Symposium P2

Session Abstract Author(s)
P2 Tytell, E.D.; Ellington, C.P. The vortex wake of the hawkmoth, Manduca sexta: Simulation and Reynolds number effects
P2 Kymbr L. Wright; Dr. Stan Kuczaj The Effects of Time of Day on Mother-Infant Association Patterns of Bottlenose Dolphins (Tursiops truncatus) in Captivity
P2 DRUZISKY, K.*; BRAINERD, E.L. Buccal oscillation in the aquatic turtle Platysternon megacephalum
P2 FUDGE, D.S.*; GOSLINE, J.M. Mechanical and Optical Properties of Hagfish Slime Threads
P2 SUMMERS, A.P.; ROWE, T.; KETCHAM, R.A. Ontogeny of the hornshark chondrocranium and the evolution of trabecular cartilage
P2 Mara S. Zimmerman Variation in brook stickleback (Culaea inconstans) size and shape associated with different predator communities
P2 KAVANAGH, K.D.*; MORGAN, B.A. Regulating differentiation in vertebrates: Functional homology and evolutionary co-option in Ikaros family genes
P2 CASOTTI, G. Microvilli within the lower intestine of sparrows
P2 Pavlov, V. Morphological Adaptation of Dorsal Fin of Harbour Porpoise (Phocoena phocoena) to Swimming and Thermal Regulation Function
P2 MARSHALL, C.D.*; HERRING, S.W. Motor Control of Perioral Muscles: Somatotopic Organization in the Pig Facial Nucleus.
P2 Bishop, K. Bishop Evolutionary Patterns in Bat Wing Shape
P2 Park, D.S.*; Propper, C. R. Purification and Action of a Repelling Pheromone from Male Red-spotted Newts
P2 Cupp, P.V. Spatial Distribution and Site Fidelity in Green Salamanders, Aneides aeneus.
P2 Sanders, N.K.*; Mayo, M.; Stuart, J. Truman State University students and evolution: a survey.
P2 SCHAUB, M.J.*; ZALISKO, E.J.; SCHAEFER, J.C. Another Advantage of Long Sauropod Necks: Reaching Out and Over Hazardous Environments.
P2 IYENGAR, E.V. To steal or not to steal? That is the question. Suspension feeding versus kleptoparasitism in a marine snail.
P2 BECK, S.L. Skeletal Variation By “Batch” Among CD-1 Mice Reveals Continuing Genetic Heterogeneity.
P2 ALKINDI, A.Y.A.; MAHMOUD, I.Y.; AL-GHEILANI, H.M.H.; AL-HABSI, A.A.; ALKIYUMI, A.A.; KHAN, H.* The degree of crowding and its effect on the nesting behavior in the green turtle Chelonia mydas in Oman.
P2 ELLERBY, D.J*; SPIERTS, I.L.Y.; ALTRINGHAM, J.D. Fast muscle function in the European eel (Anguilla anguilla, L.) during aquatic and terrestrial locomotion
P2 KRAUS-EPLEY, K.E.*; MOORE, P.A. The Effects of Antennal Lesions on Orientation Behavior of the Crayfish, Orconectes rusticus
P2 Wolf, M.C. *; Moore, P.A. Affects of the Herbicide Metolachlor on Perception of Chemical Stimuli by Crayfish, Oroconectes rusticus.
P2 TOBALSKE, B.W.*; BIEWENER, A.A.; ZIMMERMAN, B.B. Scaling of Takeoff Mechanics in Doves (Columbidae)
P2 ARDELEAN, A.*; FAUTIN, D.G.; HUNSINGER, K. Managing taxonomic synonyms
P2 SECORD, D.*; RUPP, J. Interpreting Marine Invasive Species for the Public: A University-Aquarium Collaboration
P2 SHADWICK, R.E.*; STEFFENSEN, J.F. The cost and efficiency of aerobic locomotion in the chub mackerel (Scomber japonicus).
P2 BRANTLEY, S.*; HILL, P.S.M. Lekking in Gryllotalpa major, the Prairie Mole Cricket: a Test of the “Hotshot Hypothesis”.
