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About DVM: 

Members of the Division of Vertebrate Morphology (DVM) study the structure of vertebrate animals in all of its diverse contexts, from how it develops and functions, to how it influences ecological distributions and evolves through time. SICB has a strong tradition of morphological research, spanning back to the roots of SICB as the American Morphological Society in the 1890s. Today, research in DVM embraces and develops new experimental, imaging, and modeling approaches to improve our understanding of the diversity of vertebrate form and train the next generation of morphologists.

Presentations and symposia at the Annual SICB Meeting highlight the excellent work of DVM researchers, including our strong student membership. We encourage ideas for new symposia, especially proposals that promote collaboration with other Divisions and disciplines, and that seek to broaden participation in science. We also sponsor regional meetings that bring together local communities of DVM researchers. Information about preparing symposia (along with other helpful SICB resources) can be found here, or contact DVM Officers with any questions or ideas. 

The field of Vertebrate Morphology is full of opportunities for future discoveries, and we hope you will join DVM on this journey.

DVM Officers: 
DVM Bylaws

View the DVM Bylaws here.

Divisional Members Meeting Minutes

Minutes of past divisional Members Meetings are available here. Members Meetings occur each year in association with the annual society-wide conference in January.


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SICB’s job board can be found here.

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