SICB Regional Meetings

  • The 2017 North-East regional SICB (DVM/DCB) meeting will be held at UMass Lowell on 4
    November 2017 ( A 9 am – 5 pm day of
    talks will be held in Olsen Hall (home of Biological Sciences, 198 Riverside Rd. Lowell), with
    ample of coffee breaks for mingling. This will be followed by a dinner/social afterwards at Lowell
    Beerworks (walking distance. For information, contact Nicolai Konow

  • The 2017 Southeastern regional SICB meeting will be held at Virginia Tech on 11 November 2017.
    Visit our website with information about the conference, including registration, location, and talk submission:
    Please register through our registration form for this regional meeting. If you can, please use this form to register for the meeting to help us more easily keep track of your information, talk title, and dietary restrictions.
    Meeting organizers: Martha Muñoz ( and Hodjat Pendar (

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