SICB Division of Animal Behavior (DAB)

Winners of DAB's 2015 Best Student Presentation Awards

Thank you to all of the students who participated in the 2015 Best Student Presentation competitions! We had an excellent panel of seven speakers in the special session for the DAB Best Student Oral Presentation, and an impressive group of 32 compete for DAB Best Student Poster.

This year's Best Student Oral Presentation Award went to graduate student Gavin Leighton for his talk titled, "Genomic relatedness predicts investment in a public good." Gavin is a graduate student at the University of Miami in the lab of William Searcy, and the work he presented at SICB focused on cooperative nests construction in weavers.

Robin Costello, a first-year graduate student from the University of Virginia, won the Best Student Poster Presentation with her poster titled, "Effects of anthropogenic noise on male signaling behavior and female phonotaxis in Oecanthus tree crickets." The work Robin presented at SICB reported her results from her undergraduate thesis at Dartmouth College, in collaboration with graduate student Laurel Symes. DAB is one of the three Divisions that may also choose to award the Adrian Wenner Award for Strong Inference, and this year Brent Stoffer was selected for this honor for his talk, "Experience matters: the effects of the social environment on mate choice plasticity in a wolf spider." Brent is a graduate student in George Uetz's lab at the University of Cincinnati.

Congratulations to each of these winners, and a big thanks to all of the judges for your hard work in evaluating student talks and posters! We couldn't offer these awards without your help!


The 22nd Annual Animal Behavior Conference at Indiana University abstract deadline is quickly approaching. Registration for non-presenting attendees will be accepted until March 22, 2015. This year the conference runs from Thursday March 26 to Saturday March 28.

On Saturday, the conference will feature a special symposium on the mechanisms of social behavior to celebrate the life and career of IU Professor of Biology Jim Goodson.

Our list of invited speakers this year includes Elizabeth Adkins-Regan, Andrew Bass, David Crews, Paul Forlano, Jim Hare, Hans Hofmann, David Kabelik, Aubrey Kelly, Rosemary Knapp, Alexander Ophir, Steven Phelps, Troy Smith, and Rick Thompson.

We will have opportunities for people to present posters at the poster session on Friday evening and to present oral presentations at both the main meeting on Friday and the communication symposium on Thursday. This conference is a particularly good opportunity for undergraduates to present their research.

All the information about the conference can be found at the link above. And registration for the conference is FREE!

Officers & Representatives

Click on name for contact details

Chair 01/2016-01/2019 Jennifer Gumm
Secretary 01/2015-01/2018 Michele Johnson
Program Officer 01/2017-01/2020 Scott MacDougall-Shackleton
Student/Postdoc Rep 01/2015-01/2018 Helen Chmura

