The University of Kansas, Lawrence, KS: Postdoctoral Researcher

Posted on May 3, 2024
Expires: August 03, 2024
Title: Postdoctoral Researcher
Reasearch Area: Evolutionary Genomics
Department: EEB, The University of Kansas, Lawrence, KS
Mentor: Katya Mack
Position overview:

The Mack lab ( at the University of Kansas is recruiting a Postdoctoral Researcher. We are an evolutionary genomics lab focused on understanding the role of gene regulatory variation in phenotypic evolution. Our research involves diverse systems but focuses on house mice and other rodents.

The postdoctoral researcher will contribute to work in the lab aimed at understanding the genomic basis of complex traits using a combination of wet-lab and bioinformatic approaches (transcriptomics, population genomics, phenotyping, and genome-editing). The aims of the position will be tailored to the expertise of the successful applicant to complement the lab’s broad interest in the genetic basis of adaptation and speciation, gene expression evolution, and the role of gene-by-environment interactions in phenotypic evolution. This position offers a unique opportunity to utilize diverse phenotypic and genomic datasets to understand the role of gene expression evolution in shaping phenotypic evolution within and between species in the premier mammalian model system.

Applicants may contact in advance of applying with any questions. The start date for this position is negotiable (Target start-date: 7/1/2024). Application review begins May 15, 2024, and will continue until a qualified pool of applicants is received.

Full details and application available here:

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