SICB 2018 Meeting, San Francisco, CA, January 3-7, 2018

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Session Listing

Session Other Events Wednesday

Day: Wednesday, Jan. 3

 Wednesday, Jan. 3  Other Events Wednesday08:30  Foothill F   Workshop: ICB Editor's Challenge to Define Stress  
 Wednesday, Jan. 3  Other Events Wednesday09:00  Foothill E   Workshop: Best practices for using NGS-based datasets to determine statistically robust evidence of positive selection and convergent evolution of polar organisms  
 Wednesday, Jan. 3  Other Events Wednesday14:30  Salon 10-12   Executive Committee Meeting  
 Wednesday, Jan. 3  Other Events Wednesday15:00  North Registration Desk   Registration  
 Wednesday, Jan. 3  Other Events Wednesday17:30  Foothill G   Student Support Committee  
 Wednesday, Jan. 3  Other Events Wednesday17:30  Salon 7   Student worker orientation and first-timer orientation "How to get the most out of your SICB meeting" * Required for students with Charlotte Mangum support  
 Wednesday, Jan. 3  Other Events Wednesday20:30  Golden Gate Ballroom   Welcome Reception  

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