DAB Memberlist

Click on name for contact details

Maria Abate  Simmons College 
Mikus Abolins-Abols   
Amanda Adams  Texas A&M University 
Clare Adams  Iowa State University 
James Adelman  Iowa State University 
Khaled Adjerid  Virginia Tech 
Elizabeth Adkins-Regan  Cornell University 
Erol Akcay   
Angela Alicea-Serrano   
Pablo Allen  University of Florida 
Sarah Alto   
Jean Alupay  University of Southern California 
Medhavi Ambardar  Oklahoma State University 
Byrappa Ammagarahalli Munishamappa   
Roger Anderson  Western Washington University 
Rindy Anderson   
Laura G. Anderton  University of North Carolina Department of Biology 
Jacob Andrew  Univ, of California, Riverside 
Evan Apanovitch  Clemson Univeristy 
Luke A Arend  Bethel University 
Aria Armendariz Peavy  HSU 
Arvind Arul Nambi Rajan  University of the Pacific 
Noah Ashley  Western Kentucky University 
Henry Astley  University of Akron 
Jonathan Atwell  Indiana University 
Suzanne Austin   
Shannon Bacheller  Reed College 
Marc Badger  UC Berkeley 
Christina Baggett   
Allison Bailey  Indiana University 
Tiffany Baiocchi  UC Riverside 
Christopher Balakrishnan  East Carolina University 
Susan Balenger  University of Mississippi 
Michael Baltzley  Western Oregon University 
Rachel Barker  Georgia Institute of Technolog 
Alexandra Barnard  University of Oklahoma 
Douglas Barron  Arkansas Tech University 
John Barthell  Univ of Central Oklahoma 
Soraya Moein Bartol  Virginia Wesleyan College 
Jessica Basham  Radford University 
Raymond Bauer  Univ Louisiana 
Carolyn Bauer  North Dakota State University 
Alexander Baugh  Swarthmore College 
Travis R'Sean Bautista  U of South Florida 
Michelle Beck  UMASS Lowell 
Christine Bedore  Georgia Southern University 
Thomas Beechum   
Rachelle Belanger  University of Detroit Mercy 
Alan Belles   
Chelsea Bennice   
Morgan Benowitz-Fredericks  Bucknell University 
George Bentley  UC Berkeley 
Alexandra Bentz   
Daniel Bergman  Grand Valley State University 
Sara Berk   
Gustavo Betini  University of Guelph 
Alfred Beulig  New College of FL 
Elizabeth Bevan  University of AL Birmingham 
Catherine Bevier  Colby College Department of Biology 
Vikas Bhandawat  Duke University 
Ruediger Birenheide   
Matthew Birk  University of South Florida 
Brooke Blevins   
Sarah Bluher  Cornell University 
Carol Boggs  University of South Carolina 
Michael Bok  Lund University 
Rachel Bolus  U.S.G.S. NOROCK 
April Booth   
Caleb Bostwick  Univ of Florida 
Raoul Boughton  University of Florida 
Thierry Boulinier   
Paul Bourdeau  Humboldt State University 
Kelly Boyle  University of West Florida 
Shane Brandes   
Nicholas Brandley  Colorado College 
Erin Brandt   
Justin Bredlau   
E Dale Broder  Colorado State University 
Christopher Brooks   
Roger Brothers   
Holly Brown  University of Connecticut 
Cameron Brown   
Caleb Bryce   
Tyler Buchinger   
Luis Burgos   
Sabrina S. Burmeister  University of North Carolina 
Louis Burnett  College of Charleston 
Morgan Burnette  Wake Forest University 
Nicole Bush   
Michael Butler  Lafayette College 
Luke Butler  The College of New Jersey 
Julie Butler   
Julie Byle  University of Colorado Boulder 
Margaret Byron   
Maria Jose Cabrera Alvarez  McGill University 
Shaun Cain  EOU 
Gina Calabrese   
Rebecca Calisi  University of California, Davis 
Grace Capshaw   
Catherine Carr  Univ Maryland 
Skyler Carrell   
Tyler Carrier   
Andres Carrillo  UC Irvine 
Amanda Carter  Illinois State University 
Joseph Casto  Illinois State University 
Corey Cates   
Lindsey Caudle   
Eleanor Caves  Duke University 
Alma Ceja   
Lisa Celano   
Ann Cespedes  University of New Orleans 
Cynthia Chai  Caltech 
Kiran Chakka   
Kit Yu Karen Chan  HKUST 
Steven Chandler   
Taylor Chapple  Stanford University 
Daniel Charbonneau  University of Arizona 
Shauna Cheesman  Georgia State University 
Zachary Chejanovski  U of Rhode Island 
Rui Chen  Georgia Institute of Technolog 
Chi-Hing Cheng  University of Illinois, Dept. of Animal Biology 
Spenser James Chicoine  Northern Michigan University 
Amanda Chicoli  University of Maryland 
Helen Chmura  UC Davis 
Elena Choleris  University of Guelph 
Benson Chow   
Andrew Christie  Univ of Hawaii at Manoa 
Lauren Cirino   
Chris Clark  UC Riverside 
Rebecca Clark  UC-Berkeley 
Jessica Clark   
Patricia Claudio  UPR-Cayey 
Ian Clifton  University of Toledo, Ohio 
Matthew Close  Radford University 
Glenn Cockburn  Max Planck Institute for Ornit 
Emma Coddington  Willamette University 
C. Sarah Cohen  Romberg Tiburon Center, SFSU 
Kristina Cohen  Boston University 
Clint Collins  University of California, Riverside 
Stacey Combes  U.C. Davis 
Alexandra Cones  University of Exeter 
Casey Coomes   
