Election Reports 2010

Society-wide and divisional elections for the spring of 2010 are reported below. The SICB bylaw amendment was passed. Terms begin at the end of the second SICB Executive Committee meeting (held on the last day of the annual meeting). Congratulations to the new officers and many thanks to those who stood for election.

Office Candidate Elected Term
President-Elect Billie Swalla 1/2011-1/2013
Secretary Lou Burnett 1/2012-1/2015
Program Officer-Elect Jon Harrison 1/2011-1/2012
Member-at-Large Amy Moran 1/2011-1/2014
DAB Program Officer Allison Welch 1/2011-1/2014
DCB Chair-Elect Mark Denny 1/2011-1/2013
DCE Program Officer-Elect Ignacio Moore 1/2011-1/2012
DCPB Chair-Elect Don Mykles 1/2011-1/2012
DCPB Program Officer Kristin O’Brien 1/2011-1/2013
DEDB Chair-Elect Chris Lowe 1/2011-1/2012
DEE Secretary Aaron Krochmal 1/2011-1/2014
DIZ Program Officer John Zardus 1/2011-1/2014
DSEB Program Officer-Elect Rachel Collin 1/2011-1/2012
DVM Program Officer-Elect Rita Mehta 1/2011-1/2012
DVM Secretary Susan Williams 1/2011-1/2012
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