Digital Library Submittal Instructions - Biomechanics

General Instructions

Follow the submittal process as instructed. You will go through several "pages" of submittal forms; fill in the fields where appropriate. In the final step you will be asked to select files to be submitted with your entry. View the guidelines below regarding these files.

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Guidelines for files submitted to the SICB Digital Library

  1. Style. Our standard, use of which we strongly urge, is "Scientific Style and Format: The CBE Manual for Authors, Editors, and Publishers" (Cambridge University Press). In particular, follow its conventions for any abbreviations, all punctuation, symbols, italicization, and numbers in text.

  2. Format. Preferred type is Times New Roman, 12 pt, for text. Figure legends should be in Helvetica or other sans-serif font for contrast. Use normal one-inch margins, bottom-centered page numbers, single-spaced lines, double space between paragraphs. Center any equations manually (inserting spaces ahead) and number all sequentially within parentheses at the right margins. Put tables in simple boxes.
  3. Submit text as .rtf ("rich text format") files. For other editable files, please ask first. Please don't use formats that can't be readily edited, such as .pdf.
  4. Each figure should be submitted as a separate download; figure legends (numbered sequentially) should be included as a final section within the text file.
  5. Submit figures as .jpg or .gif (the latter sometimes works better for line drawings). Movies can be submitted as either .mov (Quicktime) or .mpg (MPEG).
  6. SI units are preferred, although other metric units (centimeters, calories, etc.) may be used where conventional. Non-metric units, if needed, should be put in parentheses following the SI or metric unit, except where the unit refers to the standard measure of a commercial item (lumber, pipes, etc.) in the United States - for these reverse the convention.
  7. Write out journal names in full in reference or suggested source lists. Italicize journal names and volume numbers as well as titles of books.
  8. Color may be used for illustrations or highlighting portions of text such as safety warnings. But bear in mind the possibility that some users may print off material on monochrome laser printers or use monochrome copiers for class distributions.
  9. One requirement transcends in importance all of the above. Everything submitted must be easily understandable and completely implementable by someone besides the person submitting. That requires attention to details and to current commercial sources. It rules out, almost completely, use of equipment peculiar to the submitter's lab or institution as well as use of living material that's not widely available.