SICB Division of Animal Behavior (DAB)


Winners of DAB's 2015 Best Student Presentation Awards
Thank you to all of the students who participated in the 2015 Best Student Presentation competitions! We had an excellent panel of seven speakers in the special session for the DAB Best Student Oral Presentation, and an impressive group of 32 compete for DAB Best Student Poster.

This year's Best Student Oral Presentation Award went to graduate student Gavin Leighton for his talk titled, "Genomic relatedness predicts investment in a public good." Gavin is a graduate student at the University of Miami in the lab of William Searcy, and the work he presented at SICB focused on cooperative nests construction in weavers.

Robin Costello, a first-year graduate student from the University of Virginia, won the Best Student Poster Presentation with her poster titled, "Effects of anthropogenic noise on male signaling behavior and female phonotaxis in Oecanthus tree crickets." The work Robin presented at SICB reported her results from her undergraduate thesis at Dartmouth College, in collaboration with graduate student Laurel Symes. DAB is one of the three Divisions that may also choose to award the Adrian Wenner Award for Strong Inference, and this year Brent Stoffer was selected for this honor for his talk, "Experience matters: the effects of the social environment on mate choice plasticity in a wolf spider." Brent is a graduate student in George Uetz's lab at the University of Cincinnati.

Congratulations to each of these winners, and a big thanks to all of the judges for your hard work in evaluating student talks and posters! We couldn't offer these awards without your help!