Brain Atlas of the Sheep on the Internet for Courses in Neurobiology

JOHNSON,J.I.*; SUDHEIMER,K.D.; DAVIS,K.K.; WINN,B.M.: Brain Atlas of the Sheep on the Internet for Courses in Neurobiology

Brain specimens of sheep are convenient for classroom instruction in neurobiology. As an adjunct to use of these specimens, we have prepared a histologically detailed and labeled atlas of external features and internal architecture of the sheep brain, at Included are images of 110 coronal sections, in 55 pairs of sections. Both members of each pair are at the same antero-posterior level, but one is stained to show cell bodies, and the other is stained to show myelinated fibers. Individual sections can be selected for viewing from an array of miniature “thumbnail” views which includes all sections. Alternatively, sections can be selected according to the antero-posterior level indicated in views of the whole brain. When viewing a particular section, labels can be viewed or hidden. The stain can be changed from cells to fibers, and vice versa, at any time. Progress can be made from any section to the next, in either direction, without returning to the selection screens. Each section image is accompanied by a small image of the whole brain indicating the antero-poster level of the section, and a millimeter scale. Also included in the atlas are superior, lateral, and inferior views of the external surface, with external features labeled. Any of the images can be downloaded, after securing our freely granted permission, for use as illustrations for course work, or for any other non-commercial purpose. Supported by NSF grants IBN 9814911, 9814912, and 9812712.

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