SICB Annual Meeting 2018
January 3-7
San Francisco, SF

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List of Sessions

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S1Thursday, 07:55-15:00From Small and Squishy to Big and Armored: Genomic, Ecological and Paleontological Insights into the Early Evolution of AnimalsChair(s): Erik Sperling, Kevin Kocot
S2Thursday, 08:00-15:30Spatial Scale and Structural Heterogeneity in Skeletal Muscle PerformanceChair(s): David Williams, Natalie Holt
S3Thursday, 08:00-15:30Evolution in the Dark: Unifying Understanding of Eye LossChair(s): Lauren Sumner-Rooney, Megan Porter
S4Friday, 07:45-15:30Science Through Narrative: Engaging Broad AudiencesChair(s): Sara Elshafie, Stuart Sumida
S5Friday, 07:50-15:30Sensory Feedback and Animal Locomotion: Perspectives from Biology and BioroboticsChair(s): Brett Aiello, Jessica Fox
S6Friday, 08:00-15:00Understanding the Evolution of Endocrine System Variation through Large-scale Comparative AnalysesChair(s): Maren Vitousek, Michele Johnson
S7Saturday, 07:45-15:30Science in the Public Eye: Leveraging PartnershipsChair(s): Martha Merson, Nick Hristov
S8Saturday, 07:50-15:30Integrative Biology of Sensory Hair CellsChair(s): Duane McPherson, Billie Swalla
S9Saturday, 07:55-15:30Inside the Black Box: The Mitochondrial Basis of Life-history Variation and Animal PerformanceChair(s): Karine Salin, Wendy Hood
S10Sunday, 07:45-15:30Behavioral and Physiological Adaptation to Urban EnvironmentsChair(s): Jenny Ouyang, Davide Dominoni
S11Sunday, 08:20-15:30Measuring Biodiversity and Extinction: Present and PastChair(s): Julia Sigwart

Contributed Oral Presentations
PLENARYWednesday, 19:30-20:30Plenary Session
BARTThursday, 19:00-20:00George A. Bartholomew Lecture
BERNFriday, 19:00-20:00Howard Bern Lecture
MOORESunday, 15:45-16:45Moore Lecture
1Thursday, 08:00-09:15Complementary to S6: Understanding the Evolution of Endocrine System Variation Through Large-Scale Comparative AnalysesChair(s): Maren Vitousek, Michele Johnson
2Thursday, 08:00-09:30Evolutionary MorphologyChair(s): David Blackburn
3Thursday, 08:00-10:00Predator/Prey 1Chair(s): David Cade
4Thursday, 08:00-09:45MicrobiomeChair(s): Kevin Kohn, Melissa Pespeni
5Thursday, 08:00-09:45Biomaterials: AquaticChair(s): Tobin Hieronymus, Petra Ditsche
6Thursday, 08:00-09:45Feeding: Bites and StrikesChair(s): Jose Iriarte-Diaz, Andrew Clark
7Thursday, 08:00-09:45Sensory Biology: Receptors and the Molecular MachineryChair(s): Nathan Morehouse
8Thursday, 08:00-09:45GenomicsChair(s): Aide Macias-Munoz
9Thursday, 08:00-10:00Temperature-Oxygen Relationships & Critical Thermal LimitsChair(s): Erin Brandt, Janet Genz
10Thursday, 08:00-09:45Complementary to S5: Sensory Feedback and Animal Locomotion: Perspectives from Biology and Biorobotics, Part 1Chair(s): Brad Dickerson, Eatai Roth
11Thursday, 08:00-09:45Huey Award Best Student PresentationsChair(s): Robert Cox
12Thursday, 08:00-09:30Locomotion: Snaking AroundChair(s): Phillip Bergmann, Sean Gart
