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Proposed 2016 DEDB Bylaws Change

From the DEDB Researchers Database

Brian L. Storz

Developmental biology of spadefoot polyphenism
I am investigating how the developmental programme of a typical omnivorous, spadefoot tadpole is modified to produce the carnivorous, cannibal phenotype. My research encompasses studies of morphometrics, histology, and gene expression to understand developmental modification at the different hierarchical levels and how they fit together in an integrative manner.

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News and Announcements

NSF Solicitations 2012
Two components of NSF's Biology Directorate announce a significant change in proposal deadlines. This change is very important to SICB members who are considering submitting NSF proposals in the fields of Developmental Biology, including the development of the nervous system; on Evo/Devo research; and on research on Evolution and Systematics. It is effective immediately and will affect everyone who was planning to submit a proposal during 2012. We are no longer accepting full proposals in January. Instead, we will accept pre-proposals on January 12, 2012 and invite a subset of those to submit full proposals on August 2, 2012. Full proposals will not be accepted in January, and will be accepted in August by invitation only. If you are writing, or considering writing, a new proposal or a revision for January 2012, it must be submitted as a pre-proposal. If you were planning to submit a proposal during the summer of 2012, you must submit a pre-proposal in January 2012. An exception is proposals for CAREER awards, which may be submitted on the due date listed in the CAREER solicitation. They do not require pre-proposals.

The Special NSF Announcement is at

The solicitations are at


New Open Access EvoDevo Journal
We would like to announce a brand new journal, EvoDevo ( launched by BioMed Central, that is currently accepting manuscript submissions.

EvoDevo is an online, peer-reviewed open access journal that publishes articles associated with the translation of genotype to phenotype in a phylogenetic context. Understanding the history of life, the evolution of novelty and the generation of form, whether through embryogenesis, budding, or regeneration are amongst the greatest challenges in biology. We support the understanding of these processes though the many complementary approaches that characterize the field of evo-devo.

The focus of the journal is on research that promotes understanding of the pattern and process of morphological evolution. All articles that fulfill this aim will be welcome, including topics such as:

  • evolution of pattern formation

  • comparative gene function/expression

  • life history evolution

  • homology and character evolution

  • comparative genomics

  • phylogenetics and palaeontology

For further information on the journal and a list of the main areas of interest please see the 'About EvoDevo' page.

Submit your research to EvoDevo and take advantage of an efficient online submission process and a rapid, high quality peer-review service. There are no extra charges or limits on the number of color figures or movies you wish to include.

We are now accepting manuscripts to EvoDevo that will be modeled on Neural Development, a BioMed Central developmental neurobiology journal that you can find at All BioMed Central journals are included in PubMed Central and other freely accessible full-text repositories. This complies with the open access policies of many funders including those of the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, NIH, and Wellcome Trust.

So hurry up and submit your manuscript via our online submission system. For more information about the journal, contact or visit our instructions for authors.


Mark Q Martindale and Max Telford

The Editors-in-Chief, EvoDevo

Join the Evo-Devo email list!

The list is intended to provide a forum for sharing information relevant to the study of development and evolution. This information may include, but is not limited to, announcements of upcoming meetings and symposia, suggestions regarding research funding opportunities, citations of recent literature published in specialized journals that might be of interest to (but otherwise missed by) a broader audience, and requests for materials, specimens, probes, phylogenies, etc., etc., etc. Participation in the list is open to anyone interested in development and evolution. People receiving this message are encouraged to pass along word of its existence to others, along with the following instructions regarding how to join.

HOW TO SUBSCRIBE TO THE LIST. Send the following message:
Address: listproc@lists.Colorado.EDU
Message: subscribe evo-devo

HOW TO GET OFF THE LIST. Send the following message:
Address: listproc@lists.Colorado.EDU
Message: unsubscribe evo-devo

HOW TO SEND MESSAGES TO THE LIST (copies will go to all subscribers).
Address messages to: evo-devo@lists.Colorado.EDU

If anyone has specific questions, comments, or suggestions about the list, please send them to Pam Diggle,

