A Proposal to Establish CRABinfo, a User-Directed Database for Crustacean Bioinformatics

TOWLE, D.W.: A Proposal to Establish CRABinfo, a User-Directed Database for Crustacean Bioinformatics.

The crustacean research community is invited to respond to a proposal to establish the Crustacean Research And BioINFOrmatics database, CRABinfo. Modeled after successful internet projects such as FlyBase and the Zebrafish Information Network (ZFIN), CRABinfo seeks to support and enhance research activities on crustaceans, particularly studies at the molecular level. If CRABinfo can be funded and implemented, genomic DNA and cDNA sequences from crustacean species will be collected in a publicly accessible database, with links to GenBank and other generalized databases. The entries will be annotated by a curator, adding such information as bibliographic records, multiple alignments, and links to homologous sequences. Links will be included to laboratories and individuals participating in constructing the database. One of the potentially most useful applications of the database will be to serve as a clearing house for molecular reagents such as cDNA and genomic libraries, RNA and DNA probes, and PCR primers, indicating where investigators may obtain the materials. As crustacean species become targets for genomic sequencing and expressed sequence tag analysis, these data will be added to CRABinfo. The database will be provided with a web-based search page to which any investigator may obtain access. User-directed entry of data will be accomplished by registered users as well as the database curators. Please email your gestures of support and suggestions for development of CRABinfo to towle@lfc.edu. Supported by NSF (IBN-9807539).

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