Election Report 2007

Society-wide and divisional elections in the spring 2007 are reported below. All divisional ballot measures were passed. There were no Society-wide ballot measures. Terms are from the end of the SICB annual meeting through the annual meeting in the years indicated. A number of terms began immediately in 2007 for a variety of reasons. Congratulations to the new officers.


Office Member Term
Secretary Lou Burnett 1/2009-1/2012
Program Officer-Elect Ed Rosa-Molinar 2007-1/2008
Member-at-Large Jackie Webb 1/2008-1/2011
DAB Program Officer-Elect Sarah Humfeld 1/2008-1/2011
DCB Chair Bob Full 1/2008-1/2011
DCB Program Officer Frank Fish 1/2008-1/2010
DCB Secretary Miriam Ashley-Ross 1/2008-1/2011
DCE Chair-Elect Mark Sheridan 1/2008-1/2010
DCE Secretary-Elect Mary Mendonça 1/2008-1/2009
DCPB Secretary Allen Gibbs 1/2008-1/2010
DDCB Chair Karen Crawford 1/2008-1/2010
DEDB Chair-Elect Linda Holland 2007-1/2008
DEDB Secretary-Elect Elaine Seaver 1/2008-1/2009
DEE Chair-Elect Michele Nishiguchi 1/2008-1/2009
DEE Secretary Michael Finkler 2007-1/2011
DEE Program Officer (fills vacancy) Mike O’Connor 2007-1/2009
DIZ Program Officer James McClintock 1/2008-1/2011
DNB Chair James Murray 2007-1/2010
DNB Program Officer Duane McPherson 2007-1/2010
DNB Secretary Tom Pirtle 2007-1/2010
DSEB Program Officer-Elect Michael Alfaro 1/2008-1/2009
DVM Chair-Elect Mark Westneat 2007-1/2009
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