Proposed SICB Constitution and Bylaws Amendments

The ballot is now open for your votes on a series of important amendments to our SICB Constitution and Bylaws! All members – students, postdocs, full, emeritus, and family members – are eligible to vote, and we need to hear your voice on these issues. As detailed below, we are now voting on society-wide amendments, as well as amendments to the bylaws of four divisions (DAB, DEE, DPCB, and DVM). Links to the proposed changes are below, and on the ballot itself.

These proposals establish a critical new position on the Executive Committee (Communications Editor), and reorganize several positions in the society leadership. We also propose amendments that increase inclusivity, by removing gendered language, and correct a number of inconsistencies or errors in the bylaws.

Because some divisions require proposed amendments to be posted for 30 days, and others 60 days, we will hold two sets of elections.

Between August 4 and September 4 (right now!), we invite you to vote on the following:

Later during September, we will vote on the following:

Please vote!! Our society needs your active participation, and voting is an easy but essential way to be involved.


Proposed Amendments

the Society for
Integrative &