SICB Annual Meeting 2016

SICB Annual Meeting 2016
January 3-7, 2016
Oregon Convention Center – Portland, OR


Meeting Highlights

  • This was the largest SICB meeting ever, with a total of 1,688 abstracts submitted and approximately 2000 attendees!!!

  • New Integrative and Comparative Biology Editor, Lynn (Marty) Martin, began his five-year term at the annual meeting. We all owe many thanks to Hal Heatwole who led the journal as Editor for the past ten years! The following new ICB Editorial Board members were approved by the Executive Committee: Donovan German (DCPB) and Sharlene Santana (DVM), and International Associate Editors Stéphane Hourdez (France) and Jun Kitano (Japan), and the term of Berry Pinshow (Israel) was extended until 2018.

  • Several NSF Program Officers attended the meeting and offered two workshops, and Jim Olds, Assistant Director, Directorate for Biological Sciences, met with the Executive Committee on Jan 3rd. SICB thanks NSF for its strong support of our symposia.

  • The 2016 Dorothy Skinner Award was presented to Dr. Roslyn Dakin.

  • The 2016 Carl Gans Award was presented to Dr. Sharlene Santana.

  • The 2016 George A. Bartholomew Award was presented to Dr. Vincent Careau.

  • The 2016 Howard A. Bern lecture was presented by Dr. Elizabeth Adkins-Regan.

  • The 2016 M. Patricia Morse Award for Excellence and Innovation in Science Education was presented to Dr. Michael LaBarbera.

  • The 2016 John A. Moore Lecture was given by Dr. Jay Labov.

  • Honorary SICB Memberships were approved and presented to Dr. Jay Labov and Dr. Jarid Simons, who has made several significant donations to SICB.

  • The Broadening Participation Committee presented 21 of the 51 applicants with $500 awards to help defray costs of attending the annual meeting.

  • The Public Affairs Committee thanks the eight members who served as writers for this year’s Newswise press releases. See below for these and several other SICB meeting presentations that were reported on in the national media!

  • The Educational Council theme for the 2016 meeting was on K-12 Partnerships and Outreach.

  • The Development Committee reported an all-time high number and amount of donations to the Society.

  • The Student Support Committee announced the GIAR and FGST awards at the Business meeting. A total of 151 applications were received (34 of 132 GIAR and 4 of 19 FGST applications were funded).

  • The winners of the Best Student Presentation (BSP) Program have been selected. For a complete listing click here.


Just in: Changes to the Final Program
Click here to view/download (PDF)


Opening Plenary Session, Sunday 3 January, 7:30-8:30 PMDr. Terrie M. Williams, Professor of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, University of California Santa Cruz: The Biology of Big: Discovering the extraordinary costs of survival at the top of the food chain



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