Will SICB 2022 take place in person?
Yes!  SICB 2022 will take place January 3-7 in Phoenix, AZ

Will it be possible to participate virtually in SICB 2022?
It will not be possible to participate virtually during the in-person meeting, but we are making SICB more accessible by rolling out a new virtual option known as SICB+

What is SICB+?
SICB+ is an opportunity to share your presentation virtually with other SICB attendees over a longer period after the in-person meeting has concluded (January 14-March 31, 2022).  SICB+ will be included for all in-person SICB attendees, and participation will be optional but strongly encouraged.  For those unable to attend SICB in person, it will be possible to submit your abstract to SICB+ only at a greatly reduced rate.  There will be no limits on the number of abstracts that can be submitted.  The goal of SICB+ is to use the most positive parts of our experience with the 2021 virtual annual meeting to broaden access to SICB.  SICB+ will be entirely asynchronous.

I would like to attend SICB 2022 in person, but I am concerned that the COVID-19 public health situation could prevent me from attending. Should I submit my abstract for SICB (in-person) or SICB+ (virtual)?

If you think there’s a reasonable chance you could attend, submit an in-person abstract. SICB recognizes that the COVID-19 health crisis is unpredictable and may result in changes to personal risk assessments, university travel restrictions, difficulty obtaining visas, or other barriers. If you sign up to present in person in Phoenix and then something happens beyond your control, we will definitely allow you to switch your in-person talk or poster to virtual-only online at SICB+, and refund the registration cost difference.  SICB would rather have members plan optimistically to travel and then accommodate them if COVID makes their attendance impossible, than have members plan not to travel and then miss out if the situation changes and their barriers to attendance disappear. Switching from the in-person to virtual versions of the meeting represents a significant logistical challenge for SICB, but we feel that allowing for health and safety exceptions is an important way to support SICB members during this difficult time.


I would like to attend SICB 2022 in person, but I am not sure I can due to reasons unrelated to COVID. Is it possible to submit my abstract for SICB in-person now, and switch later to SICB+ (virtual) if my plans change?

SICB can make accommodations for exceptional/emergency circumstances, but in general, the answer to this question is no. The logistics of planning both an in-person and a virtual meeting at the same time are difficult, and switching presentations between the two components makes that job even harder. Changing the program at the last minute also can lessen the experience for conference attendees, who might be disappointed to find gaps in the schedule and missing presentations. At the time of abstract submission, presenters should commit to either in-person or virtual participation. Exceptional/emergency circumstances (including those related to COVID, as described above) will be considered on a case-by-case basis, as always.


Will SICB 2022 still happen in person, regardless of the COVID situation?

We recognize that anything can happen. At the moment, we still plan to meet in-person in Phoenix from January 3 to 7, 2022.

If we must switch to an all-virtual (online only) format, we will announce the change as early as possible but, at the latest, by December 1, 2021. The fully virtual conference would be very similar in format to the previous one (SICB 2021), with a deadline of December 28, 2021 for electronic presentation upload. Because costs are lower for a virtual-only conference, registrants would also receive a partial refund so that they are paying only for the virtual registration. This plan aims to give everyone enough time to recalibrate and for us to set up additional virtual meeting elements.

What health and safety precautions will SICB take to protect SICB 2022 attendees from COVID-19?
SICB will be following the guidance of the CDC and local government for SICB 2022. While we recognize that the guidance and science are evolving, we currently expect to require mask wearing by all non vaccinated attendees, and by any person experiencing respiratory symptoms. We also anticipate offering hand sanitizing stations, taking steps to reduce crowding and permit social distancing at SICB events, and other public health precautions.

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