Membership Renewal Policy

When SICB meetings moved to January in 1998, there was a concern that members would attend the meetings without renewing for the year in which the meeting was held. This could result in a substantial revenue loss unless a mechanism is put in place to ensure that members are required to renew before being allowed to attend the Annual Meeting at the member rate.
Beginning with the 1998 renewal cycle, members have had to be renewed for the following year at the time they registered if they wanted to attend the January meeting at the member rate. If members have not renewed when they submit their registration, they will be informed that they need to remit membership dues before being allowed to register at the member rate.

Members who register on-site and who are not renewed/current will be directed to the membership booth where they can remit payment for their dues. They will receive a receipt which they can take to the registration desk to prove they are a current member in good standing of the Society.

adopted December 1996
the Society for
Integrative &