Officers & Representatives

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Chair 01/2018-01/2020 Kim Hoke
Past Chair 01/2018-01/2020 Cassandra Extavour
Secretary 01/2017-01/2019 Julia Bowsher
Program Officer 01/2016-01/2019 Yuichiro Suzuki
Student/Postdoc Representative 12/2017-01/2020 Amaneet Lochab

DEDB Memberlist

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Shai Abehsera  Ben Gurion University of the Negev 
John Abramyan  University of Michigan Dearbor 
Kerri Ackerly  McGill University 
Nikki Adams  Cal Polytechnic State Univer 
Hriju Adhikari   
Laurie Agosto  University of Central Florida 
Caroline Albertin  University of Chicago 
Craig Albertson   
Rachael Allen   
Pablo Allen  University of Florida 
W. Ted Allison  University of Alberta 
Sarah Alto   
Sebastian Alvarado  Stanford 
Alexandria Ambrose  Savannah State University 
Chris Amemiya  Univ. California, Merced 
Jose Andrade Lopez  Stanford University 
James Andrews   
David Angelini  Colby College 
Anthony Annunziato  Boston College 
Surisadai Aquit   
Aria Armendariz Peavy  HSU 
Brooke Armfield  University of Florida 
Anne Frances Armstrong   
Ryan Arndorfer   
Jennifer Austiff  OEB - Harvard University 
Leslie Babonis  University of Florida 
John Bailey  University of Southern Mississippi 
Alida Bailleul   
John Baker  Clark University 
Anna Baker  University of New Hampshire 
Isabel Baker  Harvard University 
Clare Baker   
Austen Barnett  DeSales University 
Guillermo Barreto Corona  Swarthmore College 
Lindsey Barrett  Hendrix College 
Gilad Barshad   
Shams Bashar  San Francisco State University 
Benjamin Bastin  Iowa State University 
Nicholas Battista  UNC-CH 
Grant Batzel   
Raymond Bauer  Univ Louisiana 
Andy Baxevanis  National Human Genome Research Institute 
Gabriel Bever  Johns Hopkins University 
Emily Bierbaum  Southeastern Louisiana Univ. 
Nathan Bird  University of Northern Iowa 
Ruediger Birenheide  com 
Julia Bittencourt  University of Florida 
Amma Boateng   
Christine Boehmer   
victoria bogantes  Auburn University 
Calhoun Bond  Greensboro College 
Ronald Bonett  University of Tulsa 
Melvin Bonilla  University of Chicago 
Erin Bonner  Bryn Mawr College 
Julia Bowsher  North Dakota State University 
Michael Boyle  Smithsonian Marine Station 
Elizabeth L. Brainerd  Brown Univ 
Shane Brandes   
Kirstin Brink  University of British Columbia 
Kelly Brown   
Justin Buchanan   
Paul Bump   
Sean Burke  Reed College 
Louis Burnett  College of Charleston 
Robert Burroughs  University of Chicago 
Pat Burton  Wabash College 
Elke Buschbeck   
Aodhan Butler  Stanford University 
Julie Byle  University of Colorado Boulder 
Christine Byrum  College of Charleston 
Jasmin Camacho   
Robert Cameron  California Institute of Technology 
Johanna Cannon  UC Santa Barbara 
Elisabeth Caoili   
Serena Caplins   
Skyler Carrell   
Tyler Carrier   
Allan Carrillo-Baltodano  Clark University 
Sofia Casasa   
Amanda Cass  Kennesaw State University 
Kylie Cerra  Florida Atlantic University 
Ann Cespedes  University of New Orleans 
Jules CHABAIN   
Lauren Chaby  Wayne State University 
Katayoun Chamany  Eugene Lang College 
Elizabeth Chang   
Arun Chavan   
Chi-Hing Christina Cheng  University of Illinois Urbana 
Alvin Chin   
Selena Chiparus  Eastern Michigan University 
Ariel Chipman  The Hebrew Univ of Jerusalem 
Benson Chow   
Brandi Christiano   
Albert Chung   
Scott Dominic Cinel  University of Florida 
Amanda Clark  Auburn University 
James Clegg  Univ California Bodega Marine Laboratory 
