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About DEDB: 

The SICB Division of Evolutionary Developmental Biology (DEDB) was established in 2000 and was the first formal EvoDevo organization. Since its inception, DEDB has been home to researchers working in diverse disciplines broadly interested in understanding the evolutionary mechanisms that influence embryonic development and the influence of development on the evolution of organismal diversity. Diversity is key in the EvoDevo community; we welcome members from established as well as emerging model systems, those working on organisms from across the tree of life, and members from every career stage. Supporting our junior members is a primary goal of DEDB, so we sponsor Best Student presentation awards for oral and poster sessions at the annual meeting. Follow our bi-annual newsletter for the latest and greatest news for our division, a recurring segment highlighting one of the “forgotten heroes of science,” and a diversity spotlight focusing on the achievements of one of our junior members. We are active on Twitter (@DedbSicb) and look forward to sharing your science news!

DEDB Officers: 
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DEDB Bylaws

View the DEDB Bylaws here.

Proposed bylaws amendments for Spring 2024

Divisional Members Meeting Minutes

Minutes of past divisional Members Meetings are available here. Members Meetings occur each year in association with the annual society-wide conference in January.


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SICB’s job board can be found here.

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