Policy on Affiliated Societies

SICB may form an arrangement with other societies to allow their cosponsorship of the SICB annual meeting. SICB members greatly benefit when other societies are able to participate in its annual meeting and when they are able to help in the planning of the meeting. Cosponsorship must be approved by the Executive Officers of the SICB and the agreement between the SICB and the cosponsoring society must be made in writing. This agreement must be updated and reaffirmed in writing each year as appropriate; the target time for this approval will be the month of May of each year. The arrangement recognizes the significant investment of SICB in time and financial resources in planning and executing annual meetings.


  1. Payment. The cosponsoring society agrees to pay a nominal annual fee of $250 to SICB.
  2. Meeting Program Participation.
    1. A cosponsoring society is expected to contribute to the scientific program of the SICB annual meeting through the cosponsorship of symposia. Symposium proposals originate by the cosponsoring society must be cosponsored by a division or divisions of the SICB and must go through the regular approval process established by the SICB.
    2. A cosponsoring society may have a representative on the SICB Program Committee. The representative will be recommended by the cosponsoring society, but the representative must be appointed by the SICB President as is done by all appointed members of SICB committees. The SICB Program Committee meets in the fall of each year to plan the program for the upcoming annual meeting. Individuals appointed to the SICB Program Committee are expected to participate fully in the planning of the annual meeting. In the case of such appointments to the SICB Program Committee, SICB agrees to cover the costs of accommodations of a representative of the cosponsoring society serving on the committee, but the cosponsoring society agrees to cover the costs of transportation of that individual.
  1. Other Benefits.

1. Full members of the cosponsoring society in good standing can attend SICB annual meetings and pay the SICB full member registration rate (regular SICB member rate, not the SICB loyal member rate). In a reciprocal arrangement, SICB members in good standing will be able to attend the meetings of the affiliated society and pay the affiliated society member registration rate.

2. At SICB annual meetings, special student and postdoctoral member meeting registration fees and housing provisions are restricted to SICB Student-in-Training Members, SICB Graduate Student Members, and SICB Postdoctoral Members.

3. All other SICB member benefits not covered in this agreement (e.g., subscription to the society journal and access to member-only pages of the website) are restricted to SICB members.

4.  A cosponsoring society may have an exhibit at the annual meeting and will receive a special discount, making the cost lower than the lowest tier of exhibitor fees. This cost is to be negotiated annually between the cosponsoring society and the Executive Director of SICB.

5.  A cosponsoring society may have a presence in the meeting program materials (e.g., meeting program book and/or the meeting electronic app). This may include a message from the president of the cosponsoring society and a list of the cosponsoring society officers.

6. The badges of the meeting attendees will reflect the affiliations of the cosponsoring society.

7. Officers of the affiliated society can send appropriate announcements related to the SICB annual meeting to the Secretary of SICB for society-wide or divisional distribution, so long as the announcement is approved by SICB.

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