Integrative and Comparative Biology Copyright Policy

Requests to reprint material copyrighted by Integrative and Comparative Biology should provide complete information regarding the intended use of the material. Permission entitles the grantee to non-exclusive world rights in all languages for the present edition only of the document for which the material is requested (i.e., one-time use). Permission must be granted anew for each subsequent edition. Full and proper credit should be given to Integrative and Comparative Biology and to the author(s) of the material. There is a fee of $75 for each figure reprinted from the journal. Integrative and Comparative Biology reserves the right to refuse to grant permission for use of copyrighted materials.

For each requested figure, please send a written request accompanied by $75 to: SICB, 1313 Dolley Madison Blvd., Suite 402, McLean, VA 22101. We would appreciate receiving a copy of the printed document for our reference.

adopted June 1997
the Society for
Integrative &