Executive Committee

The Executive Committee shall serve as the governing Board of the Society and shall review and establish policies and procedures of the Society in line with the provisions of the Constitution and Bylaws. SICB Bylaws, Article XIII, Sections 1-4 provide more details on the composition of the Executive Committee and its functions.

Terms start at the end of the annual meeting of the year indicated.

President Louis Burnett 01/2017-01/2019 
President-Elect Elizabeth L. Brainerd 01/2017-01/2019 
Past President Peter Wainwright 01/2017-01/2019 
Secretary Kathy Dickson 01/2015-01/2018 
Secretary-Elect Alice Gibb 01/2017-01/2018 
Program Officer Richard Blob 01/2016-01/2018 
Program Officer-Elect Susan Williams 01/2017-01/2018 
Treasurer Karen Martin 01/2013-01/2019 
Member-At-Large Jennifer Burnaford 01/2015-01/2018 
Member-At-Large April Hill 01/2016-01/2019 
Member-At-Large Creagh Breuner 01/2017-01/2020 
DAB Chair Jennifer Gumm 01/2016-01/2019 
DCB Chair Sheila Patek 01/2017-01/2019 
DCE Chair L. Michael Romero 01/2016-01/2018 
DCPB Chair Inna Sokolova 01/2016-01/2018 
DEDB Chair Cassandra Extavour 01/2016-01/2018 
DEDE Chair Carol Fassbinder-Orth 01/2016-01/2018 
DEE Chair Robert Cox 01/2017-01/2019 
DIZ Chair John Zardus 01/2015-01/2018 
DNNSB Chair Paul Moore 01/2015-01/2018 
DPCB Chair Kerin Claeson 01/2016-01/2018 
DVM Chair John Hutchinson 01/2017-01/2019 
ICB Editor Lynn Martin 01/2016-01/2021 
SPDAC Chair Zen Faulkes 01/2016-01/2019 
Ed. Council Chair Bram Lutton 01/2015-01/2018 
BPC Chair Stacey Combes 01/2016-01/2019 
Executive Director Brett J. Burk
1313 Dolley Madison Blvd Suite 402
McLean VA 22101
Phone: 703-790-1745 or 800-955-1236
FAX: 703-790-2672
E-mail: SICB@BurkInc.com
Ex Officio