Sharon Clemmensen  University of Tennessee 
Matthew Close  Radford University 
Michael Coates   
C. Sarah Cohen  EOS/ Romberg Tiburon Campus, SFSU 
Kristina Cohen  Boston University 
Martin J. Cohn  University of Florida 
Kathleen Cole  University of Hawaii at Manoa 
William Colgan   
Andres Collazo  California Institute of Tech. 
Moira Concannon   
Hailey Conrad  Rutgers University 
W. James Cooper  Washington State University 
Kimberly Cooper  UCSD 
W. James Cooper  Washington State University 
Christina Coppenrath  Florida Atlantic University 
Kate Corbin  Stony Brook 
Brian Counterman  Mississippi State University 
Karen Crawford   
Audrey Crawford  Univ. of Wisconsin-Madison 
David Crews  University of Texas at Austin 
Katharine Criswell  University of Chicago 
Charles Crumly  Taylor & Francis - CRC Press 
Mandy Cumming  University of North Florida 
David Cundall  Lehigh University 
James Curry  University of Georgia 
Emily Dabe  University of Florida 
Ben Dantzer  University of Michigan 
Soprinye Dappa-Fombo  Kennesaw State University 
Sunetra Das  Colorado State University 
Ian Davenport  Xavier Univ of Louisiana 
Brad Davidson  Swarthmore College 
Marcus Davis  James Madison University 
Gregory Davis  Bryn Mawr College 
Trevor Davis  Florida Atlantic University 
Jennifer Dearolf  Hendrix College 
Paul C. Dechow  Texas A&M University College of Dentistry 
Alyce DeMarais  University of Puget Sound 
Kenneth Dial  University of Montana 
Terry Dial  Brown University 
Raul Diaz  Southeastern Louisiana Univ. 
Katharine Dickson  UC Santa Barbara 
Pamela Diggle  University of Connecticut 
Elliott Diggs  Auburn University 
Stephenie Dilts    
Marianne P DiMarco-Temkin  SUNY Canton 
Heather Dingwall  Harvard University 
Raymond Diorio  University of Scranton 
Robert Ditter  Florida International Universi 
Sandra Domenech  New College of Florida 
Emily Dong   
David Donnell  The Citadel  
Katherine Dougan  Florida International Universi 
Lindsey Dougherty  CU Boulder 
Hector Douglas   
Jacqueline Dresch  Clark University 
Robert Drewell  Clark University 
Brooke Dubansky  Tarleton State University 
Benjamin Dubansky  University of North Texas 
Hetra Dufner  Blackburn College 
Zachary Dumar  University of Alberta 
Rachel Dumez  University of Richmond 
Donald Dunbar  University of Puerto Rico School of Medicine 
Henry Dwaah  University of Richmond 
Edward Dzialowski  University of North Texas 
Marietta Easterling  Washington State University 
Eric Edsinger  Marine Biological Laboratory 
David Edwards  BGSU 
Cornelius Eibner  Friedrich-Schiller-University  
Mary Beth Eisinger   
Elizabeth Eldon  Cal. State Univ., Long Beach 
Sara ElShafie  University of California, Berkeley 
Richard Emlet  Univ Oregon 
David Epel  Stanford University Hopkins 
Victoria Erb  Florida Atlantic University 
Eric Erkenbrack  Yale University 
Hannah Ernstsen   
Daniel Escobar-Camacho  University of Maryland 
Alistair Evans  Monash University 
Kory Evans   
Annette Evans   
Christine Ewers  University of Georgia 
Cassandra Extavour  Harvard University 
Matteo Fabbri  Yale University 
Thomas Fair   
Amelie Fargevieille  Auburn University 
Fatima Fazal-ur-Rehman  University of Louisiana 
Martin E. Feder  University of Chicago Dept. of Organismal Biology & Anatomy 
Kathryn Feerst  UCSB 
Kathryn Feerst  UCSB 
Curtis Feipel  Saint Xavier University 
Alexandre Fellous  URBE-University of Namur 
Jiansheng Feng   
Teresa Feo  Smithsonian Institution, NMNH 
Cera Fisher  University of Connecticut 
Alexander Fodor   