Patricia Cooney   
Laken Cooper  Western Kentucky University 
Christina Coppenrath  Florida Atlantic University 
Aaron Corcoran  Wake Forest University 
Jamie Cornelius  Eastern Michigan University 
Allison Cornell   
Marco Corrales-Ugalde  University of Oregon 
Daniel P. Costa  University of California 
Robin Costello  University of Virginia 
Rickey Cothran  Southwestern Oklahoma St Univ 
Sarah Cowles  University of Miami 
James Crall  Harvard University 
Rachel Crane  Hopkins Marine Station 
Adam Crane   
David Crews  University of Texas at Austin 
Ondi Crino   
Katherine Crocker   
Sarah Crocker-Buta  University of Mississippi 
Amber Crowley-Gall   
Austin Culotta   
Zachary Culumber   
Gregory Cunningham  St. John Fisher College 
Paul Cupp  Eastern KY Univ 
Suzie Currie  Mount Allison University 
James Curry  University of Georgia 
Andrea Faye Currylow  University of Southern California 
Jennifer Curtis   
Victoria Cussen  University of California Davis 
Roslyn Dakin   
Brian Dalton  University of Maryland 
Ben Dantzer  University of Michigan 
Zachary Darnell  Univ. of Southern Mississippi 
Charlotte Davies  Duke University 
Roger E. Davis   
Jason Davis  Radford University 
Sarah Davis  Virginia Tech 
Drew Davis  University of South Dakota 
Miracle Davis  Radford University 
Catherine Dayger  Portland State University 
Jennifer Dearolf  Hendrix College 
Reena Debray  Duke University 
Faith Deckard  Trinity University 
David Delaney  Iowa State University 
Jesse Delia  Boston University 
Gregory Demas  Indiana University 
Tanvi Deora  University of Washington 
Charles Derby  Georgia State University 
Maya deVries  Scripps Inst. of Oceanography 
Ashna Dhoonmoon   
Peter Dijkstra   
Gregory G. Dimijian  U of Texas Southwestern Medical School 
Yang Ding  Beijing CSRC 
Robert Ditter  Florida International Universi 
Laurie Dizney  University of Portland 
Patricia Doan   
Kimberly Dolphin  Colorado State University 
Anna Dornhaus  University of Arizona 
Lindsey Dougherty  CU Boulder 
Hector Douglas  Univ of Alaska, Fairbanks 
Charlotte Doussot   
Rose Driscoll  Reed College 
Brooke Dubansky  Tarleton State University 
Alana Dudek   
Meghan Duell  Arizona State University 
Donald Dunbar  University of Puerto Rico School of Medicine 
Elizabeth Duncan  CSU Long Beach 
Peter Dunn  Univ of Wisconsin-Milwaukee 
Kayla DuPont   
Fernanda Duque  Georgia State University 
Nicholas Durston  University of Bristol 
Bahnisikha Dutta  Georgia Tech 
Zachary Dykema  Northern Michigan University 
Ryan Earley  University of Alabama 
Sebastian Echeverri  University of Pittsburgh 
David Edwards  BGSU 
Thomas Eiting  University of Utah 
Emily Elderbrock   
Michelle Elekonich  NSF 
Damian Elias  UC Berkeley 
Kyle Elliott  Univ of Manitoba 
Zachary Emberts   
Erik Enbody   
Kimberly Engeln   
Philina English   
David Ensminger   
Laura Enzor  U.S. EPA 
Victoria Erb  Florida Atlantic University 
Darcy Ernst  University of San Francisco 
David Ernst  UNC-Chapel Hill 
Ignacio Escalante  UC Berkeley 
Karina Escobar  WCSU 
Brian Esty   
Abigail Eubank  Hendrix College 
Peter Falkingham  Liverpool John Moores  
Victoria Farrar   
William Farrell  Indiana Univ of Pennsylvania 
Hamilton Farris  LSU School of Medicine 
Zen Faulkes  U. Texas Rio Grande Valley 
Carl Favata  Eastern Illinois University 
Fatima Fazal-ur-Rehman  University of Louisiana 
Stephen Ferguson  University of Memphis 
Marcela Fernandez-Vargas  Washington State University 
Elise Ferree   
Karen Field   
Christine Figgener  Texas A&M University 
Nadine Filippi   
Alyssa Fink  Texas State University 
Eva Fischer  Harvard University 
Skye Fissette   
Timothy Flanagan  CSUF 
Leo Fleishman  Union College 
Andrew Flies  University of Tasmania 
Alexander Fodor   
Rose Fogliano  Gettysburg College 
Derrick Fokala   
Bobby Fokidis  Rollins College 
G. Edgar Folk  University of Iowa Department of Physiology, BSB 
Paul Forlano  CUNY Brooklyn College and Grad 
Helen F. Forrest   
zachery forsburg   
Timothy Fort  Valdosta State University 
Susan Foster  Clark University 
Alicia Fox  Allan Hancock College 
Jessica Fox  Case Western Reserve Univ 
Rebecca Fox  Transylvania University 
Tanner Frank  University of Pennsylvania 
Amanda Franklin  Tufts University 
Grace Freymiller   
Christopher Friesen  University of Sydney 
Alexa Fritzsche  University of Georgia 
David Frost  Georgia Tech 
Molly Gabler  University of North Carolina Wilmington 
Caitlin Gabor  Texas State University 
Denisse Gamboa   
Eric Gangloff  Iowa State University 
Sisi Gao  Arizona State University 
Mark Garcia  University of Kentucky 
Sarah Gardner   
Coral Gardner  Southern Utah University 
Theodore Garland  University of California 
