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About DEE: 

The Division of Ecology and Evolution is a core division of the Society for Integrative and Comparative Biology, with members’ interests spanning integrative biology and unified by a shared interest in understanding organisms in their ecological and evolutionary contexts. We are researchers and educators working together to advance, coordinate, and conduct ground-breaking research on the ecology and biological evolution of organisms. Our division promotes the exchange and flow of ideas with the goal of energizing our community. We seek transparency in the research process, promoting science ethics. Importantly, we know that diversity among our membership leads to enhanced scientific excellence and is also essential for a just future. Thus, we welcome and encourage members across many dimensions of difference, including race/ethnicity, gender, disability status, nationality, religious affiliation, sexual orientation, and socioeconomic background. 

DEE Officers: 
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DEE Bylaws

View the DEE Bylaws here.

Divisional Members Meeting Minutes

Minutes of past divisional Members Meetings are available here. Members Meetings occur each year in association with the annual society-wide conference in January.



News & Announcements

Best Student Presentation & Awards

The DEE Raymond B. Huey competition for Best Student Presentations (poster and oral) are a highlight of the annual meeting. We are eager to showcase the impressive research being done by DEE’s student members! 

Guidelines for applying for the Raymond B. Huey competition for Best Student Presentations (oral and poster)

Students entering the competition must check the Best Student Presentation box on the Abstract/Transmittal Form and submit a 1-page DEE Competition Abstract (formatted as a pdf file) during the regular abstract submission process. This 1-page Competition abstract is in addition to the normal abstract required to be submitted to SICB. To be considered for the Huey Award, students MUST submit both their presentation abstract (by standard registration practices on the SICB website) and their extended DEE Competition Abstract by the posted society-wide deadline for abstracts. No late submissions will be accepted.

Guidelines for compiling the 1-page Competition Abstract:

  • Submit a title and your name and affiliation.
  • Use 12-point fonts with 1-inch margins.
  • One small figure may be embedded in the 1-page extended Competition Abstract.
  • The extended abstract must be saved as a pdf file and uploaded through the general abstract submission form.

Abstracts should be pitched more broadly than journal abstracts or the society-wide abstract submitted for the meeting, rising above the mere details of the project to point out the significance of the work in plain language. We are especially interested in key tests of big ideas, new syntheses of formerly separate areas, and applications of ecology and evolution to global problems.

PLEASE NOTE – 1. Students must submit both their society-wide abstract and the DEE Competition Abstract via the SICB website. 2. When submitting, students MUST select the appropriate presentation format and Best Student Presentation division on the abstract form. Students must upload the extended abstract via the form by the posted deadline for society-wide abstracts.

Eligibility, Content, and Criteria

A certificate and monetary prize will be awarded for the Best Oral and the Best Poster Presentation by a student at the Annual Meeting. Students who have not yet taken the Ph.D. degree, as well as new Ph.D.s who have received the degree not more than 12 months prior to the meeting, are eligible to compete for the awards. The work presented must be original and must be carried out principally by the student presenting the paper or poster. Students submitting abstracts of work to be presented at the Annual Meeting may apply to compete for the awards. A student who applies must be a member of the Division of Ecology & Evolution, and a prize can be awarded only once to any student for a poster or a talk. It is possible for a student to win both poster and talk awards separately. If, in the opinion of the judges, none of the papers or posters presented is deserving of an award, the awards may not be presented that year. In the case of a tie, duplicate awards may be presented. The Chair of the Division will appoint annually an Awards Committee with at least three members who will act as judges. All papers identified as competing for the prize must be attended by at least two judges. No member who has a student competing for a prize shall be eligible to serve as a judge.

Criteria for judging papers and posters will be agreed upon by the Divisional Executive Committee and used to create an evaluation form. Judging criteria will be shared in advance with BSP participants. The evaluation form is provided to aid the judge in evaluating the paper or poster for content and presentation.

Career and Resources

SICB’s job board can be found here.

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