Kassandra Ford  UL-Lafayette 
W. Anthony Frankino   
Anthony Friscia  UCLA 
Jensina Froland   
David Frost  Georgia Tech 
Megumi Fuse  San Francisco State University 
Bryan Gahn   
Jaaziel Garcia-Hernandez   
Gabriella Gentile  University of Richmond 
Ensiyeh Ghanizadeh Kazerouni   
Fabrizio Ghiselli  University of Bologna 
Taylor Gibbons   
Brandt Gibson  Vanderbilt University 
Glenys Gibson  Acadia University 
Scott Gilbert  Swarthmore College 
Ariel Gilligan   
William Glassford   
David Gold   
Ze Gong  UC Berkeley 
Anjali Goswami  Natural History Museum 
Priyanka Goswami   
Jessica Graham  North Dakota State University 
Jessica Gray  Harvard Medical School 
Jessica Gray   
Phil Grayson  Harvard OEB 
Todd Green   
Delbert Green  University of Chicago 
Christopher Griffin  Virginia Tech 
Aaron Griffing  Marquette University 
Eileen Grogan  St Joseph's University 
Joshua B Gross  University of Cincinnati 
Brandon Guell  Boston University 
Michael Guernsey  Stanford University 
Vanessa Guerra  Simon Fraser University 
Tarun Gupta  University of Vermont 
Sander Gussekloo  Wageningen University 
Samuel Gutherz  Ohio University 
Michael Hadfield  University of Hawaii Manoa 
Alexander Hall  Thermo Fisher Scientific 
Hannah Hall  Trinity University 
Chelsea Hall  University of Richmond 
Benedikt Hallgrimsson  University of Calgary 
Jorg U Hammel  Helmholtz-Zentrum Geesthacht 
Harmony Hancock  Old Dominion University 
James Hanken  Harvard University 
Michael Hanson  Yale University 
Kathrina Harms  University of Victoria 
Jacob Harrison  Duke University 
Molly Hartley   
Lorrie He  Wellesley College 
Michael Hedrick  California State University, East Bay 
Spencer Hellert  1990 
Bryan Helm  North Dakota State University 
Rebecca Helm  Woods Hole Oceanographic Inst. 
Jennifer Heppner  Pennsylvania State University  
Eva Herbst   
L Patricia Hernandez  George Washington University 
Philip Hertzler  Central Michigan University 
Linnea Hesse   
April Hill  Bates College 
Justin Hilliard   
Anthony Himes  University of New England 
Mackenzie Hlesciak  Bucknell University 
Jason Hodin  Friday Harbor Labs 
Hopi Hoekstra  Harvard/HHMI 
Kim Hoke   
Elizshka Holmquist  Kennesaw State University 
Dominique Homberger  Louisiana State University 
Brooke Hoover  Oklahoma State University 
Kellen Hopp   
Chen Hou  Missouri Univ. of Sci and Tech 
Yinan Hu  Boston College 
Alex Hubbard  Georgia Tech 
Kyu Min Huh   
Ryan Edward Hulett  Harvard University 
Daniel Edison Husana   
John Hutchinson  Royal Veterinary College 
Elyse Iemola   
Carlos Infante  University of Arizona 
Frances Irish  Moravian College 
Steven Irvine  University of Rhode Island 
Shelby Irwin   
Michael Itgen   
Denis Ivanov   
Tue Jørgensen  Roskilde University 
William Jackman  Bowdoin College 
Jacqueline Jackson   
Laura Jackson  University of South Dakota 
David Jacobs  UCLA 
Rose Jacobson   
David James  University of Miami 
Heather Jamniczky  U of Calgary 
Scott Janis   
Steven Jasinski  University of Pennsylvania 
Sarah Jaumann  George Washington University 
Nishad Jayasundara   
Grace Jean  University of Miami 
William Jeffery  University of Maryland 
Emily Jennings  University of Cincinnati 
Elizabeth Jockusch  University of Connecticut 
Adam Johnson   
Aubree Jones  University of Rhode Island 
Julie Jung  Boston University 
Amanda Kahn  Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute 
Tomonari Kaji   
Maryam Kamran  Oregon State University 
Vishwa Teja Kasoju   
Paul Katz  University of Massachusetts 