13Thursday, 10:00-12:00Best Student Presentations - Division of Neurobiology, Neuroethology & Sensory BiologyChair(s): Jeff Riffell
14Thursday, 10:00-12:00Evolution of Host-Parasite RelationshipsChair(s): Elizabeth MacDougall-Shackleton, Robin Warne
15Thursday, 10:30-12:00Behavior in Multispecies AssemblagesChair(s): Peter Marting
16Thursday, 10:15-12:00Behavioral Ecology: StressChair(s): Isaac Ligocki
17Thursday, 10:15-12:00Biophysical EcologyChair(s): Arianne Cease, Alex Gunderson
18Thursday, 10:15-12:00MacroevolutionChair(s): Francesco Santini, Jonathan Chang
19Thursday, 10:15-11:45Reproductive EndocrinologyChair(s): Britt Heidinger, Kathleen Hunt
20Thursday, 10:15-12:00Comparative GenomicsChair(s): Kenneth Halanych
21Thursday, 10:30-11:45Complementary to S4: Science Through Narrative: Engaging Broad AudiencesChair(s): Eugenia Gold, Justice Morath
22Thursday, 10:15-12:00Complementary to S5: Sensory Feedback and Animal Locomotion: Perspectives from Biology and Biorobotics, Part 2Chair(s): Tom Daniel, Daisuke Takagi
23Thursday, 10:15-12:00Comparative Stress EndocrinologyChair(s): Scott MacDougall-Shackleton, Christine Lattin
24Thursday, 10:00-12:00Division of Vertebrate Morphology Best Student Presentations
25Thursday, 13:30-15:15Morphology: Unlocking the VaultChair(s): Bonnie Kircher, Duncan Irschick
26Thursday, 14:00-15:15Evolutionary Morphology - Eyes, Teeth, SkullChair(s): Lars Schmitz
27Thursday, 13:30-15:00Division of Animal Behavior: Marlene Zuk Award SessionChair(s): Jennifer Gumm, Michele Johnson
28Thursday, 13:30-15:30Physiology in the Cold & DeepChair(s): Katie Marshall, Mark Garcia
29Thursday, 13:30-15:00BiogeographyChair(s): Michael Carlo, Eric Riddell
30Thursday, 13:30-15:00Feeding in Aquatic VertebratesChair(s): Aaron Olsen, Emily Kane
31Thursday, 13:30-15:30Neuroethology - Sensorimotor ResponsesChair(s): Tanvi Deora
32Thursday, 13:45-14:45Best Student Papers - Aubrey Gorbman AwardChair(s): Laura Carruth, Sharon Lynn
33Thursday, 13:45-15:15Animal Communication - Signal ComplexityChair(s): Rindy Anderson, Damien Elias
34Thursday, 13:30-15:30Complementary to S5: Sensory Feedback and Animal Locomotion: Perspectives from Biology and Biorobotics, Part 3Chair(s): Eric Tytell, Perrin Schiebe
35Thursday, 13:30-15:30Behavioral ThermoregulationChair(s): Ryan O'Connor, Danielle Levesque
36Thursday, 13:30-15:30Locomotion: From Trees to GroundChair(s): Baxi Zhong, Brooke Quinn
37Friday, 08:00-09:30Respiration and VentilationChair(s): Michael Hedrick, Brian Sardella
38Friday, 08:00-09:45Flight: Birds, Bats, and GlidersChair(s): Per Henningsson, Pranav Khandelwal
39Friday, 08:00-09:30Conservation BiologyChair(s): Diana LaScala-Gruenewald
40Friday, 08:15-09:45Wake Award - Division of Phylogenetics and Comparative Biology Best Student PresentationsChair(s): Lars Schmitz
41Friday, 08:00-09:30Parental CareChair(s): Tony Williams
42Friday, 08:00-09:45Animal Communication: Intrinsic States and Extrinsic SignalsChair(s): Greg Pask
43Friday, 08:00-09:45Insect Flight: Living in an Unstable WorldChair(s): Susan Gagliardi, Michael Dillon
