1/24-1/26
DEE Chair-Elect        Christian Cox Chair-Elect 1/23-1/25
Chair 1/25-1/27
DEE Program Officer-Elect        Kristi Montooth PO-Elect 1/23-1/24
Program Officer 1/24-1/26
DIZ Program Officer       Adam Reitzel 1/23-1/26
DNNSB Program Officer Jamie Theobald 1/23-1/26
DOB Secretary-Elect David Sleboda Sec-Elect 1/23-1/24
Secretary 1/24-1/26
DPCB Program Officer-Elect Molly Womack PO-Elect 1/23-1/24
Program Officer 1/24-1/27
DVM Secretary-Elect Crystal Reynaga Sec-Elect 1/23-1/24
Secretary 1/24-1/26


In addition, six divisions voted on a series of amendments to the divisional bylaws. Each of these passed by a considerable margin (more than 97% of votes were cast in favor of these proposed amendments).


Divisional Bylaws Amendments:
Division of Comparative Physiology & Biochemistry PASSED
Division of Evolutionary Developmental Biology PASSED
Division of Ecoimmunology & Disease Ecology PASSED
Division of Invertebrate Zoology PASSED
Division of Neurobiology, Neuroethology, & Sensory Biology PASSED
Division of Phylogenetics & Comparative Biology PASSED
the Society for
Integrative &