Mari Kawaguchi  Sophia University 
Stephanie Keer   
Darcy Kelley  Columbia University 
Darcy Kelley  Columbia University 
Nathan Kenny  The Natural History Museum 
Meredith Kernbach   
Maleana Khoury   
David Kikuchi  Carleton University 
Bonnie Kircher  University of Florida 
Mackenzie Kirchner-Smith  Univ. of California Berkeley 
Janine Rose Klein   
Peter Kloess  UC Berkeley 
Anna Klompen  The University of Kansas 
Kevin Kocot  The University of Alabama 
Krista Koeller  University of Florida 
Kristen Koenig  Harvard University 
Alan Kohn  University of Washington 
Benjamin Kornegay  University of Richmond 
Kostya Kornev  Clemson University 
Dallas Krentzel  University of Chicago 
Elaine Kushkowski   
Judith Kyrkos  Loyola University Chicago 
Nicholas Labatch  Arcadia University  
Gary LaFleur  Nicholls State University 
Alexis Lainoff  UCSF 
David Lambert  Rochester 
Alexis Lanza   
Agnese Lanzetti  San Diego State University 
Claire Larroux   
Mara Laslo  Harvard University 
Clive Long Fung Lau  UCLA 
Zachary Laubach  Michigan State University 
Christopher Laumer  EMBL-EBI 
Laura Lavine  Washington State University 
Duc Le  University of Cincinnati 
Francisca Leal  University of Florida 
David Ledesma  University of Texas 
Ezra Lencer  CU Denver Anschutz 
Ezra Lencer  CU Denver Anschutz 
Zachary Robert Lewis  Yale University 
A. Kelsey Lewis  University of Florida 
Sally Leys  University of Alberta 
Peishu Li  Duke University 
Jehan-Hervé Lignot  University of Montpellier 
Juan Liu  SUNY at Buffalo 
Rachel Livengood  Georgia Southern University 
Isabel Llosa   
Amaneet Lochab  Harvard University 
Brent Lockwood  University of Vermont 
Matthew Louder  East Carolina University 
Michael Lough-Stevens  UniversityofSouthernCalifornia 
Eric Lovely  Arkansas Tech University 
Chris Lowe  Stanford University 
Lauren Lubeck  Brown University 
Heidi Luc   
Kathleen Lukens   
Vincent Lynch  The University of Chicago 
Deirdre Lyons  Scripps Inst. of Oceanography 
Katherine M. Lyser-Shouby   
Akshita Maan  Kennesaw State University 
Jason Macrander  U of North Carolina, Charlotte 
Paul Maderson  Brooklyn College 
Craig Magie  Quinnipiac University 
Anne M. Maglia  UMass Lowell 
Jasmine Mah  University of Alberta 
Anabela Maia  Rhode Island College 
Jane Maienschein  Arizona State University 
Russell Main  Purdue University 
John Majoris  Boston University 
Victoria Mann  CSU Long Beach 
Rosario Marroquin-Flores  Illinois State University 
Karen Martin  Pepperdine Univ 
Mark Martindale  Univ of Florida 
Alejandro Martinez  University of California Davis 
Veronica Martinez Acosta  Univ. of the Incarnate Word 
Vladimir Mashanov  University of North Florida 
Svetlana Maslakova  University of Oregon 
Spencer Mass  SUNY New Paltz 
Yui Matsumoto  Texas A&M 
Bianca Mattern  University of North Florida 
David Matthews   
Melissa May  California Polytechnic State University 
Melissa Mayol  Muhlenberg College 
Mary McBrayer  College of Charleston 
Elizabeth McCain  Muhlenberg College 
Madison McCann  Christopher Newport University 
John McConaugha  Old Dominion University 
Krista McCoy  East Carolina University 
Andrew McCracken   
Kyle McCulloch  Harvard University 
Isabella McDonald  Wellesley College 
James McFadden  College of Charleston 
Joseph McGirr   
Damhnait McHugh  Colgate University 
Kenneth McKenna  Duke University 
Austin McKenna   
Sarah McMenamin   
Griffin Mcnamara   
Eden McQueen   
Daniel Medeiros  Univ of Colorado, Boulder 
Dacotah Melicher  USDA ARS 
