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The Division of Invertebrate Zoology (DIZ) has a long and storied tradition at SICB, with many of our divisional members serving as Presidents of the Society. DIZ focuses on the 98% of animal species that lack a backbone. In other words, the animals we study are unified by what they do not possess! As a result of the tremendous diversity of animal life that is represented by DIZ, we have a diverse membership including scientists studying animals from the deepest parts of the ocean to the highest mountains. The types of biology conducted by DIZ members is diverse not just taxonomically, but also topically, with some focusing on ecology and evolution, others on biomechanics, yet others phylogenetics and still others development, molecular biology, physiology and much more. Regardless of their focus, our researchers all strive to explain the tremendous diversity of life on the planet and how it functions across a diversity of levels. DIZ is truly an integrative community of biologists who come together at field stations, marine laboratories and at our annual meeting to celebrate the wonders of the spineless world.ย 

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DIZ Bylaws

View the DIZ Bylaws here.

Divisional Members Meeting Minutes

Minutes of past divisional Members Meetings are available here. Members Meetings occur each year in association with the annual society-wide conference in January.

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