Symposium P32

P: Movement, Migration and Dispersal Day: Sat Jan 2 Organizer(s): Clint Collins Session Author(s) Title P32 Collins, CE*; Vázquez-Domínguez, E; McGowan, CP How does kangaroo rat locomotion respond to changes in terrain manipulations during foraging in the field? P32 Cleveland, AB*; Pomory, CM Movement behavior in the sand dollar Mellita tenuis P32 Morales-Vega, E*; Eshleman, […]

Symposium P31

P: Microbiome Day: Sat Jan 2 Organizer(s): Ken Field Session Author(s) Title P31 Bueren, EK*; Weinheimer, AR; Aylward, FO; Hsu, BB; Bradford, EL; Haak, DC; Belden, LK Characterization of prophages in the honey bee gut P31 Jones, KR*; Belden, LK; Hughey, MC Exposing frog embryos to bacterial isolates: Colonization order impacts structure of the tadpole […]

Symposium P30

P: Metabolism and Physiology II Day: Sat Jan 2 Organizer(s): Jane Khudyakov Session Author(s) Title P30 Khudyakov, J*; Holser, R; Ly, S; Niel, T; Banerjee, R; Hasan, B; Nguyen, KD; Tan, E; Tang, C; Vierra, C; Costa, D Multi-tissue proteome responses to prolonged fasting in a capital breeding marine mammal P30 Ellertson, K*; Prakash, A; […]

Symposium P3

P: DNNSB Best Student Paper Day: Sat Jan 2 Organizer(s): Michael Baltzley Session Author(s) Title P3 Santa Rita, ZS*; Gray, JR A locust visual neuron responds to object trajectory changes in the vertical plane P3 Niebur, T*; Putney, J; Sponberg, S Motor output in hawk moths is encoded at the millisecond-scale across all muscles P3 […]

Symposium P29

P: Metabolism and Physiology I Day: Sat Jan 2 Organizer(s): Guy Charmantier Session Author(s) Title P29 Tomlinson, B*; May, MA; Tomanek, L The role of sirtuins in linking the oxidative stress response and food ration P29 Anderson, KN*; Dotterweich, MM; Hardy, KM Does predator presence influence anaerobic metabolism and behavior in the acorn barnacle Balanus […]

Symposium P28

P: Macroevolution, Cladistics and Phylogenetics Day: Sat Jan 2 Organizer(s): Sally Chang Session Author(s) Title P28 Weeger, A*; Lavrov, D Mitochondrial introns of Porifera: Implications of a greater prevalence P28 Dohr, SR*; Tuffield, MS; Hahn, KM; Ward, RS; Moore, CD; Shu, Y; Morisawa, R; Derkarabetian, S; Boyer, SL Phylogenetic placement of two new species of […]

Symposium P27

P: Immunity and Immune-based Trade-offs Day: Sat Jan 2 Organizer(s): Carla Madelaire Session Author(s) Title P27 Weitzman, CL*; Salcido, D; Muchoney, N; Yoon, S; Espeset, A; Larsen, E; Lindauer, A; Slinn, H; Voyles, J; Smilanich, AM Testing the metabolic pace-of-life model among vertebrate immune responses P27 McPherson, SM*; Agugliaro, J; Farrell, TM; Lind, CM Ophidiomycosis, […]

Symposium P26

P: Human Impacts on Behavior Day: Sat Jan 2 Organizer(s): Jake Lasala Session Author(s) Title P26 Villatoro-Castañeda, M*; Forsburg, ZR; Fritts, SR; Gabor, CR; Carlos-Shanley, C Glyphosate and antibiotics reduce activity and affect growth in Rio Grande leopard frog (Rana berlandieri) tadpoles P26 Singh, P*; Brar, G; Scrapper, B; Floden, M; Rinehart, JP; Bowsher, JH […]

Symposium P25

P: Hot and Cold Day: Sat Jan 2 Organizer(s): Michael Finkler Session Author(s) Title P25 Reynolds, JA*; Bryant, C Do microRNAs mediate the response to cold stress in the flesh fly, Sarcophaga bullata? P25 Rej, J*; Deery, S; Gunderson, A Microclimate and physiological plasticity interact to determine overheating risk of competing native and invasive Anolis […]

Symposium P24

P: Hosts, Pathogens, and Parasites Day: Sat Jan 2 Organizer(s): Joshua Benoit Session Author(s) Title P24 Eley, M*; Gatzke, T; Eastburn, M The role of social interactions in iridovirus transmission among terrestrial Isopoda P24 Smaga, CR*; Allender, MC; Jiménez, FA Estimation of prevalence and qPCR copy number of Ophidiomyces ophiodiicola and Snake Fungal Disease in […]

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