Symposium Schedule

SICB Annual Meeting 2009
January 3-7, 2009
Boston, MA

2009 Symposia

Society Wide Symposia

1. Tim Bradley, Adriana Briscoe, Insect Evolution. Supported by: DCPB

2. Jerry F. Husak, Duncan J. Irschick, and Ignacio T. Moore, Hormonal Regulation of Whole-Animal Performance: Implications for Selection. Supported by: DAB, DCE, DVM

Regular Symposia

1. Matt McHenry and Sanjay Sane, Sensory Biomechanics. Supported by: DCB, DVM, DNB

2. Jeffrey D. Shields and Christopher B. Boyko, The Biology of the Parasitic Crustacea. Supported by: Crustacean Society, DEE, DIZ, DSEB, AMS

3. Brook O. Swanson and Mason N. Dean, Biomaterials: Properties, Variation and Evolution. Supported by: DCPB, DVM

4. Darrin Hulsey and Suzy Renn, Genomics and Vertebrate Adaptive Radiation: A Celebration of the First Cichlid Genome. Supported by: DVM, DAB

5. Lynn B. Martin II, Psychoneuroimmunology Meets Integrative Biology. Supported by: DCE

6. Michaela Hau and Tom
Hahn, Evolution of Mechanisms Controlling Timing of Breeding in Animals. Supported by: DCE, DAB

7. Jennifer S. Forbey, PharmEcology: A Pharmacological Approach to Understanding Plant-Herbivore Interactions.

8. John S. Torday, Cell-Cell Signaling Drives the Evolution of Complex Traits. Supported by: DCE, DEDB, DIZ

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