The Biology of the Parasitic Crustacea

SICB Annual Meeting 2009
January 3-7, 2009
Boston, MA

Symposium “The Biology of the Parasitic Crustacea”
Organized by: Jeffrey D. Shields and Christopher B. Boyko

List of Speakers

S2.1 Sunday, Jan. 4, 08:00 BOYKO, Christopher B:

Bopyrids of the Thalassinidean Transition: First Phylogenetic Data and Evolutionary Implications

S2.2 Sunday, Jan. 4, 08:30 HO, J.-S.:

The five wonders of the parasitic Copepoda

S2.3 Sunday, Jan. 4, 09:00 BOXSHALL, G.A.:

The comparative biology of Copepoda parasitic on three host taxa: fishes, polychaetes and crustaceans.

S2.4 Sunday, Jan. 4, 09:30 COSTELLO, MJ:

Progress in understanding the ecology of sea lice, copepod parasites of wild and farmed salmonids

S2.5 Sunday, Jan. 4, 10:30 HEUCH, P.A.*; BJORN, P.A.; FINSTAD, B.; ASPLIN, L.; HOLST, J.C.:

Salmon Lice Infection of Farmed and Wild Salmonids in Norway: an Overview

S2.6 Sunday, Jan. 4, 11:00 KOLBASOV, G.A.:

Parasitic microcrustaceans of the class Tantulocarida, external and internal morphology, development and life circle

S2.7 Sunday, Jan. 4, 11:30 MOELLER, O. S.:

Branchiura, -parasitic crustaceans with a sting

S2.8 Sunday, Jan. 4, 13:00 AN, J.:

A review of bopyrid isopods infesting crabs from China

S2.9 Sunday, Jan. 4, 13:30 HUYS, R*; LLEWELLYN-HUGHES, J:

What can 18S rDNA do for copepod phylogeny and classification?

S2.10 Sunday, Jan. 4, 14:00 TANAKA, K.:

Life history of gnathiid isopods: a brief overview

S2.11 Sunday, Jan. 4, 14:30 OVERSTREET, RM*; JOVONOVICH, J; MA, H:

Parasitic Crustaceans as Vectors of Viruses

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