Election Report 2008

Society-wide and divisional elections for the spring of 2008 are reported below. All SICB Constitutional and Bylaws ballot measures were passed. Terms begin at the end of the second SICB Executive Committee meeting (held on the last day of the annual meeting). Congratulations to the new officers and many thanks to those who stood for election.

Office Member Elected Term
President-Elect Ken Sebens 1/2009-1/2011
Program Officer-Elect Brian Tsukimura 1/2009-1/2010
Treasurer-Elect Bob Roer 1/2009-1/2010
Chair, Educational Council Bob Podolsky 1/2009-1/2012
Member-at-Large Adam Summers 1/2009-1/2012
DAB Secretary Jordanna Sprayberry 1/2009-1/2012
DCE Program Officer Rosemary Knapp 1/2009-1/2010
DCPB Chair-Elect Jim Hicks 1/2009-1/2010
DCPB Program Officer Kathy Dickson 1/2009-1/2011
DEE Chair-Elect Arthur Woods 1/2009-1/2011
DEE Program Officer Michael Sears 1/2009-1/2012
DIZ Chair Dianna Padilla 1/2009-1/2012
DSEB Chair-Elect Patrick O’Connor 1/2009-1/2010
DSEB Secretary-Elect Todd Oakley 1/2009-1/2010
DVM Program Officer-Elect Richard Blob 1/2009-1/2010
DVM Secretary-Elect Lara Ferry-Graham 1/2009-1/2010
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