Educational Council

The Educational Council provides information to the SICB membership on educational issues in the lifesciences, facilitates the development of consortia to respond to opportunities for funding from granting agencies, and responds to educational issues and questions brought up by members of the Society. The responsibilities of the Educational Council may include, but not be limited to, the following: educational development for students; coordination of outreach activities; liaison with other professional groups with reference to educational issues; and response to proposals from members for particular projects. Ad hoc working groups will be established by the Educational Council to carry out these projects.

This committee consists of at least six members appointed by the President and serving a term of three years. The President appoints the committee chair for a term of three years; the committee chair is a member of the SICB Executive Committee. Selections of new members are made by a recommendation of the Educational Council to the President-Elect. The Council reports to the Executive Committee through the Chair and meets once a year at the Annual Meeting of the Society.

-SICB Bylaws, Article XIV, Section 2.


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