Ph.D. position in Stem Cell Biology and Regeneration in a Marine Invertebrate – Whitney Laboratory, University of Florida

Posted on September 13, 2023
Expires: December 01, 2023

Ph.D. position in Stem Cell Biology and Regeneration in a Marine Invertebrate – Whitney Laboratory, University of Florida

Job type: PhD

Location: St. Augustine, Florida, USA

Closing Date: 1 December 2023

Dr. Christine Schnitzler ( is seeking a Ph.D. student to join an NIH-funded project titled “Characterizing the molecular regulators of stem cell populations during homeostasis and regeneration in Hydractinia, an emerging cnidarian research organism” using modern experimental and computational biology techniques.

The position is based at the University of Florida’s Whitney Laboratory for Marine Bioscience in St. Augustine, Florida, USA. Information about the Whitney Laboratory can be found at

The Schnitzler lab focuses on stem cells and regeneration in the context of genomics and evolution using the colonial cnidarian Hydractinia as a research organism. The project includes characterizing subpopulations of adult stem cells including investigating how stem cells are maintained and how progenitor populations are specified in different contexts, including regeneration. The work includes molecular biology, cellular biology, imaging, cell sorting, and bioinformatics approaches. The position is guaranteed for five years. The start date is August 15, 2024.



A bachelor’s degree in biology, molecular and cellular biology, developmental biology, evolutionary biology, or a related field is required. Relevant coursework will be considered. Desired experience includes molecular and cellular biology and fluorescence imaging techniques. Experience with marine invertebrate organisms and/or marine genomics would be advantageous. Background knowledge and experience with stem cells and regeneration would be preferred. Other relevant experience, such as functional genomics experience should be highlighted in the application. Diversity is a core value of our research group, and we are committed to fostering an inclusive and equitable work environment.

Interested applicants should contact Dr. Schnitzler via email (christine.schnitzler[at] to express their interest in applying for the position and include:

  1. CV including a list of relevant coursework
  2. A statement detailing research interests and experience including motivation for seeking this position


The potential Ph.D. student would need to apply to the Biology Department at UF for admission to the Ph.D program. More information on how to apply can be found here:


The application deadline is December 1, 2023. There is a two semester teaching requirement. The typical duration of a Ph.D. is 5-6 years. There is only one required course and additional coursework is determined by each student and their dissertation committee.


Please contact Dr. Christine Schnitzler (christine.schnitzler[at] with any questions about the position or the application process.

Stipend: $32,000 USD with yearly increases of ~3% plus tuition waiver

Start date: 15 August 2024

Closing Date: 1 December 2023

Scientific fields: Stem cells, Regeneration, Cell biology, Molecular Biology, Confocal Imaging, Evo-devo, Developmental Biology

Minimum qualifications: Bachelor’s degree in biology or related field plus research experience

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