Managing taxonomic synonyms

ARDELEAN, A.*; FAUTIN, D.G.; HUNSINGER, K.: Managing taxonomic synonyms

Multiple names that refer to a single species (synonyms) and more than one species being referred to by the same name (homonyms) bedevil taxonomy. They produce ambiguity about the entity under discussion. We demonstrate an electronic application that helps organize information about synonyms and homonyms. Output from it can be used to generate synonym lists for taxonomic monographs. We illustrate its utility in testing taxonomic and biogeographic hypotheses. This research was supported by NSF grants DEB-9521819 and DEB-9978106 to DGF (in the program Partnerships to Enhance Expertise in Taxonomy), and OCE-0003970 to DGF and R. W. Buddemeier (in the National Ocean Partnership Program).

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