Anders Garm  University of Copenhagen 
Austin Garner  University of Akron 
Brittany Gater   
whitney gayer   
Andrew George  University of Chicago 
Elizabeth George  Indiana University 
Jeanel Georges  Midwestern State University  
Gary Gerald  Nebraska Wesleyan University 
Zachary Nadar Ghahramani  CUNY Graduate Center 
Cameron Ghalambor  Colorado State University 
Noah Ghossein   
Joshua Gibson  Department of Entomology, UIUC 
Sandra Gilchrist  New College of Florida 
Sarah Gilliand   
Lauren Gilllespie  University Southern Mississipp 
William Gilly  Stanford University 
Ysabel Giraldo  Caltech 
Jordan Glass  University of the Pacific 
Caroline Glidden   
Scott Goeppner  Oklahoma State University 
Franz Goller  University of Utah 
Valentina Gomez-Bahamon   
Paulina Gonzalez-Gomez   
Christopher Goodchild   
Brenna Gormally  Tufts University 
Katherine Gould   
Fredric Govedich  Southern Utah University 
Theodore Grabarz  Antioch University 
Michael Grace  Florida Tech 
River Grace  Florida Institute of Technol. 
Jacquelyn Grace  Texas A&M University 
Jessica Graham  North Dakota State University 
Melissa Graham  Clark University 
Lucie grecias   
Patrick Green  Duke University 
Michael Greene  University of Colorado Denver 
Timothy Greives  North Dakota State University 
Brian Gress   
Candace Grimes   
Jennifer Grindstaff  Oklahoma State University 
Kathleen Grogan  Emory University 
Christina Grozinger  Penn State University 
Daniel Grunbaum   
Brandon Guell   
Mélanie Guigueno   
Sarah Guindre-Parker  Columbia University 
Jennifer Gumm  Stephen F. Austin State Univer 
Alexander Gunderson  San Francisco State 
Tarun Gupta  University of Vermont 
Thomas Hahn  UC Davis 
Caldwell Hahn  US Geological Survey 
Emilie Hall  Plymouth University 
Brianna Hall   
Maxwell Hall  CSU Fresno 
Hannah Hall  Trinity University 
Talisin Hammond   
Rachel Hanauer  Indiana University 
Kelly Hannan  University of Illinois Urbana- 
Robert Hannon  Thomas Nelson Community Colleg 
Brenda Hansen  Duke University 
Haley Hanson   
Christopher Harbison  Siena College 
Adam Hardy  University of Chicago 
Elizabeth Hardy  University of Oklahoma 
George Harper  Hendrix College 
Rayna Harris  The University of Texas 
Rachel Harris  Duke University 
Jacob Harrison  Duke University 
Daniel K Hartline  University of Hawaii at Manoa 
Todd Harvey   
Mark Hauber   
Nolan Hayden  Grand Valley State University 
Marc P. Hayes   
Loren Hayes   
Hilary Hayford  U Washington 
Lisa Hazard  Montclair State University 
Sarah Hebert   
Britt Heidinger   
Justa Heinen-Kay   
Jennifer Hellmann  The Ohio State University 
Wendy Helmey-Hartman  University of Florida 
Lindsay Henderson  Newcastle Univeristy 
Elizabeth Henry   
Amberleigh Henschen  University of Wisconsin- Milwaukee 
Nicholai Hensley  UCSB 
Jessica Hernandez  Virginia Tech 
Joseph K. Hichar   
James Hicks  University of Nottingham 
Ben Higgins   
Tamara Hijazi   
John G. Hildebrand  University of Arizona, Dept. of Neuroscience 
Geoffrey Hill  Auburn University 
Joseph Hill   
Cory Hillard  Univ of Louisiana-Lafayette 
Layla Hiramatsu   
Winnie Ho   
Niels-Viggo S Hobbs  University of Rhode Island 
Amanda Hoepfner  University of Utah 
William Hoese  CSU Fullerton 
Hans Hofmann  University of Texas at Austin 
Kim Hoke   
Jim Holden  Tidewater Community College 
Brooke Hoover  Oklahoma State University 
Kevin Hoover  University of Colorado Denver 
Sydney Hope   
Gareth Hopkins  University of Melbourne 
Julie Hopper  UC Berkeley 
Chen Hou  Missouri Univ. of Sci and Tech 
Stephen Howe   
Nickolay Ivanov Hristov  Winston-Salem State University, Center for Design Innovation 
Alex Hubbard  Georgia Tech 
David Hudson  The Maritime Aquarium at Norwalk 
Spencer Hudson  Utah State University 
Kristal Huggins  Xavier University of Louisiana 
Samuel Hulse   
Sarah Humfeld  Univ of Missouri 
Laura Hurley  Indiana University 
Jerry Husak  Univ St. Thomas 
Yasmeen Hussain   
Gabe Ibanez  University of Cincinnati 
Elyse Iemola   
Kate Ihle  University of Zurich 
Vance Imhoff  Stephen F. Austin State University 
Allison Injaian  University of California, Davis 
Haruhiko Itagaki  Kenyon College 
Brittney Ivanov   
Vikram Iyengar  Villanova University 
Molly Jacobs  McDaniel College 
Charles A. Jacoby  Univ of Florida Fisheries Aquatic Sciences Dept 
William James  University of Alabama at Birmingham 
Maria Jaramillo  Trinity University 
Steven E. Jasinski  University of Pennsylvania 
Alan P. Jaslow  Rhodes College Department of Biology 
Sarah Jaumann  University of Minnesota 
Jodie Jawor  NSF 
Kortney Jaworski  Christopher Newport University 
Harper Jocque  University of Colorado Denver 
William Joersz   
Jeremy John   
