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The Division of Animal Behavior within SICB aims to support and share integrative research in the field of Animal Behavior. The study of animal behavior is inherently integrative, as behavior is regulated by neurobiology, endocrinology, and physiology, shaped by evolution and developmental processes, and occurs within an ecological context. Our division showcases and celebrates the work of early career scientists in our annual Marlene Zuk and Elizabeth Adkins-Regan student talk and poster award competitions. We also co-sponsor a number of symposia each year and conduct a mentoring program at our annual meetings.

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DAB Bylaws

View DAB Bylaws here.

Proposed bylaws amendments for Spring 2024

Divisional Members Meeting Minutes

Minutes of past divisional Members Meetings are available here. Members Meetings occur each year in association with the annual society-wide conference in January.




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DAB Newsletter

Catch up on the latest DAB news in the most recent SICB Newsletter


Other Meeting Announcements

The Animal Behavior Society holds annual summer meetings at sites in North America. 

The International Society for Behavioral Ecology hosts conferences every other year at venues across North America, Europe, and Oceania.



The Division of Animal Behavior hosts two Best Student Presentation competitions at each annual meeting, the Marlene Zuk Award for outstanding oral presentation and the Elizabeth Adkins-Regan Award for outstanding poster presentation. In addition to the Zuk and Adkins-Regan Awards, an Adrian M. Wenner Award may be presented for an oral or poster presentation that exemplifies the strong inference approach in experimental design and execution. 

For the Marlene Zuk oral presentation award, entrants are required to submit an extended abstract along with their regular SICB meeting abstract. Finalists for the Zuk Award are scheduled to present in a special oral session at SICB. 

Entrants for the Elizabeth-Adkins Regan poster award submit a regular SICB abstract and are scheduled in a variety of regular poster sessions at the meeting.

Complete details and application guidelines can be found here.


Career and Resources

SICB’s job board can be found here 

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