SICB Resolution on Financial Refocusing at the Field Museum of Natural History

Whereas – The Field Museum of Natural History (Chicago, IL), one of the world’s great natural history museums, houses synoptic collections that are of fundamental importance to the international scientific community.

Whereas – The research and educational programs carried out by curators and research staff at the museum are of world-class quality.

Whereas -The curatorial and research staff as well as the quality and care of the biodiversity collections are threatened by announced intentions to greatly reduce funding for the scientific program of the Museum.

Therefore – Be it resolved that because the Society for Integrative and Comparative Biology values the Field Museum of Natural History as a center of research excellence and scholarship in integrative biology, and as a significant and important resource for the scientific community and the public, we expect the Field Museum to continue its long-held commitment to support core collections-based research programs and maintain its high standard of service to the scientific community.

the Society for
Integrative &