SICB Annual Meeting 2014: Newswise Press Releases



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Scientist-turned-Filmmaker Implores Colleagues to Join Him in “The War on Boredom”

Michael Simon, Arcadia Healthcare Solutions articles/view/611987/

Endocrine Disruptors Start a Medical Revolution: From Alligators to Humans

Kara Feilich, Harvard University articles/view/611989/

Animals Walking the Tightrope Between Stability and Change: Addressing a Grand Challenge in Organismal Biology

Billie Swalla, University of Washington articles/view/611994/

How dogs do the ‘dog paddle’: An evolutionary look at swimming

Medhavi Ambardar, Oklahoma State University articles/view/611988/

Frozen frogs: How amphibians survive the harsh Alaskan winters

Shane Hanlon, University of Memphis articles/view/611990/

Mom’s proteins may help fly embryos face the heat

Julie Charbonnier, Virginia Commonwealth University articles/view/611991/

Virus fans the flames of desire in infected crickets

Desmond Ramirez, University of California, Santa Barbara articles/view/611992/

Bugs and flowers inspire new cocktail curiosities

Joel Garrett, Virginia Tech articles/view/611993/