Schedule of Events

January 4-8, 2005, San Diego, California

Schedule of Events

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EVENTS/FUNCTIONS Tuesday, January 4 – Day 1 Wednesday, January 5 – Day 2 Thursday, January 6 – Day 3 Friday, January 7 – Day 4 Saturday, January 8 – Day 5 SICB GRID 2005


DAB Animal Behavior

DCE Comparative Endocrinology

DCPB Comparative Physiology & Biochem

DDCB Developmental & Cell Biology

DEDB Evolutionary Developmental Biology

DEE Ecology & Evolution

DIZ Invertebrate Zoology

DNB Neurobiology

DSEB Systematic & Evolutionary Biology

DVM Vertebrate Morphology

Co-sponsoring Societies

ABS Animal Behavior Society

AMS American Microscopical Society

ISN International Society for Neuroethology

< ALIGN=CENTER STYLE=”margin-left: -0.1cm”>TCS The Crustacean Society


Opening Session

2:30-5:30pm Golden Ballroom

Bartholomew Award/Lecture

Nicole King-The unicellular ancestry of Metazoa


Bern Lecture-Jim Truman- Insect Ecdysis: dissection of an endocrine cascade that underlies a complex program of behavior 6:30-7:30pm-California AMS Past Presidential Address William D. Hummon-Documenting biodiversity: groveling in the sand and mud 10:30-11:30 am-Royal Palm 4 All Saturday Sessions end by Noon
SYMPOSIA8:00am-3:00pm unless otherwise noted in program
  • Hermaphrodites (am)-Pacific 2
  • New Microscopy-Pacific 1
  • Desiccation Tolerance-California

  • Hermaphrodites (am)-Pacific 2
  • Desiccation Tolerance (am)-California
  • WormNet-Pacific 1
  • Life at High Elevations (pm)-Pacific 2

  • Life at High Elevations-Pacific 2
  • Vertebrate Dentition-Pacific 1
  • Complex Life Histories-Golden
  • Terminal Growth-California

  • Terminal Growth-Golden Ballroom
  • Zoo Based Research-Pacific 4/5
  • Crustacea-Pacific 6/7

8:00am-3:00pm unless otherwise noted in program

Behavior-Pacific 3


Muscle Phys & Biochem/Comp to Bullock Plenary/Insect Respiration & Metabolism-Pacific 4/5

Regulatory Biology/Integrative & Comparative Issues-Pacific 6/7

–Terrestrial Locomotion/Bone Strain & Adaptation-Royal Palm 1

–Flight Mechanics/Fluid & Motion-Royal Palm 2

–Evolution/Development-Royal Palm 3

–Evolution/Evo-Devo-Royal Palm 4

–Population & Community Ecol/Bio-diversity & Biogeo-Royal Palm 5

–Comp Sess: Hermaphrodites-Pacific 2

–Behavior-Pacific 3 –Comp Session: Complex Life Histories-Sunrise –Sensory/Neurobiol/Evo-Devo-Pac 4/5 –Regulatory Biol/Evolution-Pacific 6/7 –Muscle Structure & Function/Muscle Innovation & Function-Royal Palm 1 –Feeding:Prey Capture/Feeding-Royal Palm 2 –Ecomechanics & Physical Biology 1& 2- Royal Palm 3 –Comp Sess: Terminal Addition/ Comp Session: New Microscopy/Evo- lutionary Paleobiology-Royal Palm 4Behavior-Royal Palm 5

–Evolution-Royal Palm 6

Behavior/Conservation Biology-Pacific 3

Evolution-Pacific 4/5

Regulatory Biology-Pacific 6/7

Swimming/Feeding: Muscle & Control-Royal Palm 1

Terrestrial Locomotion:Limbs/

Serpentine Locomotion-Royal Palm 2

Energetics & Metabolism 1/

Immunology-Royal Palm 3

Comp Session: Dessication/Comp Session: WormNet/Evolution-Sunset

Evolution-Royal Palm 5

–Environmental Biology-Pacific 3

–Comp Session-Complex Life Histories-Sunrise

–Terrestrial Locomotion: Dynamics-Royal Palm 1

–Aquatic Feeding Adaptations-Royal Palm 2

–Energetics and Metabolism 2-Royal Palm 3

Morphology: Function and Environment/Functional Novelty-Royal Palm 4

–Physiology: Digestion & Absorption/Osmoregulation-Pacific 1

–Evo-Devo/Evolution-Pacific 2

POSTER SESSIONS -Exhibit Hall-Atlas Ballroom-Please treat the viewing times as equivalent to the period when oral papers are presented. Poster Session 1 set up:5:30-8:00pm Poster Session 1Authors present: 3:00-5:00pm