P2 FOWLER, E.*; HILL, P.S.M. Individual Identification of the Prairie Mole Cricket, Gryllotalpa major.
P2 SHADWICK, R.E.; SYME, D.A.* Mechanical Power Production by Red and White Swimming Muscles of Yellowfin Tuna (Thunnus albacares)
P2 ANDERSON, C.W. Anatomical evidence for brainstem circuits mediating hypoglossal motor output in the leopard frog, Rana pipiens
P2 Crawford, B.J.*; Pang, T.; Campbell, S.S. Development of the hyaline layer of the asteroid Pisaster ochraceus.
P2 Sheets, D.H.*; Zelditch, M.L. Studies of Shapes with Bilateral Symmetry
P2 JOHNSON,J.I.*; SUDHEIMER,K.D.; DAVIS,K.K.; WINN,B.M. Brain Atlas of the Sheep on the Internet for Courses in Neurobiology
P2 BLACKBURN, D.G.*; JOHNSON, A.R.; PETZOLD, J.L. Histology of the extraembryonic membranes of the oviparous corn snake, Elaphe guttata.
P2 Korzan, W.J.*; Summers, T.R.; Miner, H.M.; Martin, M.L.; Flynn, M.B.; Summers, C.H. Manipulating a Visual Signal of Sympathetic Activity: Influences on Social Status and Plasma Catecholamines
P2 Muller, U.K.*; Stamhuis, E.J.; Ellington, C.P. Quantifying the leading-edge vortex of a hovering robotic insect during the downstroke
P2 Itzick Vatnick*; Bruce Grant Principles of Design for a Research-Centered Biology Curriculum
P2 Knutzen, M. Turtles in Minature: An Investigation into Hatchling Size Manipulation
P2 EDWARDS, D.D. Increased fluctuating asymmetry among chironomid midges in repsonse to ectoparasitic water mites: implications for fluctuating asymmetry theory.
P2 SHARDO, J.D.*; GRANDE, T. Morphology and Development of the Postcranial Axial Skeleton of the American Shad, Alosa sapidissima
P2 BECK, A.L.*; BLOB, R.W.; HOPSON, J.A. Morphological indicators of sprawling and non-sprawling limb posture in tetrapods.
P2 Hubbard, J.M. Bringing Active Science to Classroom and Community with Antarctic Chemical Ecology Research
P2 DAVIS, A.P.*; TOBALSKE, B.W. Effect of Distance on Flap-Bounding Flight Performance
P2 ZIMMERMAN, B.B.*; TOBALSKE, B.W. Effect of Flight Distance on Take-Off Mechanics in Zebra Finch
P2 Ashraf, M.; Nesbitt, R. A.; Lee, C.* M.* Positioning of Kinetoplasts in Trypanosoma musculi and Trypanosoma lewisi During the Development in-vitro
P2 GILCHRIST,S.L. Resetting the system: Dynamics of hermit crab shell cycling after Hurricane Mitch
P2 WINNE, C.T.*; KECK, M.B. Daily Activity Patterns in Cnemidophorus inornatus and C. septemvittatus: A Programmed Behavior?
P2 MCCLARY, JR., M. Distribution of living barnacles in the tidal Hackensack River
P2 STARCK, M.J.*; HELM, B.; SALZER, U. Developmental Asymmetry in Growing Japanese Quail (Coturnix japonica)
P2 OLSON, W.M.*; HALL, B.K. Heart morphogenesis and neural crest cell migration in cardia bifida chick embryos.
P2 BERTRAM, J.E.A.*; RUINA, A.; COX, D.E.; KATSANOS, C.S. Speed, step length and frequency in human walking: evaluating the optimization criteria.
P2 ADAMS, J.A.*; MOORE, P.A. Attraction of Conspecifics to Molt Signals in Crayfish
P2 Kozlowski, C.P.*; McIntyre, J.C.; Moore, P.A. The Winning Effect in Agnostic Encounters of Crayfish is a Time Dependment Phenomenon
P2 SANSTAD, E.A.; JARZAB, D.M.; LeCLAIR, E.E. A cDNA catalog of turtle shell development
P2 LOPEZ, Y.; MOORE, A.M.F. Assessing the Weight that Black Widow Gumfoot Lines Can Pick Up
P2 Budick, S.B.*; O’Malley, D.M. Minimal Behavioral Deficits Are Observed After Laser-ablation of the nMLF in Larval Zebrafish
P2 HUMFELD, S.C. Satellite male green treefrogs are competitively inferior
P2 SAVAGE, R.M.*; MEIKLEJOHN, D.A. hunchback Homologues in Annelids.
