2016 Press Releases


Authors Newswise Article Other News Pickup Abstract
Devin P. Merullo, University of Wisconsin-Madison Corals respond to changing ocean conditions by altering regulation of the DNA message Other News Abstract
Karen Word, University of California, Davis Trinidadian guppies help 7th graders understand evolution Abstract
Desmond Ramirez, University of California, Santa Barbara Post-exercise fog muddies a see-through shrimp’s cloak of invisibility Other News Abstract
Joel Garrett, Virginia Tech Dogfighting bees perform aerial combat right at researcher’s front door Abstract
Laura Booth, Golden Gate Raptor Observatory How three genes you’ve never heard of may influence human fertility Other News Abstract
Casey Gilman, University of Massachusetts, Amherst Snakes show that eating can be bad for your health Other News Abstract
Justin Havird, Colorado State University Zombified caterpillars forced to carb-load by parasitoid wasps Other News Abstract
Brenna Doheny, Medical University of South Carolina Beneficial self-harming: sea slugs protect themselves by self-cutting Other News Abstract

They can all be viewed at http://www.newswise.com/institutions/newsroom/3490/

Other SICB papers that were picked up by the press:

Article Abstract
Xeroxed lung gene helps salamanders breathe through their skin Abstract
Fire ants slack off to avoid traffic jams Abstract
Orchids give off human “body odor” to attract mosquitos Abstract
Saber-toothed salmon teeth more like tusks than fangs Abstract
Female organs revealed as weapons in sexual arms race Symposium 5: The Morphological Diversity of the Intromittent Organ
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