Poster Session 1 teardown: 5:00-5:30pm

Poster Session 2 set up: 5:30-6:30pm

Poster Session 2Authors present 3:00-5:00pm

Poster Session 2 teardown: 5:00-5:30pm

Poster Session 3 set up: 5:30-6:30pm

Poster Session 3Authors present 3:00-5:00pm

Poster Session 3 teardown: 5:00-5:30 pm

EXHIBIT HOURS-Atlas BallroomExhibit Hall; Coffee breaks-9:40-10:20am & 3:00-3:30pm Exhibitor set-up Noon-8:00pm 9:30am-6:00pm Open 9:30am-6:00pm Open 9:30am-5:30pm Open


Unless otherwise noted

Executive Committee9am-Noon-Sunrise –DCPB Exec Comm-6:45am-Terrace 3 –SICB Nom Comm-7-8:00am-Dover–Digital Library Advisory Board (DLAB)-Esquire

–Div Chrs Pres/Pres-Elect-Dover

–Division Program Officer & Affiliated SocietiesTerrace 3

–Public Affairs Comm-Stratford

–Student Support Committee7:30-10:00pm-Stratford

–Advisory Committee-Wingfield Suite–Editorial Board-Towne

–SICB Division Secretaries-Dover

–Education Council-Stratford

–DPOs and Symposium Organizers for Orlando-Terrace 3 –AMS Executive Committee8:00-11:00pm-Dover

–Vendor Appreciation Breakfast8:00-9:00am-Terrace 3

–Program Advisory-Dover

–Conservation Biology Planning Meeting-Royal Palm 5

–Diversity Lunch– Stratford

–Elsevier Meeting-2:30-3:30pm-Terrace 3

Executive Committee7:00am-9:00am-Chanticleer Room
BUSINESS MEETINGS5:15-6:15pm unless otherwise noted DAB Bus Mtg/Social-Royal Palm 2

DCPB Business Mtg-California

DDCB Business Mtg-Royal Palm 1

DIZ Business Mtg-Pacific 2

DNB Business Mtg-Pacific 3

DCE Business Mtg-Pacific 2

DEDB Business Mtg-Pacific 3

DEE Business Mtg-Royal Palm 1

DSEB Business Mtg-Royal Palm 3

DVM Business Mtg-Pacific 1

TCS Business Mtg-Royal Palm 2

AMS Business Meeting9:30-10:20am-Royal Palm 4

SICB Business Meeting-Pacific 3

WORKSHOPS & PROGRAMSTimes as noted Student First Timer Orientation6:30-7:30pm-California –Diversity Welcome Breakfast-7:00-8:00am-Towne

–NSF Session: A New Focus on Organismal Biology-conducted by Judy Verbeke Noon-1:00pm-Pacific 3

–Media Wkshp 6:30-8:30pm-Pacific 1

–Re-Thinking Your NSF Funding Opportunities: Something Old, Something New-conducted by Bill Zamer Noon-1:00pm-Pacific 3

–Desiccation Workshop 1:00-3:00pm-California

Diversity Roundtable Discussion 8:00-10:00pm-Sunset

–Phylogenetics for Dummies Workshop 6:00-8:00pm-Pacific 2

–Generating Ideas: Big Questions in Organismal Biology-discussion session conducted by Bill Zamer 6:30-8:00pm-Pacific 1

SOCIAL EVENTSTimes as noted Welcome Reception5:30-6:30pm-Pooside (weather permitting) or Atlas Ballroom Foyer Companion Orientation Prog/

Cont.Bkfst 9:00-10:00am-Stratford

–SICB Grad/Postdoc LunchNoon-1:00pm-Golden Ballroom

DCPB Social 7:30-8:30pm-Atlas Ballroom Foyer

–SRC Breakfast 6:30-8:00am-Terrace Restaurant –DVM Social 6:15-7:30pm-Terrace Pavilion –DEDB Social 6:15-7:30pm-Pacific 3 –DIZ/DEE/AMS/TCS Social6:30-8:00pm-Sunrise

DCE Social 7:30-10pm-Towne

–AMS Luncheon11:45 am-1:00pm-Terrace 3

–University of South Carolina Col of Science and Math Alumni Recep 5:30-6:30 pm-Stratford

–DNB Social 6:15-7:15pm-Dover–Society-wide Social in Honor of Students and Postdocs

7:30-9:30pm-Golden Ballroom

Whale Watching Tour 1-5 pm

Tijuana Tour 1-7 pm

Both leave from Atlas Foyer

REGISTRATION-Atlas Foyer 10:00am-6:30pm 7:00am-5:00pm 7:30am-5:00pm 7:30am-2:00pm 7:30am-12:00pm
the Society for
Integrative &