Michele Johnson  Trinity University 
Kaitlin Johnson  Cal Poly, SLO 
Elizabeth Johnson  The University of Alabama 
Stephen Johnson   
Dustin Johnson  University of the Pacific 
Meredith Johnson  Dickinson College 
Lily Johnson-Ulrich  Michigan State University 
Blake Jones  University of Memphis 
John Jones  Tulane University 
Chloe Josefson  Auburn University 
Paul Joseph  University of Florida 
Sunghwan Jung  Virginia Tech 
Julie Jung  Boston University 
Ana Jurcak   
Ingrid Kaatz   
Tomonari Kaji   
Stephen M. Kajiura  Florida Atlantic University 
Zofia Kaliszewska  University of Washington 
Parthasarathy kalyanasundaram  Case Western Reserve Universit 
Maryam Kamran  Bowling Green State University 
Suzanne Kane  Haverford College 
Neeta Karki Parajulee   
Kristopher Karsten  California Lutheran University 
Kakani Katija  Monterey Bay Aquar. Research Inst. 
Nick Keiser  Rice University 
Madeline Keleher  Washington University STL 
Bryan Keller   
Rebecca Kelley  New Mexico State University 
Tosha Kelly  University of Western Ontario 
Taylor Kelsay   
Adam Kemberling  University of Southern Miss. 
Diego Kendall  Radford University 
Jessica Kendall-Bar  UC Berkeley 
Benji Kessler  UC Berkeley 
Ellen Ketterson  Indiana University 
Nicola Khan  University of Georgia 
Pranav Khandelwal  UNC, Chapel hill 
Irina Khokhlova  Ben-Gurion University 
David Kikuchi  Carleton University 
Allyssa Kilanowski  University of Kentucky 
Joseph Kilmer   
Holly Kilvitis  University of South Florida 
Abigail Kimmitt  Indiana University Bloomington 
Alexandra Kingston  University of South Carolina 
Callum Kingwell  Cornell University 
Chase Kinsey  Georgia Southern University 
John Kirwan   
Samantha Kisare  Duke University 
Kelly Kissane  Blinn College 
Rosemary Knapp  University of Oklahoma 
Megan Kobiela  University of Minnesota 
Rebecca Koch   
Lisa Koetke   
Nicole Korzeniecki  Providence College 
Jennifer Kovacs  Spelman College 
Krista Kraskura  Towson University 
Boris Krasnov  Ben-Gurion University 
Aurelia Kucera  North Dakota State University 
Chi-Yun Kuo   
Patrice Kurnath  University of Utah 
Katie LaBarbera   
Chloe Lahondere  University of Washington 
Simon Lailvaux  University of New Orleans 
Anthony Lange  UC Merced 
Elizabeth Lange  Florida State University 
Brian Langerhans  NC State University 
Tracy Langkilde  Pennsylvania State University 
Joshua Burke LaPergola  Cornell University 
Lori LaPlante  Saint Anselm College 
Phillip LaPlante  Bowling Green State University 
Meghan Larivee   
Eva Marie Larsen   
Jacob Lasala  Florida Atlantic University 
Diana LaScala-Gruenewald  Hopkins Marine Station 
Christopher Latimer  University of Wisconsin Madiso 
Matthew Lattanzio  Christopher Newport University 
Christine Lattin  Yale University PET Center 
Zachary Laubach   
Whitney Leach   
Manuel Leal  University of Missouri 
Christopher Leary  University of Mississippi 
Danielle Lee  Cornell University 
Gavin Leighton  Cornell University 
Elizabeth Leininger  St. Mary's College of Maryland 
Sean Lema  CalPoly, San Luis Obispo 
Michael LeMaster  Western Oregon University 
Petra Lenz  University of Hawaii at Manoa 
Jill Leonard  Northern Michigan University 
Krista LePiane   
Nicolas Lessios  University of Arizona 
Iris Levin  University of Colorado - Boulder 
Weiming Li  MI State Univ 
Cheng-Yu Li   
James Lichtenstein   
Andrea Liebl  University of South Dakota 
John Lighton  Sable Systems 
Isaac Ligocki  University of California, Davi 
Ashlee Lillis   
Lisa Limeri  University of Pittsburgh 
Huai-Ti Lin  HHMI Janelia Research Campus 
Robert G. Lindberg   
Christina Linkem  University of Hawaii at Manoa 
Sara Lipshutz  Tulane University 
Yuxiang Liu  University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill 
Heather Liwanag  Cal Poly State University 
Jacob Lockey  Case Western Reserve 
Kenneth Lohmann  University of North Carolina 
Bernard Lohr  Univ of Maryland, Baltimore County 
Pauline K. Long   
Skye Long  University of Arizona 
Georgia Longmoor   
Darimar Loubriel   
Matthew Louder  East Carolina University 
Cara Love  Odum School of Ecology - UGA 
Matthew Lovern  Oklahoma State Univ 
Tim Ludington  Bowling Green State University 
Shawn Luttrell  University of Washington 
Eleanor Lutz  University of Washington 
kathleen lynch  Hofstra University 
Sharon Lynn  The College of Wooster 
Susan Lyons  University of North Carolina 
Scott MacDougall-Shackleton  University of Western Ontario 
Elizabeth MacDougall-Shackleton  University of Western Ontario 
Stephen Mackessy  University of Northern Colorad 
Kirsty MacLeod  Pennsylvania State University 
Rachael Mady   
Jessica Magaña   
Jessica Magana   
Anabela Maia  Eastern Illinois University 