44Friday, 08:00-09:30Sharp BitsChair(s): Maya deVries, Lisa Whitenack
45Friday, 08:30-09:45Behavioral EndocrinologyChair(s): Ryan Paitz, Cory Williams
46Friday, 08:00-09:45Biomaterials: Baggy Skin is the New BlackChair(s): Molly Grear, Ted Uyeno
47Friday, 08:00-09:30Environmental Omics/EticsChair(s): Christina Vasquez
48Friday, 08:00-09:45Cnidarian Evo-DevoChair(s): Stefan Siebert
49Friday, 10:00-12:00Division of Comparative Biomechanics: Best Student Paper AwardChair(s): Shelia Patek
50Friday, 10:15-12:00Evo-Devo: From Genotype to PhenotypeChair(s): Matthew Rockman, Prashant Sharma
51Friday, 10:15-11:45Complementary to S3: Evolution in the Dark: Unifying our Understanding of Eye Loss, Part 1Chair(s): Sonke Johnsen, Katie Thomas
52Friday, 10:45-11:45PhylogeneticsChair(s): Steve Bond
53Friday, 10:00-12:00Behavioral Ecology: Development and Maternal EffectsChair(s): Dan Warner
54Friday, 10:15-11:30Sensory BehaviorChair(s): Nichols Roberts, Jason Hodin
55Friday, 10:15-12:00Population-Level AdaptationsChair(s): Don Miles
56Friday, 10:00-12:00Host-Pathogen InteractionsChair(s): Jamie Voyles, Daniel Becker
57Friday, 10:15-12:00Population GeneticsChair(s): Chris Martin, Elizabeth Henry
58Friday, 10:15-11:45Evo-Devo of Reproductive TraitsChair(s): Mihaela Pavlicev
59Friday, 10:15-12:00Temperature Variation and Physiological PlasticityChair(s): Michael Finkler, Wes Dowd
60Friday, 10:15-11:45Evolutionary EcologyChair(s): Jeffry Dudycha
61Friday, 13:30-15:30Superfast! Power Amplification!Chair(s): Benjamin Perlman, Zeynep Temel
62Friday, 13:30-15:00Host-Parasite InteractionsChair(s): Carol Fassbinder-Orth, Henry John-Alder
63Friday, 13:30-15:00Complementary to S3: Evolution in the Dark: Unifying our Understanding of Eye Loss, Part 2Chair(s): Todd Oakley, Zen Faulkes
64Friday, 13:30-15:30Division of Evolutionary Developmental Biology Best Student PresentationsChair(s): Julia Bowsher, Yui Suzuki
65Friday, 13:30-15:15Collective BehaviorChair(s): Aaron Corcoran
66Friday, 13:30-15:15Reproductive BehaviorChair(s): Jacob Lasala
67Friday, 13:30-15:15Terrestrial Locomotion: Walk, Jump and RunChair(s): Clint Collins
68Friday, 13:45-15:30Climate Change and CommunitiesChair(s): Roger Anderson, Nadejda Mirochnitchenko
69Friday, 13:30-15:15Population DifferentiationChair(s): Joel Havird, Nathan Whelan
70Friday, 13:30-15:30Swimming with the FishesChair(s): Anabela Maia, Michael Fath
71Friday, 13:30-15:15Mitochondria, ROS, and Hypoxia/AnoxiaChair(s): Ione Hunt Von Herbing, Emily King
72Friday, 13:30-15:00Sensory Biology - Multimodal Sensing and BehaviorChair(s): Sharri Zamore
73Saturday, 08:00-09:30Insect Flight: Wings, Control and PowerChair(s): Johan Melis, Mark Badger
74Saturday, 08:00-09:45Adhesion: Not Slippery When WetChair(s): Takashi Maie, Doug Fudge
75Saturday, 08:00-09:30Morphology: PostcranialChair(s): Eva Herbst, Sarah Marshall
76Saturday, 08:15-10:00Terrestrial Locomotion: Gait and PostureChair(s): Michael Granatosky, Krijn Michel
77Saturday, 08:00-09:45Maternal Stress EndocrinologyChair(s): Ben Dantzer, Michael Sheriff