Shelcie Menard  UNC - Charlotte 
David Metzger  University of British Columbia 
Neva Meyer  Clark University 
Katelyn Mika  University of Chicago 
Liliana Milani  University of Bologna 
Robert Miller  University of New Mexico 
Cris Miller  Blackburn College 
Kathryn Minczuk   
Patricia Mire  University of Louisiana Lafaye 
Dorothy Mitchell   University of Florida  
Jennyfer Mitchell  University of Denver 
Juri Miyamae  Yale University 
Tetsuto Miyashita  University of Alberta 
Ricardo Monzon  Saint Xavier University 
Richard Mooi  California Academy of Sciences 
Andrew Moore   
Pierre Moretto  CNRS CRCA 
gen morinaga  Clark University 
Zachary Morris  Harvard University 
Jacqueline Moustakas-Verho  Institute of Biotechnology 
James Mouton  University of Montana 
Nancy S. Mueller   
Alexander Mulhern  BioMed Central  
Catriona Munro  Brown University 
Dennis Murphy   
Kaitlyn Murphy  Auburn University 
Jacob Musser   
Gregory Mutumi  1981 
Vivek Nagendra Prakash  Stanford University 
Nagayasu Nakanishi  University of Arkansas 
Walker Nambu  Florida Atlantic University  
Rachel Narducci  Florida Museum 
Dina Navon  UMass Amherst 
Brian Nedved  Univ of Hawaii Dept Zoology/PBRC 
Megan Nepshinsky   
Scott Nichols  University of Denver 
Katie Nickles  University of Rhode Island 
Matthew Nicotra  University of Pittsburgh 
Hongtao Nie  Dalian Ocean University 
H. Nijhout  Duke University 
Paula Nolte   
Jon Norenburg  Smithsonian Institution 
Heather North   North Dakota State University 
Sylvia Nunez  Loyola University Chicago 
Spencer Nyholm  University of Connecticut 
Jeanice Nyung   
Devin O'Brien  Colby College 
Alexander Okamoto  The University of Chicago 
Jennifer Olori  SUNY Oswego 
Mark Olson   
Rachel ONeill  University of Connecticut 
JieYuen Ong  Queen's University 
Andrew Ontano  Univ. of Wisconsin-Madison 
Kyle Orr   
Yasemin OZKAN AYDIN  Georgia Tech 
Kevin Padian  UC Berkeley 
Louise Page  Univ of Victoria 
Nina Pak   
Sitara Palecanda   
Rayleigh Palmer  Duke University 
A. Richard Palmer  University of Alberta 
Karl Palmquist   
Jordi Paps  University Of Essex 
Lynne Parenti  National Museum of Natural History 
Maria Park   
Shemuel Patton  Nevada State College 
Mihaela Pavlicev  Cincinnati Children`s Hospital 
Jesús Peña  UC Riverside 
Scott Pedersen   
Kirsten Peramba   
Mario Pestarino  DISTAV, Università di Genova 
John Phillips  Michigan State University 
N Tessa Pierce   
John F. Pilger  Agnes Scott College 
Brendan Pinto  Marquette University 
Nicole Pittoors   
David Plachetzki  University of New Hampshire 
Aaron Pomerantz   
Ariana Poole  Hendrix College 
Sydney Popsuj  Agnes Scott College 
Ahva Potticary  University of Arizona 
Kara Powder  Clemson University 
Amanda Powers  Harvard Medical School 
Abhilash Prabhat  University of Delhi 
Devaleena Pradhan  University of California, Los Angeles 
Jason S Presnell  Oregon State University 
Meredith Protas   
Curtis Provencher   University of New Hampshire 
Kristen Prufrock  Johns Hopkins University Schoo 
Richard Puzdrowski  University of Houston Clear Lake 
Joshua Puzey   
Tyler Pyle   
Gonzalo Quiroga-Artigas  The Whitney Laboratories 
Rachel Racicot  Vanderbilt University 
Jonathan Rader  University of North Carolina 
Munsur Rahman  University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign 
Desmond Ramirez  UMass Amherst 
Ryan Range  Auburn University 
Ryan Range  Mississippi State University 
Cassandra Re   
Sarah Redmond  Radford University 
Sandra Rehan  University of New Hampshire 
