The John A. Moore Lectureship

The Moore lectureship was established in 1990 by the SICB Educational Council. The aim of this lecture series is to invite a nationally-recognized speaker who does not generally attend the SICB annual meeting to offer the society a new perspective on science education. While Professor Moore’s work in the fields of embryology and genetics led to his election to the National Academy of Sciences, he is also well known as an educator and, in particular, for the creation of the Science as a Way of Knowing (SAAWOK) series. This series consisted of a set of essays and a book (Science as a Way of Knowing: The Foundations of Modern Biology) by John Moore that resulted from multi-day symposia by leading biologists held at the annual SICB (previously the American Society of Zoologists, ASZ) meetings from 1983-1994. The goals of SAAWOK for improving biology education remain at the forefront of science education today: to evolve entry level courses that emphasize concepts with materials consistent with the changing needs of students and society, to relate how scientific procedures lead to a better understanding of the natural world and to the solutions of important human problems, and to present biology as a relevant humanistic discipline. For more information on the SAAWOK series, please read the article describing their rich history by past SICB President, Trish Morse (

The Moore Lecture is scheduled on the final day of the annual conference and is an hour-long presentation. Applications should include the following materials in support of nominees, which will be evaluated each year by the SICB Educational Council to select the Moore Lecturer: the nominee’s current curriculum vitae, a one-page description of the nominee’s contributions to science education, and any additional supporting materials related to the nominee’s achievements in science education, along with up to three recommendation letters. Nominators are expected to submit at least one of the recommendation letters. The file of nominated candidates will be kept for consideration for a total of three years, with the nominated candidate asked each year if they would like to update any aspect of the file before consideration for that year’s award. The Chair of the Educational Council may authorize funds to help support the winner’s attendance at that year’s meeting. Please submit all materials for this award hereThe annual deadline for nominations is August 1.

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