John Majoris  Boston University 
Jessica Malisch  St Mary's College of Maryland 
Terri Maness  Louisiana Tech Univeraity 
Madhur Mangalam  University of Georgia 
Lisa Mangiamele  Smith College 
Victoria Mann  CSU Long Beach 
Thomas Manna   
Alyssa Marian  Nebraska Wesleyan University 
Michael Markham  The University of Oklahoma 
Roberto Marquez   
Craig Marshall  Colorado State University 
Michael Martin  Reed College 
Lynn Martin  University of South Florida 
Arthur Martin  Saginaw Valley State University 
Ryan Martin  Case Western Reserve U 
Christopher Martin  University of North Carolina a 
Vanesa Martinez   
Emilia Martins  Indiana University 
Karen Maruska  Louisiana State University 
Hamid Marvi  Arizona State University 
Robert Mason  Oregon State University 
Bianca Mattern  University of North Florida 
Anna McCarter   
Eric McCloud   
Charlene McCord  University of Chicago 
Gail McCormick  Pennsylvania State University 
Krista McCoy  East Carolina University 
Kyle McCulloch  Univ. of California, Irvine 
Kira McEntire   
Joel McGlothlin  Virginia Tech 
Mariah McKechnie   
Amberle McKee  University of Calif., Irvine 
Austin McKenna   
Duane McPherson  SUNY at Geneseo 
Eden McQueen   
Scott McWilliams  University of Rhode Island 
Michaleia Mead   
Molly Meagher   
Angela Medina-García  New Mexico State University 
Nalong Mekdara  Madera Community College  
Prasong Mekdara   
Rachel Mendazona   
Mary Mendonca  Auburn Univ 
Allen Mensinger  University of Minnesota Duluth 
Karl Menzel  Reed College 
Loren Merrill  University of Illinois, Urbana 
Jennifer Merritt  Emory University 
Donald Miles  Ohio University 
Lorraine Millard  Coastal Carolina University 
Christine Miller  University of Florida 
Abraham Miller  Univ of Tampa 
Sarah Miller  Georgia State University 
Sukalia Miller  Georgia State University 
Caitlin Miller   
Kathryn Minczuk   
Patricia Mire  University of Louisiana Lafaye 
Jennyfer Mitchell  University of Denver 
Hanna Mitchell  Radford University  
Umesh Mohan  NCBS, TIFR 
Mikael Mokkonen   
Dillon Monroe   
Tracy Montgomery  Michigan State University 
Pierre-Olivier Montiglio  McGill University 
Paul Moore  Bowling Green U 
Ignacio Moore  Virginia Tech 
Talia Moore  University of Michigan 
Nathan Morehouse  University of Pittsburgh 
gen morinaga  Clark University 
Leonid Moroz  University of Florida 
Dana Moseley  George Mason / Smithsonian 
D. Mountjoy  Dept. of Biology, Knox College 
David Mournighan  Georgia State University 
Timothy Mousseau  University of South Carolina 
James Mouton  University of Montana 
Monica Mowery   
Sahnzi Moyers  Virginia Tech 
Ritwika Mukherjee  Tufts University 
Alexander Mulhern  BioMed Central  
Martina Muller   
Emily Murakami   
Matthew Murphy  Salisbury University 
Megan Murphy  Salisbury University 
James Murray  Cal State East Bay 
Mario Muscedere  Hendrix College 
Edward E. Myers   
Brian Myers   
Jason Nadler  Georgia Tech Research Institut 
Lauren Nadler   
Walker Nambu  Florida Atlantic University  
Ann-Elizabeth Nash  University of Northern CO 
Dinesh Natesan  NCBS, Bangalore 
Roman Nava  San Diego State University 
Kristen Navara  The University of Georgia 
David Navarro  Washington State University 
Madeleine Naylor   
Alexandra Neal   
Katie Needham   
Megan Nepshinsky   
Izaak Neveln  Northwestern University 
Gabrielle Nevitt  UC Davis 
Katherine Nguyen  University of the Pacific 
Bao-Quang Nguyen-Phuc   
Alexandria Niebergall   
Joseph Niederhauser   
Olivia Niedzialek   
Matthew Nielsen  UNC-Chapel Hill 
Robert Niese  University of Montana 
Brady Nitschmann   
Suegene Noh  Washington Univ. in St. Louis 
Bonnie Nolan   
Dawn Noren  NOAA NMFS Northwest Fisheries  
Lauren O'Connell  Harvard University 
M. Teague O'Mara  Max Planck Institute for Ornit 
Katie O'Reilly  University of Portland 
Cynthia O'Rourke   
Aderinsola Odetunde  Illinois State University 
Kelsey Oliva   
Dara Orbach  Texas A&M University-Galveston 
Teri Orr  University of Utah 
Courtney Orsbon  University of Chicago 
Jenny Ouyang  University of Nevada Reno 
Jennifer Owen   
Dustin Owen  Pennsylvania State University 
Melina Pérez-Torres   
Joey Pakes Nelson  Harvard University/OEB 
Rachel Palmer   
M. Rockwell Parker  James Madison University 
Samantha Parrish  East Carolina University 
Stephanie Pascual   
Rickesh Patel  Univ. of MD, Baltimore County 
Amy Payne  Trinity University 
Phillip Pearson  Auburn 
Kathryn Peiman   
Orit Peleg  Harvard University  
David Penning  MSSU 
Louis Penrod   
Jonathan Perez  Univ. California, Davis 
Benjamin Perlman  University of California 
Jacob Peters  Harvard University 
Megan Petersdorf  New York University 
Christopher Petersen  Indiana University 
