SICB Celebrates Black History Month!

SICB scientists around the world are stepping up in their research, communication, and teaching to build a scientific community that is actively anti-racist.  This work is not confined to a single month of the year, but in celebration of February as Black History month, SICB would like to offer this collection of resources to support efforts to make the scientific community more diverse, equitable, just, and inclusive.


SICB+ Resources:

Available HERE for SICB+ members until March 16, 2023

Alex Troutman Symposium talk NFWB: Navigating Fieldwork While Black.  Part of S9: Envisioning a Diverse, Inclusive, and Safe Future for Field Biology

Dr. Beronda Montgomery Plenary Address: Lessons About and From Plants – Insight for Human Thriving

Dr. Tyrone Hayes Plenary Address: Right Back Where I Started: Enamored with Anurans


Media and Training opportunities:

Kendall Moore – Can We Talk, Can we Talk 2 (documentary films)

Webinars on inclusion and equity in academic biology (by SABER – the Society for the advancement of Biology – in collaboration with Arizona State University)

National Coalition Building Institute (offers training opportunities):

Podcast: Seeing White

Training Resources from Field Inclusive


Journal Publications, Chapters, and Conference Presentations

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Race Ethnicity and Education Volume 22, Issue 4: special issue on race and STEM education:



Whistling Vivaldi – How Stereotypes Affect Us and What We Can Do.  Steele, Claude. 2011.

Making Black Scientists: A Call to Action. Marybeth Gasman and Thai-Huy Nguyen. 2019. 

Lessons from Plants. Beronda Montgomery. 2021.


Resource collections from other organizations:

CalState COAST:


the Society for
Integrative &