P2 MEDINA, C.L.; KOESTER, D.M.*; LUER, C. Development of the electric organ of the skate, Raja eglanteria
P2 NICOLAY, C.W.*; SHERWOOD, R.J. Eigenshape and Biomechanical Analysis of the Phyllostomid Mandibular Symphysis
P2 MADIGAN, P.A.; WATERS, K.A.; HARRIS, L.G.* Juvenile Growth Variation in the Green Sea Urchin, Strongylocentrotus droebachiensis: Possible Roles for Larval History, Behavior and Genetics.
P2 GREGG, C.S.*; NELSON, P.G.; TUCKER, M.C.; GRASSLE, J.P. Development of a DNA Probe for the Identification of Early-Stage Mercenaria mercenaria (Hard Clam) Larvae
P2 CHARLESWORTH, T.D.; LEHMAN, A.H.*; BLACKBURN, D.G. Cytology and ultrastructure of the extraembryonic membranes of the quail, Coturnix coturnix.
P2 BENNETT, V.A.; STEED, J.N.*; LEE, R.E.; KUKAL, O. A description of Gynaephora groenlandica hibernacula sites and behavioral preferences for light, temperature, and soil moisture related to microhabitat selection
P2 Cusack, B.J.*; Niewiarowski, P.H. Variation In Endurance In The Fence Lizard, Sceloporus undulatus: The Effect Of Temperature, Behavior, And Morphology
P2 LONDRAVILLE, R.L.*; NIEWIAROWSKI, P.H.; MCCONNELL, D.A.; ORCUTT, F.S. Cooperative Learning in Large Undergraduate Science Classes.
P2 ESSNER, R.L. Comparison of Takeoff Kinematics in Gliding and Nongliding Squirrels
P2 WILMOT, A.*; DIDIER, D.; WEBB, J. Morphology of the Lateral Line Canals of the Head in Chimaerid Fishes (Family Chimaeridae)
P2 SELCER, K.W. * Field ecology laboratory: What to do on a rainy day.
P2 WELCH, J.M.* *; WALTERS, L.J.; YOUNG, C.M. Effects of flow on larval release behavior of the bryozoan Bugula neritina
P2 RIORDAN, T.J.*; LINDSAY, S.M. Chemically stimulated deposit-feeding in the spionid polychaete, Polydora quadrilobata
P2 Walter, R. *; Otterstrom, J.; Carrier, D. Effects of Body Morphology on Vertebrate Rotational Inertia
P2 Reinsel, K.A.*; Rittschof, D.; Foran, E.; Forward, Jr., R.B. Larval release behaviors of decapod crustaceans: similar responses in shrimp and crabs
P2 Kari L. Long*; Paul A. Moore Attraction To Maternal Odor By Juvenile Crayfish, Orconectes rusticus
P2 BOLDUC, M.*; BLIER, P.U.; DUTIL, J.-D. The impact of mitochondial thermal sensitivity on the swimming capacity of Arctic charr
P2 SKENE, J.A.*; FISCHER, I.M.; HUBER, M.H.; HEDRICK, T.; STOCKWELL, E.S.; SWARTZ, S.M. Three-dimensional kinematics of level flight in the Egyptian Fruit Bat, Rousettus aegyptiacus
P2 MIDDLETON, K.M. Influence of hallucal reversion on terrestrial locomotion in birds
P2 O’BRYANT, E.L.*; WADE, J. Sexual Dimorphisms in Neuromuscular Junction Morphology in the Green Anole Lizard
P2 RICHARDSON, J.F.*; ERNST, H.H.; SATTERLIE, R.A. Pleural Ganglion Asymmetry in the Sexually Immature and Mature Pteropod Mollusc, Clione limacina
P2 ERNST, H.H.*; RICHARDSON, J.F.; SATTERLIE, R.A. Morphological Changes in an Asymmetric Neuron of the Right Pleural Ganglion in the Sexually Mature Vs. Immature Pteropod Mollusk
P2 MABEE, P.M.; CROTWELL, P.L.*; BIRD, N.C. Models to explain directions of development and evolution of fin skeletons.