78Saturday, 08:00-09:30Ecomorphology: Feeding and DietChair(s): Rita Mehta, Bruce Jayne
79Saturday, 08:00-09:45Immune Trade-OffsChair(s): Travis Wilcoxen, Robert Srygley
80Saturday, 08:00-09:45Predator/Prey 2Chair(s): Zach Chejanovski
81Saturday, 08:00-09:30Ventilation & CirculationChair(s): Hunter King, Lindsay Waldropp
82Saturday, 08:00-09:45Life History EvolutionChair(s): Lars Schmitz
83Saturday, 08:00-09:30Coral Reef SystemsChair(s): Dianna Padilla
84Saturday, 08:00-09:45Conservation GeneticsChair(s): Andrew Mohan, Leva Roznere
85Saturday, 10:00-12:00Locomotion on Variable SubstratesChair(s): Chen Li
86Saturday, 10:15-11:45Adhesion: Sticky When DryChair(s): Tim Higham, Austin Garner
87Saturday, 10:00-12:00Sensory Biology - Active and Environmental SensingChair(s): Brooke Vetter
88Saturday, 10:30-12:00PlasticityChair(s): Angela Jones, Dale Stevens
89Saturday, 10:15-11:45Environmental Stress EndocrinologyChair(s): Loren Beck, Haruka Wada
90Saturday, 10:00-12:00Complementary to S10: Behavioral and Physiological Adaptation to Urban Environments, Part 1Chair(s): Davide Dominoni, Jay Nelson
91Saturday, 10:15-11:45ImmunityChair(s): Kristen Sprayberry, Timothy Sullivan
92Saturday, 10:30-12:00Mate SelectionChair(s): Erica Westerman
93Saturday, 10:15-12:00Thermobiology of EndothermsChair(s): Anusha Shankar, Donald Powers
94Saturday, 10:15-11:45Plasiticity and EvolutionChair(s): Ben Dantzer
95Saturday, 10:15-12:00Reef CommunitiesChair(s): Amanda Kahn, Brendan Cornwell
96Saturday, 10:15-12:00Neurobiology & AnatomyChair(s): Mark Willis
97Saturday, 13:30-15:00Bird Flight: Wing Morphing and MoreChair(s): Anthony Lapsansky, Laura Matloff
98Saturday, 13:30-15:00Ecomorphology: LocomotionChair(s): Natasha Mhatre, Aja Carter
99Saturday, 13:30-15:15Rhythm and BehaviorChair(s): James Newcomb
100Saturday, 13:30-15:30Muscle PhysiologyChair(s): Jennifer Dearolf, Anthony Hessel
101Saturday, 13:30-15:15Behavioral Ecology: Seasonality and HormonesChair(s): Iris Levin
102Saturday, 13:30-15:30Complementary to S10: Behavioral and Physiological Adaptation to Urban Environments, Part 2Chair(s): Christopher Thawley, Elizabeth Addis
103Saturday, 13:30-15:30Evolution of Developmental ProcessesChair(s): Christine Bohmer, Mihaela Pavlicev
104Saturday, 13:30-15:00Complementary to S11: Measuring Biodiversity and Extinction – Present and PastChair(s): Elizabeth Sibert, Francesca Leas
105Saturday, 13:30-15:30Comparative EndocrinologyChair(s): Diana Hews, Bobby Fokidis
106Saturday, 13:30-15:30Reproductive PhysiologyChair(s): Sherry Tamone, Ned Place
107Saturday, 13:30-15:30Larval EcologyChair(s): Bruno Pernet
108Saturday, 13:45-15:30Neuroethology - State-Dependence and NeurobiologyChair(s): Megan Gall
109Sunday, 08:00-10:00Digestion and EnergeticsChair(s): Joseph Heras, Susan Weiner
110Sunday, 08:00-09:30Bioindicators and PollutionChair(s): Melanie Guigueno
111Sunday, 08:15-09:30Metamorphosis and RegenerationChair(s): Brian Nedved
