Student-in-Training Sponsorship

SICB requires sponsorship by a Full Member for a student to join SICB as a Student-in -Training (SIT) member. The SICB Constitution (Article II. Section 4) stipulates that undergraduate students or upper level high school students must "demonstrate precocious and clear-cut understanding of science" and that this category of membership "should lead to Full Membership at a later date." This determination is made by Full Members of SICB. As a Full Member of the Society, your submission of the student's name and email address signifies your sponsorship under these terms. The student you have agreed to sponsor will be notified by email of your sponsorship and will be given instructions for applying for SIT Membership.

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To sponsor a student, please log in as SICB Member. Provide the information in the two fields below and click on 'Login'. To keep your data secure, especially on shared computers, please remember to close your browser application when finished.


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If you don't know your member number and you provided your e-mail address when you registered, please use the Member Number Retrieval to request an automatic message that will provide your member number. If you did not provide an e-mail address, please call the SICB Secretariat at 703-790-1745 to request your member number.