SICB Annual Meeting 2012
January 3-7, 2012
Charleston, SC

Symposium: Dispersal of marine organisms

Understanding dispersal and its complex variables is critical to understanding ecology and evolution of life-histories of species, but research on dispersal tends to reflect or emphasize a particular discipline, such as population genetics, functional morphology, evolutionary and developmental biology, physiology and biophysics, or to emphasize a particular clade or functional groups (e.g. fish, plankto- or lecithotrophs, pelagic or benthic organisms in marine ecosystems). This symposium assembles an interdisciplinary group of outstanding young and established speakers to address dispersal in marine organisms in order to foster integration and cross-talk among different disciplines and to identify gaps in our knowledge and areas of future research. To facilitate a broad conversation, the symposium includes two discussion sessions.

Sponsors: DEDB, DEE, DIZ, AMS


  • Vicki J. Martin, Appalachian State University
  • Sara M. Lindsay, University of Maine


S4-1.0 Thursday, Jan. 5, 07:50 Lindsay, S: Introduction to the Symposium

S4-1.1 Thursday, Jan. 5, 08:00 WINSTON, Judith E.: Dispersal in Marine Organisms without a Pelagic Phase

S4-1.2 Thursday, Jan. 5, 08:30 CHAN, K.Y.K.*; CLAY, T. W.; GRÜNBAUM, D. : Physical constraints on larval swimming and their implications for dispersal

S4-1.3 Thursday, Jan. 5, 09:00 THATJE, Sven: Dispersal capabilities, barophysiology and the evolution of Antarctic community structure

S4-1.4 Thursday, Jan. 5, 10:00 YOUNG, C.M.*; HE, R.; EMLET, R.B.; LI, Y.; QIAN, H.; ARELLANO, S.M. ; VAN GAEST, A.L.; WOLF, M.; SMART, T.I. ; WOLF, M.; RICE, M.E.: Larval life and dispersal potential of deep-sea animals from the Intra-American Seas

S4-1.5 Thursday, Jan. 5, 10:30 SCHULZE, A.*; MAIOROVA, A.; TIMM, L.E.; RICE, M.E.: Sipunculan Larvae and “Cosmopolitan” Species

S4-1.6 Thursday, Jan. 5, 11:00 BIRD, Christopher E*; TIMMERS, Molly A.; SMOUSE, Peter E.; TOONEN, Robert J.: Haplotypes, genetic distance and the inference of dispersal patterns using analysis of molecular variance

S4-2.1 Thursday, Jan. 5, 13:00 LEVIN, Lisa A.*; BECKER, Bonnie J.; CARSON, Hank S.; COOK, Geoff S.; DIBACCO, Claudio; FODRIE, F. Joel; LOPE-DUARTE, Paola C.: What Controls Connectivity? A Place-based, Multi-species Approach

S4-2.2 Thursday, Jan. 5, 13:30 TREML, EA: Bridging ecological and evolutionary timescales with spatially-explicit network analysis of marine population connectivity

S4-2.3 Thursday, Jan. 5, 14:00 SOTKA, E.E.: Selection, dispersal and the geography of phenotype in the sea

S4-2.4 Thursday, Jan. 5, 14:30 , : Discussion