Susan Rehorek  Slippery Rock University 
John Reiss  Humboldt State University Department of Biology 
Adam Reitzel  UNC Charlotte 
Annie Jean Rendleman   
Carlee Resh  Central Michigan University 
Miguel Reyes  Clayton State University 
Julie Reynolds  Ohio State University 
Lynn Riddiford  University of Washington 
Misty Riddle   
Nicholas Ridge  University of Utah 
Ajna Rivera  University of the Pacific 
Juana Maria Rivera-Ordonez    
John Robertson  Westminster College 
Amber Rock   
Matthew Rockman  NYU - CGSB 
Daniel Rodrigues  Swarthmore College 
Estefania Rodriguez  Am Museum of Nat History 
Melanie Rodriguez  University of Richmond 
Carlos Rodriguez-Saltos   
Heide Rohland   
Nicolas Rohner   
Nicolas Rohner  Stowers Institute for Medical  
Zachary Root  University of Colorado Boulder 
Ivo Ros  Catech 
Airlie Sattler Rose  University of Texas Pan American 
Robert Rosencrans  LSU School of Medicine 
Manuel Rosero  San Francisco State University 
Anna Ross  Christian Brothers University 
Darcy Ross   
Joseph Ross  Cal. State University, Fresno 
Rachel Roston  Duke University 
Kristopher Row   
Tamal Roy  Arizona State University 
Allison Rugila  Stony Brook University 
Anthony Russell  University of Calgary 
Kelsi Rutledge  UCLA 
Joseph Ryan  Whitney Lab 
Edward Saiff  Ramapo College of New Jersey 
Akiho Saito   
Maria Salazar Nicholls  PUCE, Ecuador 
Miguel Salinas-Saavedra  University of Florida 
Maria Khaela Sanchez  University of Richmond 
Stephanie Sang   
Thomas Sanger  Loyola University in Chicago 
Scott Santagata  Long Island University-Post 
Kelvin Santana Rodriguez  University of Puerto Rico  
Carlos Santibanez Lopez   
Carlos Santibanez Lopez   
Francesco Santini   
Vinodkumar Saranathan  Yale NUS College 
Didem Sarikaya   
Alan Savitzky  Utah State University 
Sara Sawyer  Glenville State College 
Samarra Scantlebury  Cornell University 
Simon Scarpetta   
Emma Schachner  Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center 
Gerhard Schlosser  Natnl Univ of Ireland (NUI) Galway 
Christine Schnitzler  Whitney Lab for Marine Bioscie 
Julie Schram  Oregon Institute of Marine Biology 
George Schulte  Truman State University 
Eric Schuppe  Wake Forest University 
Jennifer Schwab   
Megan Schwartz  University of Washington 
Daniel Schwarz  Friedrich-Schiller-University  
Anthony Scibelli  Tufts University 
Connor Sears  University of Cincinnati 
Elaine Seaver  University of Florida 
Ron Seidel  Max Planck Institute 
Kaleb Sellers   
Adriano Senatore  University of Toronto 
Jeanne Serb  Iowa State University 
Marc Servetnick  Univ of Washington Bothell 
Emily Setton  Univ. of Wisconsin-Madison 
Prashant Sharma  Univ. Wisconsin-Madison 
Sara Shin   
Alexander Shingleton  University Of Illinois At Chicago 
Collin Shinkle  Willamette University 
Caitlin Shishido   
Twan Sia   
Stefan Siebert  UC Davis 
Itzel Sifuentes  Florida Atlantic University 
Jarid Simons   
Abigail Sisti  The University of Alabama 
Garrett Smedley   
Kathleen Smith  Duke University 
Julian Smith  Winthrop University 
Annika Smith  University of Florida 
Frank Smith  University of North Florida 
Frank Smith  UNC Chapel Hill 
Wendy Smith  Northeastern University 
Emilie Snell-Rood  University of Minnesota 
Nicole Snyder  North Dakota State University 
Marissa Sobolewski  University of Rochester 
Francesca Socki   
Aurora Solla  Reed College 
Vanna Sombatsaphay   
Erin Sparks  University of Delaware 
Hayden Speck   
Larry Spencer  Plymouth State University 
Ricky Spencer   
Erik Sperling  Stanford University 
