SICB Annual Meeting 2015: Newswise Press Releases



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Desires of Microscopic Shrimp Illuminate Evolutionary Theory

Brenna Doheny, Medical University of South Carolina articles/view/627856/

Baleen Hormones Increase Understanding of Bowhead Whale Reproduction

Emily Elderbrock, University of Memphis articles/view/627857/

Black Widow Spider Venom Unveiled: The Fast Evolution of a Potent Toxin

Kara Feilich, Harvard University articles/view/627852/

Braving the Cold to Understand What Makes Squirrels Tick

Shane Hanlon, Sea Grant Knauss Fellow articles/view/627853/

Being a Couch Potato Could Have Led to Marital Bliss in Mantis Shrimps

Justin Havird, Colorado State University articles/view/627854/

Mystery of Funky ‘Disco’ Clam’s Flashing Revealed

Katrina Jones, Harvard University articles/view/627855/

Blind Students Learn to Think Like Scientists with Revolutionary Traveling Toolboxes

Julie Charbonnier, Virginia Commonwealth University articles/view/627851/

Hormonal Similarity Makes Happy Couples

Medhavi Ambardar, Oklahoma State University articles/view/627850/

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