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SICB 2022

Thank you to everyone who contributed to our safe and successful in person meeting in Phoenix!  SICB’s COVID reporting form will remain available until January 28 to report any COVID cases that might be related to the Phoenix meeting based on timing of first positive test (January 3-14).  This form was sent via email to all in person conference attendees.  Please note that these are self reported, and not confirmed as associated with the meeting.  So far, the numbers are low.  A summary of all cases can be found HERE.

Our in person meeting has ended, but the science goes on!

Join us for SICB+ – enter SICB+ HERE.

In-person (SICB): Phoenix, AZ, January 3-7
Virtual (SICB+): January 14 – March 31


Message to SICB Members about 2022 Annual Meeting Registration Fees:

We provided the following information on registration fees in advance of the September 1 abstract submission deadline so that participants could plan effectively.  Continuing our aim to be transparent about SICB governance, we are providing a short explanation on fee setting for this year. We would be happy to have follow-up conversations. If you have questions and/or points to raise please contact president@sicb.org

As described previously, we are currently planning for an in-person meeting and for SICB+, a new virtual component that is responsive to feedback on elements of the remote meeting in January of 2021. 

A fundamental principle in the setting of registration fees at SICB each year is that the annual conference break-even. We do not aim to make money for SICB from the conference. Instead, our goal is to minimize the cost to attendees while also stewarding SICB’s financial resources responsibly. This year, setting registration fees is challenged by the uncertainties of COVID’s impacts on in-person events and experimentation with SICB+. Other conferences have experienced significant declines in attendance this summer, but we are cautiously optimistic that things will be in a better place in January. A key financial concern is that many costs for in-person conferences are fixed; they do not decrease with decreased in-person attendance. We also aim for SICB+, ultimately, to be sustainable through registration fees, but interest in the platform is difficult to gauge currently. 

For the 2022 conference, we have raised registration rates somewhat, in line with SICB’s policy to have the conference break even. We have introduced a new modest registration fee structure for SICB+ for those who are not attending the in-person conference. We think there is a reasonable chance that, even with the increased rates, the conference will not break even, and we have therefore set aside contingency funds in the SICB annual budget, should that be the case. We would rather err on the side of falling a little short than overcharging attendees and having profit from the conference. 

We recognize that even slightly increased fees pose an additional financial burden to all. The generosity of members of the Society over many years provides ongoing meeting support for students through the Charlotte Mangum Student Support Program and the Broadening Participation Travel Awards, information can be found here:  https://sicb.org/grants-and-scholarships/. We encourage students to apply for these opportunities. While SICB does not have a similar fund to support meeting costs of others, we will continue to look for ways to make the meeting as accessible as possible for everyone, and encourage you to contact president@sicb.org to share related concerns or ideas. 

Our best, 

Melina Hale,  SICB President

Miriam Ashley Ross,  SICB Treasurer

Jake Socha, SICB Program Officer



SICB 2022 Registration Fees       
Member category: Early reg. Late reg. SICB+ only**
SICB Member $380 $430 $50
SICB Student Member $150 $200 $10
SICB Postdoc Member $250 $300 $25
SICB HS/Community College Teacher $150 $200 $10
SICB Developing Country Member $175 $235 $20
Companion $95 $120  
SICB One Day Only (non-Student) $180 $235  
SICB One Day Student $100 $100

*SICB membership not required for SICB+ only rates

Non-Member category: Early reg. Late reg. SICB+ only**
Non-Member $540 $590 $50
Non-Member Student $220 $270 $50
Non-Member Postdoc $335 $385 $50
HS/Community College Teacher $220 $270 $50
Companion $95 $120  
Non-Member One Day Only (non-Student) $280 $380  
Non-Member One Day Student $130 $150  
AMS/TCS Member $450 $500 $50

Non-Member fees DO NOT include membership, to get lower fees please join SICB and register as a member


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