P2 WEBSTER, M.D.*; CHAPLIN, S.B. Student initiated projects in animal physiology lab instruction.
P2 PIRTLE, T.J.*; SATTERLIE, R.A. Ionic currents underlying the activity of swim interneurons of Clione limacina
P2 MOFFETT, S.B.*; MARTUS, J.M.; GELPERIN, A. Ablation of a slug’s procerebral lobe blocks its ability to discriminate water sources that are dangerous for rehydration.
P2 MEAD, K. S. The Mechanisms Of Turbulent Action: How Does Hydrodynamic Shear Stress Affect Fertilization And Development In Sea Urchins?
P2 BRAINERD, E.L.; LANDBERG, T.* Ventilatory Mechanics of an Elongate Aquatic Salamander: Amphiuma tridactylum
P2 Carroll, A.M.*; Wainwright, P.C. Functional morphology of prey capture in the pallid sturgeon (Scaphirhynchus albus).
P2 Beachum, C.*; Strange, R. an evaluation of phylogeny inference programs and packages
P2 STEWART, H.L Morphological heterogeneity among zooids of encrusting colonies of Membranipora membranacea induces passive flow through the colony.
P2 Stakebake, E.F.; Meyers, R.A.* The albatross shoulder lock: A biomechanical and immunohistochemical study.
P2 O’REILLY, J.C.*; KLEY, N.J.; RICHMOND, A.M.; BRAINERD, E.L. Prey Capture Kinematics in Chelus fimbriatus (Testudines: Pleurodira)
P2 KLEMENHAGEN, K.C.*; RAND, M.S. An Investigation of Opioid Involvement in the Modulation of Reproductive Behavior in the Whiptail Lizard Cnemidophorus velox
P2 GALLARDO, L.I.*; NISHIKAWA, K.C. Ecomorphology and locomotion of Sceloporus
P2 QUINN, V.S.; HEWS, D.K.* Dermal melanin density explains variation in a phylogenetically labile color signal in Sceloporus lizards: correlational and experimental evidence
P2 KIDD, C.*; BRAINERD, E.L. Abdominal pressure during high speed locomotion in the Texas spiny lizard, Sceloporus olivaceus
P2 MAIN, R. P.*; GRIFFIN, T. M.; FARLEY, C.T. Biomechanics of quadrupedal walking: How do four-legged animals walk like inverted pendulums?
P2 HANNAFORD, S.J. Role of venation in the support and deformabilty of Dipteran wings during flight
P2 Lawrence, K.A.; Strange, R.M. Allometric neuroanatomy among percids: correlation with adaptive trends?
P2 SMITH, T.L.*; KARDONG, K.V. Cues used during poststrike trailing in rattlesnakes
P2 Edsinger-Gonzales, E.*; van der Zee, M.; Dictus, W.J.A.G.; van den Biggelaar, J.A.M. The development of radialized and twinned gastropod embryos and its implication for spiralian development
P2 Betz, O.*; Mumm, R. The predatory legs of Philonthus marginatus (Coleoptera,Staphylinidae): Functional morphology and tarsal ultrastructure
P2 Nowicki, J.L.*; Takimoto, R.; Foley, A.B.; Burke, A. C. Global Patterning Information In The Lateral Plate Mesoderm
P2 Sherman, R.L.*; Sulikowski, J.; R.E. Spieler Similarities and differences in fine gill vasculature among batiod elasmobranchs
P2 McALEER, M. W.*; GIRARD, I.; RHODES, J. S.; GARLAND, JR., T. Motivation of House Mice Artificially Selected for High Wheel Running
P2 Heitmann, D.M.*; Scheunemann, T.L.; Carello, C.A. The effect of surface grades on the joint kinematics of quail during running
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