Alissa Petrelli   
Steve Phelps   
Gillian Phillips  Georgia State University 
Ned Place  Cornell University 
Brock Pluimer   
Helen Plylar  FIorida Tech 
Yaa Poku   
Marcia Polett   
Rebecca Polich  Iowa State University 
Ariana Poole  Hendrix College 
Ahva Potticary  University of Arizona 
Devaleena Pradhan  University of California, Los Angeles 
Andrew H. Price   
Catharine Pritchard  Penn State University 
James Privitt   
Jake Pruett  Indiana State University 
Jenna Pruett   
Elizabeth Pusch  University of Georgia 
Maggie Raboin  UC Berkeley 
Jonathan Rader  University of North Carolina 
Tom Radomski  Ohio University 
Thomas Radzio   
Marilyn Ramenofsky  University of California Davis 
Aldo Ramirez   
Fatima Ramis   
Christine Ramsay  Mitchell College 
Gutti Madan Mohan Rao   
Kathryn Rapin  Bowling Green State University 
Sridhar Ravi   
Adam Reddon  McGill Univeristy 
Wendy Reed  NDSU 
Christopher Reeve  Walla Walla University 
Sandra Rehan  University of New Hampshire 
Jeremy Rehm  Brown University 
Dustin Reichard  Ohio Wesleyan University 
Adam Reitzel  UNC Charlotte 
Michelle Rensel  UCLA 
Lawrence A. Reuter  Winona State University Department of Biology 
Dana Reuter  University of Oregon 
Miguel Reyes  Clark University 
Marissa Rice  Cornell University 
Miriam Richards  Brock University 
Eric Riddell   
Nathaniel Rieger  University of Wisconsin 
Jeff Riffell  University of Washington 
Jenniffer Riley  WSSU 
Martha Rimniceanu   
Daniel Rittschof  Duke University Marine Lab 
Clare Rittschof  Pennsylvania State Univ 
Christine Rivera  UC Berkeley 
Juana Maria Rivera-Ordonez    
Ashley Robart  Loyola Marymount University 
Natalie Roberts  UMBC 
Eve Robinson  Univ of Hawai'i at Manoa 
Carlos Rodriguez-Saltos   
Maria Rosas  Allan Hancock College 
Darcy Ross   
Kimberly Rosvall  Indiana University 
Ashlee Rowe  Michigan State University 
Dustin Rubenstein  Columbia University 
Alexander Rubin   
Allison Rugila  Stony Brook University 
Ariana Rupp  Univ Louisiana at Lafayette 
Travis Rusch  Arizona State University 
Claire Rusch   
Avery Russell   
Kristi Ruvina  GVSU 
William Ryerson  Saint Anselm College 
Anne Sabol  University of Michigan 
Maria Salazar Nicholls  PUCE, Ecuador 
Mary Salcedo  Harvard University 
Michael Salmon  Florida Atlantic University Department of Biological Sciences 
Wendy Saltzman  Univ. of Calif., Riverside 
Julia Samson  UNC Chapel Hill 
Sanjay Sane  NCBS 
Christopher Sanford  Hofstra University 
Sharlene Santana  University of Washington 
Nir Sapir  University of Haifa 
Daniel Sasson   
Erin Sauer   
Kendall Scarlett  Oklahoma State University 
Christine Schmidt  Reed College 
Jill Schneider   
Stephan Schoech  University of Memphis 
Laura Schoenle  Virginia Tech 
Nicholas Schomburg  Salem State University 
Hannes Schraft  San Diego State University 
Julie Schram  Oregon Institute of Marine Biology 
Katharina Schreier  Oklahoma State University 
Elizabeth Schultz  Kenyon College 
Tom Schultz  Denison University 
Eric Schuppe  Wake Forest University 
Daniel Schwab  Indiana University 
Margot Schwalbe  Tufts University 
Anthony Scibelli  Tufts University 
J. Paul Scott  Bowling Green State University 
Michael Sears  Clemson University 
Ryan Seddon   
Leah Selznick  Trinity University 
Mitchell Serota  Simon Fraser University 
Megan Serr  NCSU 
Kendra Sewall  Virginia Tech Biological Sci. 
Madeline Shannon  Louisiana State University 
Neelima Sharma  Yale University 
Michael Sheehan  Cornell University 
Michael Sheriff   
Carl N. Shuster   
Richard Simpson  Arizona State University 
Olivia Sims  Hendrix College 
David Sinkiewicz  Georgia State University 
Michele Skopec  Weber State University 
Megan Skrip  Univ of Rhode Island 
Tom Small  Archbold Biological Station 
Delbert Smee   
Kristina Smiley  Cornell University 
Darby Smith   
Kendra Smyth  Duke University 
Emilie Snell-Rood  University of Minnesota 
Marta Soares   
Keith Sockman  UNC- Chapel Hill 
Sarah Solie   
Aurora Solla  Reed College 
Tessa Solomon-Lane  University of Texas at Austin 
Ummat Somjee   
Elizabeth Soo  Hendrix College 
Alberto Soto   
C. H. Southwick  University of Colorado Department of EPO Biology 
Diara Spain  Dominican U of CA 
Amanda Sparkman  Westmont College 
Jordanna Sprayberry  Muhlenberg College 
Manoj Srinivasan  The Ohio State University 
Jay Stafstrom   
Zach Stahlschmidt  University of the Pacific 
Evan Stanton   
Alyssa Stark  University of Louisville 
Ariel Steele  University of St. Thomas 
Alexandra Steele   
Matthew Steffenson  Adams State University 
Connor Stein   
Laura Stein  Colorado State University 
Cayman Stephen  Univ. of Louisiana, Lafayette 
David Stern  Janelia Research Campus 
Summer Stevens   