Emily Spiegel  Bryn Mawr College 
Vamsi Krishna Sridharan  UC, Santa Cruz 
Katie Staab  McDaniel College 
Frank Stabile   
Daniel Stanton  University of Florida 
Caitlin Stapp   
Ariel Steele  University of St. Thomas 
Bailey Steinworth   
David Stern  Janelia Research Campus 
Thomas Stewart  University of Chicago 
Thomas Stewart  Yale University 
Michelle Stocker  Virginia Tech 
Mary Stoddard  Princeton University 
Andrew Stoehr  Butler University 
Madeline Strom   
Alexander Stubbs  Univ of California, Berkeley 
Joseph Styga   
Jennifer Stynoski  Colorado State University 
Colin Summers  Friday Harbor Fish Labs 
Lauren Sumner-Rooney  Oxford University MNH 
Dennis Sun  UC Berkeley 
Shivani Sundaram   
Jenny Yi-Ting Sung  University of Cincinnati 
Abhinav Sur  Clark University 
Sayantan Sur  University of Delhi 
Yuichiro Suzuki  Wellesley College 
Billie Swalla  University of Washington 
Eli Swanson  University of Minnesota 
Sharon Swartz  Brown University 
Donald Swiderski  University of Michigan 
Fayth Tan   
Oscar Tarazona  University of Florida 
Michael Tassia  Auburn University 
Fatma Zeynep Temel   
Michael Temkin  St Lawrence Univ 
Carolyn Teragawa  University of California, Davis 
Veronika Tews  DeSales University 
Boris Tezak  Florida Atlantic University 
William Thompson  University of Georgia 
Daniel Thompson  University of Nevada Las Vegas 
Larry Thompson   
Derek Tokar   
Alex Torson  North Dakota State University 
James W Truman  University of Washington 
Jyuan-Ru Tsai   
Cameron Tumey   
Sarah Tweedt  Smithsonian Institution 
Kay Tweeten  St. Catherine University 
Catherine Tylan   
Kaera Utsumi   
James Van Dyke  Charles Sturt University 
John Vanden Brooks  Midwestern University 
William Velhagen  Caldwell University 
Madhusudhan Venkadesan  Yale University 
Vishruth Venkataraman  University of Chicago 
Vignesh Venkateswaran  Indian Institute of science 
Jaquelyn Villalba   
Jon Vimmerstedt   
Pranav Vyas  Stanford University 
Gunter Wagner  Yale University 
David Wake  Univ of California 
Marvalee Wake  University of California, Berkeley 
Junshi Wang  University of Virginia 
Victoria Wang  Wellesley College 
Wesley Wang  University of Washington 
Z Yan Wang  University of Chicago 
Andrea Ward  Adelphi University 
Daniel Warner  Auburn University 
Kerri Warren  Roger Williams University 
Akinobu Watanabe  NY Institute of Technology 
Glen Watson  University of Louisiana Lafaye 
Jacqueline Webb  University of Rhode Island 
Hannah Weber   
Mark Webster  University of Chicago 
Nicole Webster  Clark University 
David Weisblat  UC Berkeley 
Terry West   
Aundrea Westfall   
Jessica Whelpley  University of Florida 
Malachi Whitford  San Diego State University 
Athula Wikramanayake  University of Miami 
Ashley Williams  Auburn University 
Keen Wilson  University of Cincinnati 
Harrison Wiltse   
Gabrielle Winters  University of Florida 
Molly Womack   
Bradley Wood  Louisiana State University 
Amy Worthington  Creighton University 
Mark Wright   
longjun wu   
alexandra Wyeth   
Jeanette Wyneken  Florida Atlantic Univ 
Lily Xu   
Jessica Yamauchi  Cal State Northridge 
Hui Yang  UMass Lowell 
Shigeki Yasumasu  Sophia university 
Daniel Zajic  Portland State University 
Edward Zalisko  Blackburn College 
Jhony Zavaleta  San Francisco State University 
Robert Zeller  San Diego State U 
Yu Zeng  UC Berkeley 
Xinhui Zhang  UCLA 
Ruijie Zhu  University of Virginia 
Olga Zueva  University of North Florida 
Letizia Zullo  Ist. Italiano di Tecnologia