112Sunday, 08:15-09:45Complementary to S1: From Small and Squishy to Big and Armored: Genomic, Ecological and Paleontological Insights into the Early Evolution of AnimalsChair(s): Erik Sperling, Kevin Kocot
113Sunday, 08:00-09:45Genetics of AdaptationChair(s): Michael Logan
114Sunday, 08:00-09:45Locomotion and NavigationChair(s): Noah Bressman
115Sunday, 08:00-09:30Developmental EndocrinologyChair(s): A. Kelsey Lewis, Kyle Selcer
116Sunday, 08:00-09:15Bird MorphologyChair(s): Alida Bailleul, Ashley Heers
117Sunday, 08:00-09:45Morphology: Heady MattersChair(s): Stacey Farina, Diego Vaz
118Sunday, 08:15-09:30Muscle and TendonChair(s): Michael Rosario, Danielle Adams
119Sunday, 08:15-09:45Sexual Dimorphism and Sexual SelectionChair(s): Christine Miller
120Sunday, 08:00-09:45Evolutionary Physiology - OxygenChair(s): Lars Tomanek
121Sunday, 10:30-12:00Scaling and Other Complexities of Metabolic Rate EstimationChair(s): Marshall McCue, Tricia Neptune
122Sunday, 10:00-12:00Awesome Biomechanics: From Righting to FightingChair(s): Mary Stoddard
123Sunday, 10:15-11:45Morphogenesis and OrganogensisChair(s): Thom Sanger
124Sunday, 10:15-12:00Complementary to S1: From Small and Squishy to Big and Armored: Genomic, Ecological and Paleontological Insights into the Early Evolution of AnimalsChair(s): Erik Sperling, Kevin Kocot
125Sunday, 10:15-12:00AdaptationChair(s): Mikhail Matz
126Sunday, 10:15-12:00Behavioral Ecology and the EnvironmentChair(s): Callin Switzer
127Sunday, 10:15-12:00Symbiotic RelationshipsChair(s): Brendan Cornwell
128Sunday, 10:30-12:15Complementary to Symposium S9: Inside the Black Box: The Mitochondrial Basis of Life-History Variation and Animal PerformanceChair(s): Antonine Stier, Yufeng Zhang
129Sunday, 10:15-11:30Fluids: Low Reynolds NumberChair(s): Arvind Santhanakrishnan, Olaf Ellers
130Sunday, 10:15-11:45Sexual SelectionChair(s): Alejandro Rico-Guevara
131Sunday, 10:15-12:00Evolutionary PhysiologyChair(s): Teri Orr
132Sunday, 13:30-15:30Bioinspiration: Cats' Paws and CatapultsChair(s): Li Wen, Ruijie (Roger) Zhu
133Sunday, 13:45-15:15Ocean AcidificationChair(s): Valentina Di Santo, Hilary Hayford
134Sunday, 13:30-15:15Aquatic Locomotion: It is a FlukeChair(s): Christopher Mayerl, Frank Fish
135Sunday, 13:30-15:30Complementary to S2: Spatial Scale and Structural Heterogeneity in Skeletal Muscle Performance: Less Than a Cell to BehaviorChair(s): Chris Tijs, Nikolai Konow
136Sunday, 13:30-15:15Social BehaviorChair(s): Nick Keiser
137Sunday, 13:30-15:30Undergraduate Biology EducationChair(s): Kyle Selcer, Kevin Padian
138Sunday, 13:30-14:45Filter FeedingChair(s): Kakani Katija
139Sunday, 13:30-15:30Body Size, Ontogeny and ScalingChair(s): Bryan Helm, Kelsey James
140Sunday, 13:30-15:30Osmotic Stress and Ionic RegulationChair(s): Jehan-Herve Lignot, Shelly McCain
141Sunday, 13:30-15:30Energetics of Diving, Flying, Running and BreedingChair(s): Nicole Thometz
142Sunday, 13:30-15:15Evo: Eco-MorphoChair(s): Kristy MacLeod

Contributed Poster Presentations
P1Thursday, 13:30-15:15Poster Session 1
P2Friday, 13:30-15:15Poster Session 2
P3Saturday, 13:30-15:15Poster Session 3