Emily Stewart   
Tyler Stigall  Allegheny College 
Andrew Stoehr  Butler University 
Brent Stoffer   
Levi Storks  University of Missouri 
Kristin Stover   
Christine Strand  Cal Poly 
Amy Strauss   
Madeline Strom   
Alexander Stubbs  Univ of California, Berkeley 
Jennifer Stynoski  Colorado State University 
Lauren Sumner-Rooney  Museum für Naturkunde 
Josefin Sundin  Uppsala University 
Cory Suski  University of Illinois 
John Swaddle   
Eli Swanson  University of Minnesota 
Callin Switzer   
Delawrence Sykes   
Uzma Tahir  Northern Arizona University 
Stav Talal  Tel-Aviv University 
Zuleyma Tang-Martinez  Univ of Missouri-St. Louis 
Jessie Tanner   
William W. Taylor  Michigan State University 
Jennifer Taylor  UC San Diego 
Larry Taylor   
Rory Telemeco  Auburn University 
Melissa SC Telemeco  Pacific Science Center 
Chris Templeton  Pacific University 
Christopher Thawley  University of Rhode Island 
Jamie Theobald  Florida International Universi 
Jessica Thomas  Duquesne University 
Nicole Thometz  UC Santa Cruz 
Denise Thompson  Oklahoma State University 
Nathan Thompson  NYIT 
Zoe Thompson   
Sarin Tiatragul  Auburn University 
Justin Tickhill  North Central State College 
Shauna Tietze  Georgia Southern University 
Andrea Tilden  Colby College 
Alan Tousignant  Trevor Zoo Millbrook School 
Kevin Travis  The University of Tampa 
Lisa Treidel  UC Berkeley 
Rebecca Trinh   
Savannah Troy   
Stephen Trumbo  University of Connecticut 
James Tumulty  University of Minnesota 
Sheela Turbek  University of Colorado, Boulder 
Catherine Tylan   
Chris Tyson   
Emily Uhrig   
Sabah Ul-Hasan   
Akihisa Urano  Hokkaido Univ 
Jim Usherwood  Royal Vet College 
Travis Vail   
Magalie Valere Rivet  Loma Linda University 
Floris van Breugel  Caltech 
Jeremy Van Cleve  University of Kentucky 
Freya van Kesteren  University of Michigan 
Jacey Van Wert   
Jason Vance  College of Charleston 
Amritansh Vats  NCBS, Bangalore 
Miryam Venegas-Anaya  STRI 
Madhusudhan Venkadesan  Yale University 
E. Alan Verde  Maine Maritime Academy 
Michael Vickers  University of Florida 
Andres Vidal-Gadea  Illinois State University 
Daniel Vilchez   
Clement Vinauger   
Maren Vitousek  Cornell University 
Corina Wack  Chowan University 
Douglas Wacker  Univ of Washington Bothell 
Haruka Wada  Auburn University 
Natalie Wallace  Western Oregon University 
Sarah Wanamaker  Washington State University 
Z Yan Wang  University of Chicago 
Michelle Ward  Ohio University 
Karen Warkentin  Boston University 
Daniel Warner  Auburn University 
Emma Wass  Nebraska Wesleyan University 
James Waters  Providence College 
Charles Watson  Midwestern State University 
Emily Watts   
Miguel Angel Webber  Trinity University 
william Weber  U of New Orleans 
Samuel Wechsler  Muhlenberg College 
Beck Wehrle  UC Irvine 
Emily Weigel  Spelman College 
Daniel Weihs  Technion 
Doriane Weiler  University of California, Berk 
Talia Weiss  Virginia Tech 
Chelsea Weitekamp   
James Welch  Wittenberg University 
Kenneth Welch  Univ. Toronto Scarborough 
Joseph Welklin  Cornell University 
Patrick H. Wells  Occidental College 
Erica Westerman  University of Arkansas 
Nathan Weston  George Fox Univ 
Sarah Westrick  University of Michigan 
Tina Wey   
Rebecca Wheatley  University of Queensland 
John Whitehead   
Malachi Whitford  San Diego State University 
Linda Whittingham  UW-Milwaukee 
Will Wiggins  Oklahoma State University 
Sean Wilcox  Univ. of California, Riverside 
Walter Wilczynski  Georgia State University 
Cory Williams  Northern Arizona University 
McCoy Williams   
Mark A. Willis  Case Western Reserve Univ 
Craig Willis  University of Winnipeg Dept of Biology 
Robbie Wilson  Uni of Queensland 
Rachel Wilson  Portland State University 
Kerianne Wilson  UC Irvine 
Elisabeth Wilson   
Sara Winzer  University of Idaho 
Kailyn Witonsky   
Sarah Wofford  Bowling Green State University 
Molly Womack   
Lewis Woodard  Chowan University 
Sarah Woodley  Duquesne University 
Sarah Woolley  Columbia University 
Jennifer Wortham  Univ Tampa 
Amy Worthington  Creighton University 
Timothy Wright  New Mexico State University 
Nicole Xu  Caltech 
Xingbang Yang  Beihang University 
Steve Yanoviak  University of Louisville 
Jeff Kang Nian Yap  Simon Fraser University 
Stan Yavno  Tel Aviv University 
Dajia Ye   
Mical Yohannes  Reed College 
Carly Anne York   
Rebecca Young  UNAM 
Sharri Zamore   
Adam Zeb  Trinity University 
Tanja Zerulla  FIU 
Jeffrey Zeyl   
Linyi Zhang   
Meng Zhao   
Ruijie Zhu  University of Virginia 
Mingna Zhuang   
Cedric Zimmer  Cornell University 
Sarah Zohdy  Auburn University 
Erik Zornik  Reed College 
Jose Zuniga-Vega  Universidad Nac Aut de Mexico 
Maxine Zylberberg  UCSF